Maddow: Biden Didn’t Just Talk About Ending The War In Afghanistan, He Got It Done

Rachel Maddow remarks on President Joe Biden's address on the end of the U.S. war in Afghanistan and the fact that every president since the war began has talked about ending it, but twenty years later it was Biden who finally did.
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  1. Great 👍 news Americans leave Afghanistan 🇦🇫 period.Thank The Great 👍 One ☝️ for leaving Afghanistan 🇦🇫 period.????Thank you Joe Biden.????

    1. Thanks for what? Getting 13 troops killed for no reason? Leaving the enemy roughly 70 billion in military assets? Or abandoning 100’s maybe thousands of Americans in a hostile foreign country? Yeah, thanks joe. Biggest failure ever!!!

    2. @LF313 cause some of us don’t live in a echo chamber like most brain dead leftist do. Hope that answers your question.

  2. I was at my youngest child’s first Parents Weekend at University. Today she is a department chair at another university nearly a thousand miles away. Thank you President Biden for letting us move on.

    1. @Cole Riedel The land war is over. As we have demonstrated three times in the last week, our “over the horizon” technology is excellent and will get even better.  

      As for American “left behind,” they all had the ability for over year to get on a flight to America any time they chose, and Biden has been trying since May to bring them back.  Their decision to waffle is on them.

      As for our allies, it was Trump that demolished the visa system, but Biden still got out over 123,000 vetted folk in less than 18 days. He has a $9,000,000,000 carrot and innumerable sticks to get the rest out.

    2. @ruth depew Exactly. I’m surprised that certain GOP lawmakers are not counting on our allies equipped with a space laser. 😉🖖

    3. You are a joke! You make it sound as if it was only Biden who thought of ending it. Wrong! The legitimate President Trump told everyone he was ending the war in Afghanistan and had given a time plan when it was to happen! You are an ignorant fool!
      It was the way Biden did it! He debucled the whole evacutation. He was given warning of a threat way back in March, but he goes on vacation instead of addressing it! President Trump warned the Taliban that they would have bombs dropped on them if they touched one hair of our soldiers! They did listen to President Trump!
      Why were our military equipment, billions dollars worth, was left behind? Why were our military dogs left behind? Why was a list of names of those that assisted our troops given to the Taliban? There are masses of questions to be asked and this Biden should be Impeached for collaborating with the Talibans by allowing them to call the shots! They controlled the areas. Biden pulls out our troops first!!!!! Why, why would you do that!
      Democrats that support Biden are so ignorant of his negligence and if you suppport this creep shame on you!!!! Biden is disgraceful!!!

    4. educated dummies buying into liberal BS. This aint over Islam isnt done it wants to destroy us. I served 20 years in the Army. go research Jihad. Thats what Islam declared on us and they have not retracted that.

  3. I Remember even further back. Listening to the radio. Taliban the student molisha advancing on Kabul. At the time thinking. “great, students, they will make a change for the better”. Never been more wrong in my life.

    1. Man i remember none of it I remember 2008 tho I was in 8th grade four years later in 11grade got head hunted by Marines at a state fair then joined. Time is crazy aint it?

    2. @Akey Thank you for your service. I remember driving home and hearing that we had started the bombing in Afghanistan. I was 5 months pregnant and wondering, will we be out before he is eligible to serve? Fortunately for my nerves, he chose another path.

  4. Americans know that we the citizens were spending over two trillions every year on security and defense in Afghanistan 🇦🇫.The corruption inside that country was and not sustainable for over twenty years.???Bravo to President Biden to pack up and leave period.????

    1. @Hari Seldon biden just armed an entire country of terrorists with our hardware so they could take over the country and be better prepared when we inevitably go back.

    2. @Marie-Flo Reddy Where in Trump’s agreement did he want to pull out before evacuation of Americans and our Allies? Where in Trump’s agreement was starting to pull out before we informed the Afghanistan Leaders? I anxiously await your answer.

    3. Shouldn’t you be thanking Trump for that? Biden has spent decades in congress and despite numerous opportunities to bring out troops home, decided against it until he was forced to by trump.

  5. Americans lose wars and win some and this the time to cut out differences period because we citizens cannot accept the cost of protecting other countries period.?????

    1. I kinda lost track…after the end of WW2 the US involved itself in 27 wars no other allies got involved in…South America was a bust…Korea…Vietnam…a disaster…Saddam…Afghanistan…always “Just defending our allies from”…Whatever and digging in for years or decades…finally leaving a bombed out shell .Stay home Yanks…offer aid not Armies…and work on the collapse of your own Democracy , racial turmoil and spree shootings… Healthcare is less expensive than Mars and nukes.

    2. Yea, the biden administration didn’t need to break the treaty with the taliban about the pull out time, should not have abandoned the air way in Bagram until after us withdrawal, over saw a clean transition of military assets to the Afghanistan military and not abandoned us citizens.
      Am I forgetting anything?

    3. @Mary Anne Sullivan they will shout socialism at you when you speak free Healthcare,but allow there government to spend trillions on military contracters on senseless wars…

  6. I’m so glad this war is over. We should have left ten years ago. The money could have been taking care of their own people first. After 9/11 I knew there would be a war. It’s was terrible when I first heard of it. Prayers to all those involved. Biden did the right thing. If people won’t defend their own country, why should we!! Thank you all for your service ✨

    1. My fellow Americans: I apologize for voting for Biden.

      I was just trying to vote for what I thought was the lesser of two evils. I also thought Biden after 40 years of doing absolutely nothing good or bad would continue to do absolutely nothing. Instead we now have this absolutely disaster and Im sorry. Please forgive me.

  7. Idk where I was when we went into the war maybe elementary I have no recollection of it .. I remmebr September 11th tho I was in 8th grade.. Didn’t the war start in 2001??

  8. At university a prof told us that no politician wanted to end the First world War, because the one ending it without victory would be seen as the one who made all the sacrifice worthless. I don’t think, I fully understood it back then. I think, I do now.

    1. He did not get it done. He botched the exit and left behind thousands that will be going to hostage brokers.

  9. If he follows it up with some all star diplomacy he’ll turn the egg on his head into a crowning achievement. That whole self governance thing could make the rounds.

  10. I joined during Desert Shield and witnessed how fast Desert Storm went. never thought we would spend 20 years in Afghanistan. I thought a year tops.

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply “…tried…”??? Pompeo and the Taliban cut a deal in Feb of 2020 without the Afghan government involvement. Do a timeline search from that point on. 🖖

    2. I was in Israel 1990 I am pretty shure i survived because the effort of The American air force. Thanks

    3. When we attacked Afghanistan my heart sank.
      The Soviet Union spent ten years there and it ultimately became their “Vietnam”, and as someone pointed out, the USSR shared a long border with Afghanistan. They could basically drive over roads they helped build.
      We are half a world away.

  11. Malcolm Nance nailed it once again… But REAL AMERICANS know what was done in the “secret meeting” WITHOUT THE AFGHAN GOVERNMENT IN THE ROOM (surely had a great deal). Former Afghanistan ambassador blames Trump for Taliban resurgence and the Taliban key demand WAS not to have the Afghan government in the room. It was a huge demoralizing factor for the Afghan government and its security.

    1. @Bill T Marchi They had to leave people behind as well but I’m not sure if they were German citizens or not. I guess I’ll look that up now.

  12. I was in elementary school when 9/11 happened. I remembered that everyone in my class including my teacher were confused and worried about what would happen next. Then Operation Enduring Freedom happened. Even as a child, I had (and still) believed that the invasion of Afghanistan was justified as punishment against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. After Osama bin Laden was killed by SEAL Team Six on May 2, 2011, everything became murkier which ended in bitterness and resignation over the Taliban’s recapture of Kabul and the chaotic evacuations afterwards. Now, I can only hope that we as Americans will recover from fighting our nation’s longest war and that the people of Afghanistan will one day finally find peace.

    1. I was in Kosovo when 911 happened, I served 3 tours to Iraq. what you dont understand, is this aint over. Jihad was declared on us back in the 90’s. Islam wants to wipe you off the face of the earth. Liberals are going have us extinct. Better wake up

  13. It’s tragic when you realize that Afghanistan has been at war for over 40 years since the Saur Revolution in 1978. Let us hope that the people of Afghanistan will one day finally find peace.

    1. @Soultouched I say let’s bring them all here! They risked their lives for us, so we must bring them here and protect them from the Taliban. Do you agree?

    2. @Soultouched we must contact our representatives and senators and demand that they do the right thing and bring them here and protect them.

  14. At the time of the Sept 11 attacks a friend remarked to me that the Roman Empire didn’t know it was in trouble until the barbarians knocked at the gates of Rome. Sept 11 was that knock and the barbarians have won.

    1. LOL! That’s what I call them too…barbarians! They may have won the fight but I’m not convinced they will win the war, especially if the civilized world would allow themselves the vulgarity of reciprocal barbarianism.

    2. well said and stupid liberals don’t realize this aint over. Islam declared Jihad on the west back in the 90’s and its still honored today.

  15. The Afghanistan War began at 8:46am est on 9Sep01 when the first hijacked plane crashed into floors 93-99 of the North Tower of the World Trade Center building. I watch the replay only a few minutes later on TV. I was preparing to go to work on the Great Lakes Naval Training Base. That was when the war started, not with the first bombing.

  16. “A speech he will want to be remembered for”? He’d settle for a speech he could remember without a teleprompter. The guys got dementia he shouldn’t be in an important job.

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