Lt. Col. Vindman: Trump Used Presidency As ‘Powerful Weapon For Disinformation’ 1

Lt. Col. Vindman: Trump Used Presidency As ‘Powerful Weapon For Disinformation’

Impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: “That’s what makes the president such a powerful weapon for disinformation—the office of the president is so revered that it’s hard to fathom that the president of the United States is the corrupt individual.”
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    1. President Biden needs to give this man the Medal of Freedom…..and strip it from the lawn fertilizer formally known as Rush Limbaugh.

  1. The most striking statement in the hearing was Vindman telling his father, “Dad, I will be okay for telling the truth!” He may have given up his career but he has not lost at all. His integrity is worth more than his career even if that means a loss of money! But it is sad, if he had to lose one dime because of his honesty.

    1. @david rogers I think you need to do some reading. Trump was not CONVICTED (thanks to Moscow Mitch and the stinking Republican Senators). He still remains twice impeached. And…. no, he isn’t POTUS, he lost and continues to cry about it.

    2. @We Shall See!

      He was on the call. But please, Continue with your moronic statements…. Not to mention Trump’s released excerpt from the call is damning enough! Republican Senators even admitted as much!

    3. @Noah Ynclan
      Yes he was on the call! Yes Trump released The transcript!
      So we know as much as him!

  2. I have great respect for this man. He has morals and integrity. He spoke the truth and that’s why he is hated by you know who.

    1. @Funny Man I can’t wait for Trump to win to the third consecutive time in 2024! speaker of the house 2022?

    2. @N 827 Right?! Imagine if we came armed that day and had actual intent to take them out. It would have been a cake walk. Instead we did it peacefully and they infiltrated and manipulated the masses. This is full on War now!

  3. Lt. Col. Vindman,
    We appreciate you, your service to our great country& all that you have come forth& informed us of. Would like to meet you someday. M

  4. At this point, it’s gotten so bad for Trump (and I’m okay with that), everything else is just piling on (and I’m okay with that, as well).
    Hey, Donnie! “I don’t care, what you do. I wouldn’t wanna be like you.”

    1. tRump=”It is what is is”. Let us hope, as we’ve seen that tRump brings all of them down with him! Take care!

    2. @L D
      Trump has been attacking Republicans ever since he lost the election.
      He’s the type where, if he goes down, he’ll take as many with him as possible.
      Guess what? I’m okay with that!
      Be well, as always.

  5. Again Vindman and his twin brother who was also removed for no reason. Both should be given their jobs back and the congressional medal of honor.

    1. @Sax They were in the same department. His brother had an even higher rank than he did. He was a national security officer in charge of Government ethics. It seems President Reject had none.

    2. @Sax Right, which was OK, since his brother was an attorney and a higher rank with higher security clearance. Lawyer client privilege.

      Neither did anything wrong, as you point out.

    3. I agree with you that he should be returned to his former position with his promotion as well as well as his brother!

    1. My Grandfather used to say, “If you want to upset a Democrat, tell them a lie. If you want to upset a Republican, tell them the truth”.

      I never fully understood that statement, until the Trump Administration.

    2. @Nolan K Nobody does. But lies with Trump aren’t the bug, they’re the feature. The man has lied his whole life. He lies like you and I breathe. It’s pathological and linked to a kind of narcissism that shouldn’t be near any position of political power.

    1. Think??? What else do you need. He has killed as many as most wars with his botching of the COVID response.

    2. He is 100%. He is a conman, when the dust settles we will find out that he was the greatest KGB coup on America

    1. If they did nothing wrong. They why did they lose their jobs. Oh I know. Because they did something wrong

    2. President Biden needs to give this man the Medal of Freedom…..and strip it from the lawn fertilizer formally known as Rush Limbaugh.

    3. @Augie Rockero Trump’s next planned covidiot rally is in a cow manure farmer’s field in Alabama

    1. President Biden needs to give this man the Medal of Freedom…..and strip it from the lawn fertilizer formally known as Rush Limbaugh.

    2. @Tim Kozlowski For your name to be Col. Vindman, you’d have to have fought in Iraq and won a Purple Heart. I just don’t see it……

  6. It was foreshadowing of Biden. Oh! Retired Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindmann is a true patriot. Wow. Well done! I hope his book is a best seller! Why not?

  7. I will never forget his testimony during the trumps impeachment. What he wrote about his dad was heartfelt.

  8. Such a brave patriot…..please visit Ireland …..dying to buy you a pint of Guinness. Your patriotism will be long revered.

  9. Salute to you Lt Col. Vindman . You have more dignity in one strand of hair than Trump has in all of his worthless being .

  10. Alexander Vindman ia a true American patriot. Came as a immagrint, studied and entered the military serving his country & archiving the purple cross. Now under Biden if he were to consider to go back into the military he should be welcomed with open arms.

  11. Lt. Col Vindman gave to this country his honor, duty, sacrifice, service and his love of country…something Trump could never nor will ever do. Trump isn’t worthy of shining Lt Col Vindman’s shoes.
    A REAL patriot is the man we see on this clip, not the former 2x impeached Liar in Chief w/ the fake bone spurs.

  12. Funny how the Dumped Administration behaved _exactly_ as how Vindman’s father recalled the Soviet Union behaving.

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