Louisville mayor reacts to bodycam footage of bank shooting

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg reacts to body camera footage from the bank shooting in Louisville, Kentucky, that left at least five people dead and multiple others injured, according to officials. #CNN #News


    1. @Steve Stoll  we could probably go for 25 dead then …. or if the wind is blowing right maybe 30

  1. Wvery time I watch the bodycam footages we’ve seen lately from these shootings make me angrier and angrier about Uvalde. They all show real and heroic cops. Uvalde didn’t seem to have any. When are we going to be hearing about the mass firings in Uvalde. Those cops chose to let those kids die because they were scared of one guy with an AR15.

  2. This needs to be the approach. Politicians, doctors etc. Speaking out. Body cam footage bringing to the foreground, the violence that happens during a shooting.

    1. @JB Aw, you’re still crying over the fact that Joe beat donnie by a landslide victory in 2020. That makes me snicker.

    1. @MrL TLB unfortunately them doing their job often puts their lives into danger. What’s the alternative? Wait for the gunman to run out of bullets? Smh

    2. @SirSamTheTank So, you expect police to die for you if necessary? And no, I don’t think that police officers join the force with the expectation of going up against a guy in body armor and military hardware while being armed with only a pistol.

    3. ​@Heather Shaw the waitress that brings me food doesn’t voluntarily choose to go out and risk her life to save mine. “That’s their job”, yes, and they choose to save lives instead of serve food, I think that deserves praise.

  3. They need to show more videos like this bodycam. Maybe America will become less desensitized to mass shootings.

    1. These video cams need to be shown in CONGRESS as well as in state Assembly. As many times as possible and in graphic reality. Until those idiots who refuse to see the issues get a clue.

  4. First. My condolences to all the families I have lost loved ones during this horrifying tragic incident my heart goes out to all you. And for all the First Responders all you braid men and women my heart goes out to you all as well. As a Canadian we don’t see this kind of terrorism Act as much as the United States just last week Tennessee children and teachers we’re taking from their families as well as..

    My ❤ goes out do you all

  5. Wishing this brave young officer a speedy recovery. Condolences to families and friends who lost loved ones.

    1. Maybe this would’ve never happened if ppl like this Shooter was never able to legally get that weapon…

    2. ​@MrL TLB slippery slope. Vast majority of gun owners are law abiding and a few bad apples doesn’t necessarily mean we should take the right of the masses away.

  6. So, instead of regulating guns, our politicians would rather put more of our police, family members and children into harms way. Because money is worth more than human lives apparently.

    1. @YVONNE LEWIS It’s amazing how easy it is convince people that a semi automatic gun is an absolute necessity. The power of propaganda is on display here.

    2. @David Sanstad you obvioiusely owned a gun, so where were you save the day? And on top of that you think those mentally ill will just accept and go seek help? You have never had a person mentally ill who refuses to go to hospital and there is nothing you can do because you can’t force him/her. So keep bringing the narrative until the day it hits close to home, which i don’t wish it for you

  7. Wish they would show live ER video so people would see what these doctors and nurses have to deal with 24/7. I spent two days in a Fresno ER because they had no beds to spare during 2020 Covid. I was on morphine and still didn’t get more than 4 hours sleep in two days because every 20 to 30 minutes another case of Covid, car wrecks, overdoses, or gun shots came rolling in. A group of doctors and nurses would gather around a patient screaming from gunshots and go to work. The doctors looked for damage from the bullets and would not give any pain medication until they found all the problems.

  8. I got both perspectives on fox News & here for years now and never was a party member but I think the left is actually right and the right is wrong. Just the comments on here people seem to be in touch with reality.

  9. Just crazy what’s continuing to happen. Something has to be done. Good ideas are definitely welcome.

    1. mandatory background checks and mental health evaluations required in order to get a gun would help…

    2. Perfect someone willing to listen;
      1. Pass the Safer schools funding act Democrats killed in 2022.
      2. Pass national reciprocity.
      3. Pass Constitutional carry.
      4. DA always.charge the max.
      5. Judges rule with maximum sentences.
      6. Reinstate cash bail.
      7. No parole, no early release.
      8. Individuals that have been diagnosed with a mental health issue are placed into a secure facility. If needs be for life.

    3. @Steve Stoll so your answer to easy access to guns is to criminalize mental illness, expand the prison industrial complex and increase the amount of guns out there. you’re very smart!

  10. Respect to our brave men and women of law enforcement. May God watch over them and their families for the sacrifice they make for law and order in our society. Prayers and condolences to those loved ones who were lost. May the fact that swift justice was served on the perpetrator be a small comfort to the ones they left behind, and the fact that good prevailed over evil be a greater comfort to them. Inshallah our society will heal and we won’t have news like this weekly. Amin. 🤲

  11. It is so sad l send my prayers for the family 😢 my heart is broken for them 😢 the lord have mercy!

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