Louisiana Doctor On Fighting Covid Misinformation: 'I Was A Target' 1

Louisiana Doctor On Fighting Covid Misinformation: ‘I Was A Target’

As Covid cases surge in states with larger unvaccinated populations due to the Delta variant, we discuss the fight against vaccine misinformation with Dr. Martha Whyte with the Louisiana Department of Health.
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    1. @BreakinGames please please tell us who has been arrested for saying what ever they want,tell us please clown,if that was the case your orange clown should be the first.

    2. @Sam nowhere in @BreakinGames’s comment did he say anything about anybody getting arrested. Hitler did start out just like what is happening here in the US. then he got worse and worse.

    3. @Nicky Vanderhoof – the 1/6 attack that Trump incited on our democracy is similar to the Reichstag Fire, with the main difference being that Hitler was successful, and trump was a failure.

    4. Are you for real,did he not say liberals are doing the same thing he did,stopping free speech,arrested people who they don’t agree with,clown you go back and read what he wrote.

  1. My friend a police officer just passed away!!! Veteran father of two!! Devastating

    1. @Joe King…..Joe, that must be nice, but many, many people has done that in the last year and they did die from covi19.

  2. Doctors getting fired or resigning during pandemic when they are required . I did not understand that

    1. @theKrausman finding the truth is as easy as doing research, using multiple sources (3to4sites) *that are not politically motivated* (aka fox, or cnn) you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for

    2. @Erik w spreading the Truth, you can still get sick with the vaccine, all it does is help you fight it better and not automatically die, but the ones who need hospitalization have no vaccine

    3. @Jake Thomas it’s actually not a ton, I work in the hospital, it’s only 25% who are vaccinated and the rest *are not vaccinated*

    4. @Mister Furious being vaccinated doesn’t mean you’re invincible or can’t catch it, it just means you’ll be better at fighting it.

    5. @ralph holiman vaccinated people can still get it but 90% of the hospitalized are unvaccinated, according to health officials.

  3. Next, they’ll put out: California Lawyer On Arguing Against His Own Prosecution Team: “They Told Me I Had To Act Mean”

  4. people asking why push vaccines if you feel safe having already gotten one…. its because every person who gets it is a breeding ground. every new infection is a chance for it to mutate and make the vaccine completely useless. if we get enough people vaccinated, we get herd immunity and new infections are uncommon enough to minimize the chance of it mutating… but with it spreading rapidly through unvaccinated people, it could mutate and spread to thousands of people before we even notice the difference and start to take steps to prevent the spread of the newly mutated virus, which will include everybody masking up and isolating and shutting down. people in favor of masking up and isolating and shutting down are the same ones not getting the vaccine, because thats what will happen. thanks trump.

    1. in other words you don’t expect the vaccine to actually do anything. viruses can mutate either way.

  5. I encourage every antivaxxer to remain strong and not succumb to reason or logic or empathy
    Do not get the vaccine…we are begging u now
    Go about your lives just like u think Jesus wants u to
    Breathe deep

  6. Red vs Blue is now vaxed vs non vaxed. Social media = division. There’s a reason Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use the iPad.

  7. “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.” Donald Trump

    1. “Come on down to China Town.”
      – Nancy Pelosi

      “Now is not the time for racist xenophobia by closing down the border.”
      -Joe Biden
      Yikes, these people are still in power.
      And the 2nd most powerful one, Kamala, said she would not be taking the Trump vaccine. Now that she has power, she demands the rabble take it. Yeah okay

    2. Shame on Trump for listening to that weasel Fauci. Shame on us for believing Biden had a plan.

  8. Give them a elephant sized dose of Thorazine first. When their psychosis ebbs, offer to jab em.

  9. _“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science.”_
    *― Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man*

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