Reid breaks down challenges for MacKay in leadership race

CTV News' Political Commentator Scott Reid breaks down Peter MacKay's leadership bid and the former MP will face any significant challenges.


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  1. The only challenge is to have another party join call a election and watch liberals cross the floor and disolve

    1. and in with the fascists. i would rather see the animal rights party running Canada than any of the Current conservatives. ANY OTHER PARTY.

  2. i had hoped that Trudeau would have 1/2 the guts and brains of his father. sadly he took after his mother. it is sad that the only viable opposition is Conservative i wish that any other party would get elected and i truly do not care who as long as they are middle of the road and not right wing.

    1. It’s either Trudeau or a conservative, jagmeet doesn’t have the slightest chance. So hold your nose and vote for your local liberal if you don’t want these mf conservatives trampling on your rights especially as a woman.

    2. @Jf loves Michael Jackson forget just as a woman. i am a senior and if this jerk follows the pattern, he will try hard to raise retirement age AGAIN to 75. actually being Conservatives they would prefer if you worked until you dropped dead.
      i the area where i live, the Liberal here are actually the old Socred party and work at returning the practices and the ghost of old WAC wacky Bennett, the ultra right wing of the 1950’s and early “60’s.
      so i am left with NDP or Green. now you tell me.

    3. That’s a pretty revealing remark you made, what kind of pathetic person drags someones mother into the argument……you are disgusting!

    4. @Marie Moffatt dear i went to school with her and my Grndmother knew the family quite well. on Trudeau’s marriage she said and i quote, “Well the Sinclairs finally made it didn’t they.”
      Margaret was Canada’s answer to Diana. she was raised to make the socially best possible marriage she could and while she rebelled a bit by spending time in a commune somewhere in North Africa, she came home, knuckled under and decided on her husband.
      she was self-centered and no genius with little spine to stand up to her Daddy or anyone else.

  3. How can anyone in their right mind still promote and protect trudeau. Do you think he is only hurting the conservatives and the other parties. If you’re a liberal, you do not have any more protection than anyone else. Aren’t your taxes skyrocketing and monthly bills to survive going up. It’s time to wake up and see the destruction he has caused. Do you enjoy the daily shootings and murders in your city? He brought them in only to get a vote and nothing more. For once in your life think about Canada as a country and what it used to be before 2015. We were all thriving and enjoying our freedoms.

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