Trump Ally Tom Barrack Pleads Not Guilty To Illegal Lobbying

Appearing in court on Monday, Trump's inaugural chair Tom Barrack says he is '100% innocent' of charges he was illegally lobbying on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. But MSNBC Contributor Chuck Rosenberg says authorities have a strong case against Barrack.
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    1. @Slingshot Chicken I certainly hope someone does. 👍 Eric and Don Jr are so stupid, they’ll turn on him by accident.

  1. Can’t wait to see Donald Trump Jr get indicted and walk through the gauntlet of media cameras in handcuffs.

    1. And accepted Russia’s help to take office in 2016. And used congress approved funds to extort a foreign leader to try to win in 2020.

    1. Agreed so true dishonest bad criminal witches thank God Michael Cohen saw the light and testified against Trump

  2. this guy doesn’t have to have his own $250 mil…for his overseas friends, that’s couch change. let’s see those bank account deposit records/transfers

  3. In the waning days of the Trump Administration, Trump OK’d the sale of F-35 fighter jets to UAE. I think maybe someone should look in to that.

    1. Ugh I’m so sick of the lies and corruption sometimes I think it’s better to purge anyone who’s been in office for over 35 years and that includes judges. Lifetime appointments are for priests not politicians and judges


  5. Barrack’s tune will change as he sees what they have on him. His certainty will dissipate quickly.

  6. I don’t trust this fellow to let a quarter of a billion dollars in property to deter him from flight.

  7. This man doesn’t give a rip. He has so much money, he doesn’t have to care. He’s guilty, but doesn’t give a rip.

  8. How many of Trump’s close associates have been arrested, at this point? I’ve lost count.

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