1. @Wally Censorship Abortion has been going on since time began. Changing the law won’t matter. Republicans use abortion as their get out of jail card. Education is the answer. Blame the people who have abortions.

    2. that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, 11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    1. @Shawn Corbin I stand for the truth and the constitution. I swore an oath when I served this great country!🇺🇸🗽

    1. @judie suh I also hate to reply absolutely hate it but I will say it there’s not going to be covid checks to the tune of $1,200 to at a minimum senior citizens like me and those that will want to go back to work to make somebody else rich because if everyone stopped working the rich would not get richer but it’s a double-edged sword and my lunch is ready so if you want to discuss it further you know where to find me 😊😊

    2. @Disneyfan1999 hey Disney fan unfortunately you’re right but I love your moniker because it reminds me of when I used to live in Kissimmee Florida just outside of Disney world when Kissimmee back then actually still had orange trees growing on the street🌞🌞👍

  1. Perdue is a crook of the highest caliber. Government from the oligarchs, by the oligarchs, for the oligarchs since Reagan.

    1. @Davey McDonald let’s just hope the Democratic turnout is there again. I’m tired of seeing corrupt republicans somehow gain or maintain power. It makes me sick

  2. It’s a must that the Dems will win both seats to be able to pass legislation to help the struggling Americans Mcturtle
    Power to obstruct must end ASAP.

    1. @Roy Muse anti Christ is More like It. Moscow mule McConnell will Fry you can believe that Roy. All of your prayer’s for a genocidal murder will never change that, this man is a gonner. He’s been given every opportunity to do the right thing by the people and yet he chooses to do the wrong thing every time Republicans are a curse Right now and Moscow McConnell is the face of the GOP today.

  3. Doing 2,594 stock trades. the first thing Senator Purdue does in the morning is check his stock portfolio – he is a day trader. Sometime later, he may think about his Senator’s job.

    1. @Michelle Carter I just repeated back to you what you said a couple of times and you say I’m construing it wrong.
      So I have to accept everything you say bout republicans and yet you can deflect and refuse anything said bout democrats ?
      Doesn’t sound two way to me. It’s a very one sided conversation. And I’m not willing to accept it. So I’m done here. Nothings gonna change. You think it’s only republicans and democrats do no wrong.

    2. @Wally Censorship Thats not what I said. But why do you have to make out what democrats did wrong to justify republicans? If you approved of republicans you should be able to justify their approach rather than move onto another tangent.

    3. @RichardGUTUBE Maybe so, but he’s still in power and he’s not going to leave.
      Brewed especially for DEMOCRATS.

    1. As a southerner I am greatly offended at your comment. This guy has been caught in so many lies, if he’s willing to lie as a candidate what is he going to do if elected? He also had little or no practical business experience. We sent millions into his last campaign and he lost. He is a pathetic loser and something Georgia doesn’t need.

    2. @T. R. Campbell take it as you wish and stay offended because “Confederate” heritage is not any better than NAZI or ISIS heritage. None are wanted and NONE SHOULD HAVE ANY SAFE HEAVEN TO INBREED. just ask a real veteran.

    3. @Steve Sh Wow, you had to go back to the War Between the States and WWII for that one? Your panties seem to be in a historical twist. You are glossing over the fact that Ossoff and Warnock are southerners, Ossoff is a liar, a political loser,
      Warnock is a radical American hater and too extreme for GA voters.

    4. @farvision Ossoff has stated he supports Georgians Second Amendment Rights but he has taken money form The billionaire Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization and he has received an ‘F’ rating by the NRA.
      While working for a Georgia Democratic representative Hank Johnson, Ossoff stated that he held a national top security clearance for over five years. Ossoff held the clearance for five months according to Johnson’s campaign manager. This information was reported by the Washington Post.
      Our parties spent millions on Ossoff’s previous campaign as we spent millions on the campaign of Stacy Abrams. Both of them lost. That is public record. They are political losers. They lost. Is that good enough for you?
      You talk about unsupported claims, we milked the Trump/Russian collusion thing for three years. That was unsubstantiated. We now know from John Brennan’s old hand written notes when he briefed President Obama, then VP Biden and shoes and rice that the Russian collusion thing was made up by Hillary to hide her careless handling of classified documents, her unprotected servers and her cell phone.
      That unsubstantiated claim brought about the Mueller investigation which turned out to be a huge embarrassment for our party when Mueller testified under oath that there was no proof that Trump or the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.
      You are either very politically naïve or your panties are in a twist or no reason.

    1. Ossoff’s is a radical agaisnt our constitutional rights he is pure swamp. Ossoff’s political mentor is ultraliberal Congressman Hank Johnson who is on record calling Jewish Israelis “termites.” In fact, 95% of his donors are out-of-state liberals.

      Ossoff hides the fact that his company works with Al Jazeera, the terrorist-sympathizing network that served as the mouthpiece for Osama Bin Laden. Ossoff personally made more than $5,000 from Al Jazeera even though they have a history of inciting anti-American violence throughout the Muslim world and their backers have been accused of bankrolling terrorists.

  4. Jon Ossoff would make s great Senator. Georgia, you have an opportunity to Make America Respectable Again by VOTING BLUE in January.

  5. If Georgia doesn’t vote Jon ossoff the people in the state will be screwed worse than the pandemic has already screwing them

    1. I’m losing count of all the Dem politicians breaking their own rules…the last guy, Adler had the stones to do it from a vacation in Mexico. It is starting to get funny how pathetic they are🙁

    2. @Think about it So, stop counting. And, I will offer no defense of hypocrisy, regardless of whether they have an “R” or a “D” beside their name. If it were up to me – and, it isn’t – I would eliminate every last member of the GOP from all levels of government – because, they have remained silent during Trump’s fascist presidency and crime spree – and, at least, 75% of the Democrats for being so pathetic and weak that they LOST to Trump and the GOP in the first place and because they failed to put up an effective fight against either Trump or the GOP and because many of them are corporate stooges, just like ALL of the members of the GOP are.

      Remember, there are ZERO members of the GOP who do not accept corporate PAC money and, at least, 75% of the Democrats who do not accept corporate PAC money. The ONLY politicians I will even consider trusting are Progressives who do NOT accept corporate PAC money – because, they’re the only ones who I can trust to be working for the people.

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