Losing And Complaining Is The Most Lucrative Scam Of Trump's Presidency | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Losing And Complaining Is The Most Lucrative Scam Of Trump’s Presidency | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow shows that Donald Trump has finally figured out how to make real money off his position as U.S. president, ironically, by losing his bid for re-election and manipulating his supporters into giving him hundreds of millions of dollars to complain about it. Aired on 12/5/2020.
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Losing And Complaining Is The Most Lucrative Scam Of Trump's Presidency | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Mr President, pls execute martial law, arrest all the corrupt demoncrats, full of lies and cheats, they committed treason.

    2. @Gentlemens Academy stfu biden won fair and square he is the next president even a judge told trump to stfu because those are fake claims

    3. @Sean Pizarro congress would never approve, actually they would laugh at trump just like many judges are laughing at his criminal lawyer that will need a pardon

    1. Mr President, pls execute martial law, arrest all the corrupt demoncrats, full of lies and cheats, they committed treason.

    2. @Frank Beans oh please…we are not a banana republic nor a dictator ship like korea .lets just knock it off with all this. Lock them up jive

    3. @L. Sun yes. Once again I suggest you read the biography of Harry Truman . A d his wife Bess, like Melania was not happy about being in Washington, but she didn’t pout and show disdain like Ms t does. Personally I’d like to see Biden immediately cancel Alaska wildlife drilling leases, replace endangered species on the lists, replace Jackie Kennedy Rose garden,drop kick Betsy de Voss ,ka Conway and mcenany out the door,and have the white house seriously checked for bug’s as well as decontaminated. Do you realize that every part of the complex has been poisoned by people refusing to take simple precautios it May not be safe to occupy again for many years,kind of like Chernobyl. Also the c virus deaths are equal to a 9/11 every single day, while Mr t whines that he won

    1. @Dumpy Goodness that is actually his personality.if only he knew how to read, he could read the bible, and learn to preach.

    2. Biden spent China’s and Russia’s and Americans tax Money and Americans will have to pay back China and Russia Fake News can’t tell the truth

    3. Glad you brought that up according to Trump’s administration i would ask him and his associates in the current administration because i didn’t graduate from Trump’s college and the American people in a pandemic. That would be question for the new president of the out going president in office at this time. Why above my pay grade all be safe with the current pandemic and the transition of power

    1. @brie larson on top of that 99.9 is not 100- if you have a problem with protecting the immunocompromised you should explain exactly why letting those people die seems like a good plan to you.

    2. @brie larson if I recall it wasn’t the Biden rallies that the actual Nazis and KKK were showing up to. Those are Trump’s people.

    3. @Chermaine Horton untrue, but it wouldn’t shock me if it came to that. If he could live in some kind of gold shack on the property I’m sure he would. Leaving seems to be the last brick in the reality of his loss for him.

    1. It’s we the people stay safe because we’re in a pandemic and we will get through this because. Of all the misinformation our there because i have been following all the reports regarding this issues along with Mr Muller’s report and the inpeached current president

    1. @Miriam Prell This article sounds just like CNN and MSNBC. If there are donates or funds that’s fine. But the money is not for Trump. It’s for the work of the Lawyers and the hearings in all these States. Not for Trump’s pocket like these demon reporters are saying.

    2. Jay Jay Actually fox news reported it too, and he’a suing because the lawyers dropped fraud charges. He wants his 2.5 million back.

    3. @Jay Jay Rudy Giuliani a close buddy of Trump gets paid $20k a day and in no time, the money will run out. Did I mention that Rudy’s pre-emptive presidential pardon is on the works? You can’t get a better partnership than that

  1. Isn’t it funny how this YouTube posting doesn’t have the disclaimer of the AP calling the election yet they’re trying to defend against Trump and what he’s doing

    1. @NorthWest Patriot You are a lost cause. A make-up wearing man who thinks his daughter is hot has brainwashed you. You must be too old to see the future.

    2. @Jason Kyle There’s a lot about Biden that you obviously are unaware of! Biden is the true racist one here but don’t expect the lame stream media to come out and eagerly tell you this as they have no problems eagerly keeping it from you while lying to you at the same time! Ice Cube wanted to meet with Biden to see if the 2 of them could hash out a plan to improve the black communities. Biden wasn’t interested and turned down Ice Cube’s offer. Trump eagerly met with Ice Cube with open arms and the 2 of them sat down and hashed out a $500 billion dollar plan called ‘The Platinum Plan’ which would help improve black communities! Biden, 10 years ago gave a eulogy for a well known KKK leaders funeral, his name was Robert Byrd! Biden called Byrd a Great Friend, Mentor, and a Guide! The Clintons were there too! Early in Biden’s career he spoke out against bussing black kids on the same school busses as white kids because he didn’t want black kids riding on the same school bus as his own kids! Bet you didn’t know about that though and yes everything I’ve said is true!! So remind us again at who the Real Racist one is here?

    3. @NorthWest Patriot And he hasn’t done anything about it… He’s currently obsessed with trying to sue his way to a second term. And he didn’t read a eulogy for Byrd, that was a rumor started on social media, lots of places for you to see that… ***furthermore Byrd was a politician and a small time KKK leader, and wasn’t in the KKK while he was a politician, so you are slandering a dead man*** And pretty sure he changed his opinion on bussing decades ago, and continually apologizes. Cause you never said the N-word when you were younger and don’t now cause as dylan said; “the times, they are a changin'” (thats something you’re familiar with, right?)

      So please “old wise man” what other alternative facts would you like to preach at me, so I can take 2 minutes to find proof you are lying….

    4. @gearsofwar2pwnfest the real Antifa were the people that are may be your grandparents, all old geezers now, known as WWII veterans.

  2. Well they never cared about the tax fraud or any kind of corruption so they’re probably okay with just giving him money.

    1. Hey if there was tax fraud, he would have gotten pegged long before he became president. He just got a great accountant who was able to navigate the tax laws biden had a hand in writing.

    1. BOOM Kemp authorizes investigation into illegal ballots. Same day his daughter’s boyfriend gets into a 3 car accident and he’s the only casualty.
      There’s no such thing as coincidences. https://youtu.be/KDByCq5pcds Did Joe Biden’s Team Just Blow Up a Kid To Threaten GA Governor?

    1. Yep, another one simply is “you can say anything you want to a wise man and he will shrug you off, but say it to a fool once, and he will believe you no matter what.”

  3. You all in the msm maybe should open your eyes to see what is happening. Rachel, you need to go find a job that doesn’t include being around anybody because of your drama!

  4. Donating his salary is like me giving you a quarter while I bump into you lift your wallet after you just cashed your paycheck.

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