Los Angeles official Nury Martinez resigns after racist remarks | USA TODAY

Los Angeles official Nury Martinez has resigned after leaked audio revealed her spewing racist remarks about a fellow council member's Black son.

The president of the Los Angeles City Council resigned Monday after audio leaked of her racist remarks about a colleague's child and Oaxacan immigrants in the city.

Nury Martinez apologized and resigned "effective immediately" in a statement reported by the Los Angeles Times.

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    1. I’m sure if you dig in the closets of those people marching and shouting you’d find the same kinda stuff.

    2. @The Hulk Exactly— whatever she’s said that they’re using as an excuse to be self righteous, their crime is already much worse than hers

  1. Thank god, she was one of the most soulless and corrupt going back to the forced mandates. LA city council one of the worst in the country, no wonder nothing changes for the better.

  2. Most individuals have made one or a few racist remarks without thinking twice about the end result. But when it comes to state paid politicians making similar remarks, the punishment is harsher. They must understand that they represent individuals with different cultures and ethnicities. Therefore, the tongue must kept under control or better yet, not think about expressing any remarks. Martinez must quit in order to satisfy those that were hurt by her racist remarks. Let it a lesson for others that think that they may be entitled to express such remarks.

    1. @Jesus Malena Once again, those that take advantage of power and believing that they can’t be held accountable, are plain wrong. Wrong is not right, and right is not wrong. There is no implication on anyone with a sense of self confidence or insecurity. The world is for those that are strong and with tenacity of purpose, but yet compassionate for the weak, like a child, elderly or disabled. No one should carry a bag of garbage on their back. Move on and enjoy what life has to offer. Martinez is done and the best thing for her to do is to move on!

  3. You would never know from USA Today’s reporting, but Martine is a DEMOCRAT. I guess their party affiliation only counts when its a republican.

    1. None of the media reports have mentioned that she’s a Democrat, or even put their (D) next to her name in the banner.

  4. Don’t really care because who hasn’t said things you wouldn’t prefer to repeat to others
    The only thing is elected officials answer to the public and they won’t like it by and large… if she has been sanctimonious and holier than thou about manners in the past then this is karma, but I know nothing about her really

  5. Logic an intelligent professional is not a racist which is complemented by experience is knowing the truth which we all must understand. And agree upon

  6. False title. She did NOT resign from council, she just resigned as president of the council. You guys should clarify that in the title

  7. The entire city government should resign. LA when from a public toilet to a landfill in just the last 5 years, but you get what you vote for when you keep voting for the same party every election cycle 🤷‍♂️

  8. The Sad part of this Story is in November people will be going in groves to Vote Karen Bass be for Mayor. In Spite of her involvement with Marilyn Flynn and the USC incident. And guess who supports her for Mayor?

  9. It’s no fun being a Racist if occasionally you can’t say Racist things – Nury Martinez, Former Public Servant 2022 🤭😭

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