Lt. Gen. Honore On The Key Takeaways From Jan 6th Hearing 1

Lt. Gen. Honore On The Key Takeaways From Jan 6th Hearing


Lieutenant General Russel Honore was tasked by the House Speaker to assess the security of the Capitol after the siege. He joins Geoff Bennett to discuss this morning's hearing.
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    1. It’s too bad this comment is sad and not funny. It be a great joke if this all wasn’t so real.

  1. I love all of our old Generals (cept flynn). These are the men who should be running this country. Respect.

    1. @Larry Richards That’s whats so troubling in all of this. Our country allows a B level reality star who’s friends with a foreign enemy of the USA to become president. You’re very right there needs to be requirements going forward. Serious vetting. We also need to rewrite the rules of Impeachment. Impeachment should immediately remove that person on the spot. Pack their stuff for them, and give them Motel 6 tickets. Adios.

    2. @Larry Richards It’s ridiculous because it operates on the assumption that only the military can produce qualified leaders, which is absolute bs.
      I agree wholeheartedly that something like T💩 should never happen again, but your proposed solution is foolish.
      Yes the military does produce (some) great leaders…I know some from military school…They went on to great military careers, and I think some of them would make great leaders. We also have classmates that would also be & ARE also great leaders, despite not having gone beyond military school…
      The military has no monopoly on great leaders…and not everyone that serves in the military is a hero, as Michael Flynn & Timothy McVeigh demonstrate….

    3. I’ll be honest with you. I vote for the combat veteran, because they know the cost. Kennedy was a decorated combat veteran who ran against a combat veteran. Though I didn’t support Kennedy, I did support his reserve when it came to committing combat troops. His reserve kept US from escalating a Caribe island blockade into WWIII. As far as I know, Burr has been the only military officer who wasn’t on the up and up. Men like Washington kept men like him and Hamilton from taking US into a monarchy.

    4. @bombastic attitude said “We also need to rewrite the rules of Impeachment. Impeachment should immediately remove that person on the spot. Pack their stuff for them, and give them Motel 6 tickets. Adios.”
      I understand and share your frustrations with current leadership practices but the process for impeachment should stay the way it is.
      It would be too easy for a majority in the house to remove a sitting president.
      Impeachment is just another way to say ‘we think you are guilty.’ If you allow just the accusation to be enough for punishment then you are skipping fundamental aspects of the american legal system. Innocent until proven guilty and a trial.
      The biggest issue currently is partisan politics being more important than the good of the country in most elected officials view.
      If you want to see more accountability then it would be best to take the decisions like impeachment away from those elected officials (and the party agendas) and have independent investigators, prosecutors and judges. This is not a perfect idea either and it has just as many problems as the current system.

    1. @Drownademonrat Jesus  remember to go to the mailbox this Saturday and collect your paycheck from St. Petersburg (Russia), you stinky TROLL!

    2. @Drownademonrat Jesus hahahaha. as the red kool-aid drips out of your every pore. and it’s still dribbling down your chin. the pretend king drumph will only ever rank 46th at best. Cuz once 47 is elected, drumph will automatically be relegated to 47th best. And it only gets worse after that. If the pretend king lives that long.

    Nothing like nailing Donnie on lying to a House committee or reputing earlier statements.

  3. ‘The Key Takeaways’

    That’s the website where magats go to donate their social security to Donald Trump.

    1. Not only have the donated their social security, some of these idiots have mortgaged their homes to donate to Donald. Sad, isn’t it?

  4. The key takeway is that what we saw was what we saw. Trump whipped up the mob, sent them to the Capitol, and then they did what they did.

    1. @just me yep if it’s brown smelly and sitting at the bottom of the toilet bowl it’s usually a big massive sh*te.

  5. The gop’3s new motto should be….. We only support The Thin Blue Line when it benefits our needs and agenda!

    1. Not true and u know it. Here is a fact you will never find us supporting Defund the Police that is Dematards war cry.

    1. @dennis platte Hm. “This crowd didn’t have burning and killing on their minds.” Gotta disagree with the whitewashing there. This crowd spent weeks discussing, designing, and building a fully functioning gallows on the lawn of the capitol from which they intended to hang Mike Pence. They even discussed on line what kind of lynching rope would result in *hanging versus decapitation.* Nor do we need to discuss what a person thinks is going to happen when they whack someone in the head with a hockey stick over and over. Really hard. You’re a grown man. You know these things. I don’t need to tell you how assault with a deadly weapon works. It’s not a gesture of respect or love. And the unexploded pipe bombs still demonstrate an *intent to burn property* whether it succeeded or not.

      But as far as the silver lining of knowing exactly what everyone stands for these days, I’ll agree that those who chose trump may as well have tattooed MAGA in red letters on their foreheads. We can all see the vigilantes coming now. And, yes, the capitol institutions in DC are underprotected from them. Excellent observation.

      Btw, are you law enforcement? Your sentiments kind of sound like it.

    2. @Sun Dial keep on dreaming, Obama was 10 times better than Trump….

      It’s Trump who was wrong for America and he ain’t gonna be sitting in the oval office again….

  6. Trump would have done anything to stay in power. Luckily he got shut down by the few checks and balances that actually work.

    1. Not really. It was a couple of humans who just happened to act with integrity that kept him from staying in power. Kemp and Raffensperger in GA, specifically. If Trump had toppled that domino, it would have been just about the end.

    2. SB ESPN: Areas of the citizens ballot vote count were witnessed to partisanship and possible mismanagement. The politicians do not decide who wins the citizens ballot vote count (regardless of anything), it was a dereliction of duty of the Speaker of the House to spend 2 months (Nov/Dec) severely insulting & race-baiting millions of concerned American voters, Poll watchers or the RNC members that went through proper protocol to request the 10-day bipartisan Congressional review audit. The audit should have been done in Nov/Dec to help the poll watchers clear up any issues to assure the integrity of the voting system. AFTER that, the certification process would be proper. And our nation could have enjoyed the traditional inaugeration, regardless of candidate.

    3. @appleblossomxo is this alleged partisanship and mismanagement based solely on the inadmissible affidavits of partisan charlatans and craycken wranglers?

  7. In the current environment, if you start explaining facts like how the Capitol police is organized to Trump’s base, you’ll be called fake news. This man, Lieutenant General Russel Honore, explained it well. But the cultists will deny this as soon as Trump and McCarthy say otherwise. Kellyanne Conway rightly said, there are alternative facts. Sadly, there are also dumb people who believe in them. God Save this country from the Orange Hitler/Mussolini wannabe.

    1. Well said.I hope to hear and see when tRumps supporters realize he was never going to bail.them out for their terrorism on the capital.That will be priceless.stay safe.✌😷

    1. I mean, you’ve accused me being illogical several times yet you never use logical theory to ACTUALLY EXPLAIN how I’m being illogical. You just make up some fake equivalence like ‘Minecraft is a fun game” – Abe Lincoln, 1864’ and then attack YOUR OWN example as “ridiculous”. That isn’t very convincing.

    2. @Reason – “The thing about old quotes…is that you can’t prove a person DIDN’T say it…”

      Please tell me you understand how profoundingly dumb you sound.

    3. @Reason – Dear god, it should be obvious. And I’m getting tired of your lack of reasoning skills, and poor research.

      This is my last reply to you. Good luck. ✌️

    4. @Bat Boy: My point was (if you include my ENTIRE statement) that you CAN’T PROVE A NEGATIVE. And again, you didn’t provide any explanation of how that comment is not logical. You just said “Please tell me you understand how profoundingly dumb you sound.” Again…not very convincing.
      (profoundingly isn’t a word btw)

    5. @Bat Boy: There you go again; accusing me of “lack of reasoning skills” without ACTUALLY EXPLAINING HOW and running off when asked to do so. It’s okay if you disagree; that’s one thing. But accusing me of being illogical and lacking reason (because you disagree) is something entirely different. Maybe you should brush up on your logic theory before you accuse others of “lack of research”.

  8. Bring in these Congressmen, Gosar , Johnson, Hawley, etc, let them testify under oath, subpoena them!

    1. Any Republican who is subpoened will lie under oath. They have already violated their oath of office, so why would they tell the truth now? However, there are many of the “little people” who observed and heard their plans who will tell the truth.

    2. @blluedragonfly Exactly. Get the aides, get the financial records, get the electronic communications.

      That’s how you uncover corrupt rethuglikkkans. Their tactics haven’t changed since Nixon.

    1. @warpedjaffas1 He did once say “If everybody voted, you’d never have a Republican government again.” The quiet part out loud!

    1. It’s true, there’s not enough outrage.. it’s like we wouldn’t know what hit us, until he finally took over the country

    2. Before protesting, please re protest laws that have already been put in place in many states. Some very small infractions can now carry jail sentences. I’m sure they will be found unconstitutional, but it’s tough to fight such things from jail.

  9. All of the republican’s who are down playing Jan 6, are a disgrace and should be removed from office immediately.

    1. It’s going to get worse whether or not the criminal actually faces accountability or not. We’ve coddled American Taliban terrorists for decades and they aren’t going away any time soon.

  10. Most of us know that trump was the leader of the riot. The question is: when will he be made responsible for this horrible atrocity? No more rallies! No more hate speeches! Lock him up!

  11. When a respected retired US General call a former president a traitor, it is time for all American patriots to stand up and take notice.

    1. Further, Honore is a good man. I have no idea how long the federal and local idiocy would have gone on after Katrina had it not been Honore that stepped off that chopper. But I know when he arrived things changed at that moment.

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