Los Angeles Mandates Covid Vaccine For Students Over 12 1

Los Angeles Mandates Covid Vaccine For Students Over 12


“There is a whole host of vaccine requirements they have to meet to come to our public schools in person. So this is just adding to this tradition where we are requiring vaccinations to keep our schools safe and keep our communities safe,” says Kelly Gonez, president of the LA Unified School District Board of Education. 
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    1. Why is it documented that in some area 40-70% of the medical field are refusing the vaccine? Yet they have been working in hospitals dealing with it for over a year. Maybe they know more rhan you?

    1. @Ralph Boyd No Like Quid Pro Quo Joe, the Fake Dr. Fauci, the CDC, The MSM and the rest of the Dopey Democrats. Hopefully that clears things up for you. Let me know if I’m going to fast for you 🤣

    2. @Hey Yo Would not be surprised. But at this point if the Antivaxxers are right, were all kind of screwed already so….

    1. @Privatepilot Those were very RARE people who actually weren’t supposed to take a vaccine for special medical reasons, and that is only 0.0001% of everyone who got the “jab.” Everyone else who got it was perfectly fine, and I’m one of them. You yourself are already over a thousand times more likely to die of Covid.

    2. @2winitall Look at the genius grammar Nazi. Yeah, pointing out linguistics and word gymnastics is the real problem here to you, isn’t it?

    3. @2winitall you don’t know long terms effects…you’re a tool. Also with a survival rate of about 99.8 %. Take your posion and suffer down the line

    4. @Bryan Vegas They now found out they’re good for the long term, so the FDA is approving them. People have already taken other vaccines for years and still have no illness from them. Covid’s survival rate is now lower, thanks to not enough people getting vaccinated in time.

  1. “When people are able to make choices without government interference for themselves in terms of their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their family, in consultation with whomever they may choose, we’re a stronger society,” said Harris.

    1. Unfortunately, the MAGA crowd and the anti-vaxers have proved too stupid to make good choices without government guidance.

    2. @TheThunderbirdZero vaccinating kids with a vaccine that has no long term safety data, and loses efficacy after 6 months for a virus that doesn’t affect kids is a good choice? Just so you know the infection fatality rate for children is 0.002% which is lower than the flu. Y’all are crazy

    1. Keep all those little white supremacists in training at home where they belong. That way they can do school work while listening to mommy argue with a manager on the phone while cheering on the talking heads on Fox News.

    2. Yeah…u do that home school. Meanwhile the child doesn’t get the almost just as important social skills needed in life. And I’m not talking bout “hanging with their friends” after school, I’m talking about intermingling with ppl they wouldn’t ordinarily talk to. Being able to follow direction from ppl besides family. Group problem solving and basically learning life lessons along the way. I have a now 7th grader and she missed alot learning from home last year. She turned 12 right b4 the school year and was excited and ready to get her vaccination. She literally asked me the day after her bday if we could go get her 1st shot…which we did.

    3. @Chris Reichardt these nutcases don’t care about it, all they care about is “owning the libs”, their children will suffer because of their hatred of liberals

    1. @Harry Lime There are many alternatives to public school that don’t require homeschooling. These kids are 12 and older. They can stay home and do an online school (private or charter) while parents work. But many parents will also continue to work from home.

    1. @Chris Reichardt MMR Vaccination underwent decades and decades of trials, research and long term studies. GTFO

    2. Still got to pay your bills and rent, oh you can’t! Sorry! Covid! Get evicted. But we can’t have the un-vaccinated roaming free. Got to round them up by force and place them in a “quarantine facility” aka CAMP. For their protection and the protection of others. Just like Australia is doing right this very second

    3. @LuckyNumberNevan but you had every chance not to take it if you didn’t want to. And the fact that every single person puts things in their body every single day that they have no idea what it is or what it can do, but this vaccine is all of a sudden an issue.

    1. @TruckerExile E Dude what?? Getting them sick on purpose lol dont act like those vaccines didn’t barely just get FDA approved like 2 weeks ago and for people 16 and older so giving it to 12 year old kids isn’t too bad i guess we’ll just have to hear what the FDA says in a few more weeks and dr fauci they’re our heros

    1. The parents don’t know any better. They got brainwashed by people like Trump that vaccines are bad. So know all these conservative parents are basically murdering their own kids. Stop murdering these children!!!!!!!!!! Let them get the vaccine.

  2. Wait until you need to take a mark on your hand or forehead. See how easy it is to say you have no choice what happens to your own body.

  3. In what year did every school suddenly have campuses? When I was a kid in the 60s and 70s and a young adult in the 80s, only Colleges and Universities were called campus.

    1. Especially when Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold medicine can do the trick. Signed, a survivor of the “raging virus”

  4. people with the experimental injection can carry and spread the virus
    still, read that again. This is going in a horrible direction where a
    hole part of society is excluded and discriminated. The people (without an experimental injection) are wrongfully condemned, vilified and stigmatized. Extremely dangerous development in society as history should teach us……………

    1. Even as I read this I am finding out of a family member who just had the vaccine and is experiencing a heart problem.

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