NIH Director Debunks ‘Personal Freedom’ Argument In Wake Of Vaccine Mandate 1

NIH Director Debunks ‘Personal Freedom’ Argument In Wake Of Vaccine Mandate


“Freedom has gotten misinterpreted. Freedom is about rights, but it is also about responsibilities. We have a free country where we take care of each other if our actions might hurt someone else,” says NIH director Dr. Francis Collins. “It’s not just about you.”
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    1. @Dino They’re no longer talking about “herd immunity” or even “community immunity” since there’s no way to get there with these failing vaccines.

    2. @Matthew Phillips 95% efficacy, true, is not 100%, but I’ll take those odds. There was no lie; it was NEVER claimed that the vaccine would ENTIRELY prevent infection, but—again—I like the improved odds.

    1. @Lydia Alexandra only if my neighbor was obese and not vaccinated. Show me one person who was obese, vaccinated, and died from COVID….. we will wait. Interesting that according to WebMD “Rates of vaccination against COVID-19 are lowest in states with a high prevalence of obesity”….

    2. @Bidden HarryAss what about them? First, you have more illegal immigrants overstaying their visas from Europe and Asia than you do of people coming to the border… fact: according to Department of Homeland Security statistics… Next, even if you are an illegal immigrant from over the border or from across the sea, if you do not get vaccinated (which is available for everyone regardless of status), then you do not need hospital attention…. simple.

    3. @J T All vaccine issues occur in that span of time? You are the ignorant one. People have seizures and go into shock immediately afterward sometimes. And many experts say there are risks still after several weeks. If what you said was true why even do trials at all until 2023?

    4. @Bidden HarryAss you love incubating new virus mutations…. You love the destruction to commerce…. You love communism… You’re trying your best to end the very concept of currency…. All because you’re a deadbeat that doesn’t want to get a job…. You need this virus to blame for your shortcomings…. Keep up with your commie bs….

    5. Fun fact that you’re clearly ignorant of; vaccine issues (if there are any) are always seen in the first 2-6 weeks after being inoculated, which is why Phase 3 Clinical Trials are standardized to be only 2 months long and then vaccine manufacturers submit their study data to government agencies for approval. For COVID-19 vaccines, the phase 3 clinical trials ran for 3 months, so there was more data submitted for analysis prior to authorization. Your expectation of needing to wait years for additional data is not based on scientific rigor but on your own ignorance of microbiology & immunology.

  1. here in assisted living facility locked down again because of seventy five million morons, you trash my freedom

    1. Blame it on the folks who can’t stop eating McDonald’s and Burger King. The diabetics and morbidly obese are in the highest risk category for covid death. But I see all the Micky-D’s are still open and thriving 🤣

  2. Love your neighbor as you love yourself, geez, that takes me back. Thought Christianity wrote that out decades ago.

    1. @Iouiis well then…. You’re trying to incubate new more aggressive mutant versions of the virus…. You actually worship sickness and destruction of economy…. You want it all to shutdown and currency to end because you’re a communist…. You hate capitalism…. You hate business…
      You don’t want to get a job… So the virus and lockdowns helps explain away your lazy bs reasons why you can’t work

    2. @Blue Patriot it’s a pretty open secret that they hate themselves… They’ve partnered with the virus and are actively weaponizing it…. The goal is unleashing the sickness against a world they hate as much as they hate themselves….
      Then call it God’s will…..

  3. The constitution says , ‘ Promote the General Welfare , ‘ Nothing about your freedom , so act like an adult.

    1. In 1905, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that a state had the authority to enforce laws on mandatory vaccination. Reference: Jacobson v. Massachusetts. And that decision was further affirmed in the 1922 case Zucht v. King, when the Supreme Court ruled that the school district of San Antonio, Texas could exclude students who hadn’t received required vaccinations.

  4. Their freedoms were never threatened by discussions about slowing the speed limit on federal hwys, the discussion about seat belts, state discussions about helmets for motorcycles. In those cases you are not even hurting anyone but yourself. Perhaps those cases could be argued for freedom. BUT,…It is clearly a constitutionally established GIVEN that our personal “FREEDOM” ends where it infringes on the freedom of others as it does in this case. You do not have the FREEDOM to abduct & murder children. Nor do you have the freedom to put my child at risk when he is in school. You’re free to stay home & home school YOUR kids if you’re so against masks. But if you are sending your kids to a public school, expect to follow CDC precautions as we now have a sane party running the government. The days of having a carnival barker in office who made up his own reality to keep attention away from his crimes are over. We are now back to dealing with reality. The low IQ who fell for the distraction tweets, the lying , can just get off real news stations if they can’t handle reality & go back to the Q fairytales.

    1. In 1905, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that a state had the authority to enforce laws on mandatory vaccination. Reference: Jacobson v. Massachusetts.

      And that decision was further affirmed in the 1922 case Zucht v. King, when the Supreme Court ruled that the school district of San Antonio, Texas could exclude students who hadn’t received required vaccinations.

  5. Why doesn’t they, the media mention the economics of being sick in USA, the cost of a Covid treatment, funeral expenses… Versus the benefit of if being vaccinated and possible chance of long term effects of Covid.

    1. A 2009 h1n1 flu shot devastated my health and no one paid for my medical bills. They never talk about the compensation period being shortened for these fast tracked vaccines. The 2009 h1n1 shot was fast tracked also.

  6. Hard to tell if anti-vaxxers are anti-vaccine or anti-recovery. That’s the bottom line … to get past the virus and back to normal. It would appear some people are not in favor of that. They would rather slash all the tires if they cannot drive the bus.

    1. @TS Do the math. Very very few people that are fully vaccinated contract COVID-19 and then transmit it to other people. The overwhelmingly majority of transmitters of COVID-19 are unvaccinated adults & children. Keep up and re-learn remedial math and percentages so you can understand the true nature of viral transmission.

    2. @TS Who keeps the virus alive and well and circulating at levels high enough to cause breakthrough infections? Millions and millions of morons who think they are going to go sterile, or be tracked, or have their DNA changed or simply a RepubliKKKlan who will do anything to make Biden and the Dems look bad at the expense of the economy.

    3. @J T Israel has the highest rate of vaccination, yet the majority of their hospitalizations are people that have been fully vaccinated. Explain that.

    1. Still have mass shootings, and rather a lot for such a small country. What’s going on there to lead to such a sad state?

    1. @Iouiis – What are your concerns about the vaccine? I have been fully vaccinated for about four months, but I think reasonable people can have concerns.

  7. I can’t believe I’m even saying this but in the best interest of the majority, those who adamantly refuse to get vaccinated should be marginalized into what would effectively resemble ‘leper’ colonies.
    They have to be effectively quarantined from the rest of us in some manner.

    1. I think we have hit the tragedy point wherein, ethical choices are going to have to be made about WHY are we spending time, money, personnel, resources, and risking other lives, those of healthcare workers and their families, on those who quite obviously DON’T CARE? If you choose not to get the vaccine, should you be allowed to waste and risk the lives all of those other resources and staff? I have to say when it will actually begin to matter and have any kind of an impact…..just as soon as the insurance companies say We hereby refuse to pay for any Covid treatment for anyone who chooses to remain unvaccinated and subsequently requires services. That is a very sad commentary. That’s the only thing that will have ANY impact.

    2. Yeah, maybe they should have to live in a certain area and have to wear something to identify them . How about ghetto and a yellow star? You’d make a fine Nazi.

    3. I support this idea. Give us some land and the right to rule ourselves. It’s obvious those lining up for an unlimited amount of an experimental “vaccine” (39% effective at preventing you from getting the virus after 2 shots and only 8 months) isn’t fit to tell anyone else how to live.

  8. It’s not just about been vacationed. It is also about people walking around without a mask. Which is the least you can do. Yes, get vacationed but also wear a mask.

  9. The level of selfishness is a symptom of our greedy capitalistic system. The poverty and economic uncertainty has people fighting people. We need to rise up against greedy corporations. Steal from them at any opportunity

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