1. Ive always Wonder if she has the same acting style than gilbert gotfried or even solía vergara where their accent and speaking voice from their character is different than her personal life accent ….
    She sounds a lot different here than in her shows . She seems like a cool person

  2. I got to say she’s she’s a hell of an actress wow I can’t think of the name of the TV show that she was in rich girl that lost all her money or whatever but either way she was really good. I wish I had a chance to be able to afford pay TV I’d love to see some of the other things she’s done

  3. What too so long to give this ICON the recognition she truly deserves!!!!! Love her been a fan since American pie and a Cinderella story!


      “The rabit hole is deeper”

      Meaning Putin is very scared and let construction crews make bunkers deeper.

      USA please demonstrate a laser on the Moon’s mountain range. To show we can vaporize debris before sending a golfbal down the hole.

  4. Stifler’s mom! I absolutely love Jennifer, as well as all of her work. Great choice of person to interview CNN.

  5. I just loved her in the movie Best in Show, one of my favorite comedies. She is so fantastic. Loved it when Ariana Grande perfectly mimicked her on a talk with,
    “You look like the Fourth of July”, and then called her to be in a music video, which got things started.
    So great that an icon like Jennifer gets a revived career, at a certain age. LOVE HER!!!

  6. BREAKING NEWS: THANK YOU GOD ALMIGHTY the war in Ethiopia is over as GOD ALMIGHTY spoke about two months ago. There will be peace and prosperity in Ethiopia. Hallelujah Amen.

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    1. Yes and me too investing is the fastest way to Financial freedom. Investing is building wealth and that has been my priority thanks. 🙏

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