1. I despise Trudeau, but I’m still no fan of Peter MacKay. If Beeker gets the party leadership that will be a sad day. I’m equally disappointed that Pierre Poilievre dropped out…

  2. I really hope he pushes for the expansion of support systems to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to empower canadians to maintain our heritage.

    I am struck by the simplicity of his logo, but I am worried he will be another “Harper government” and we cannot return to silencing our experts

  3. We will have a Great Country Again when we get rid of Trudeau and his band of idiots… Next election I hope and pray the Liberal Party is destroyed. Hopefully Peter can wake the east coast up and join the west in voting conservative, rural Ontario will vote conservative Toronto is a lost cause. Quebec only votes for themselves but a few ridings will vote for Canada.

  4. Pierre terrible leader, if he had of got the leadership Trudeau would be staying in government Canada wouldn’t vote him in.

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