1. Look it’s no big. Staying in a war for 20 years seems weird. Obviously you can leave then go back if you want.
    Staying there like that’s a weird strategy. I don’t even understand it.

    1. @Denise Higgins I know. All I’m saying is it’s possible to go back. A retreat or withdrawal is a totally valid strategy for tons of reasons. I would use it myself a lot sooner.
      20 years, that’s a while.

    2. It was an American republican (Bush) who on false claims entered into the war on terrorists in Afghanistan.. witch have partly been a success because Al-Qaeda was largely destroyed.. unfortunately they are now on the rise again..

      Other countries have paid with blood, sweat, tears and their lifes for 20 years in this war.. not only Americans!

      Unfortunately for the Afghans this has been going on for 50 years.. first with the Russians.. then with their civil war in the ’90ties.. so the ordinary Afghan are so fed up with war and fighting..

      .. and when Trump negotiated with the Taliban (an Islamic fundamentalist organization!) to set a date for the ABRUPT withdrawal of ALL troops (not only the us!).. and released the Taliban leader and 5000 Talibans from prison.. and when their own government fled (with all the wealth they have accumulated!).. the Afghan people are left to “dry”.. surrendering to the Taliban is their only option..

      Biden pulled through on the agreement made by the Trump administration.. unfortunately in my opinion.. the America First policy prevailed!

      Now China.. and Russia.. has not pulled out of Afghanistan.. probably in the hopes of filling the gap we are leaving behind 🤷‍♀️

      We can only hope that the 20 years we have been in Afghanistan have sown some seeds in the generations of young Afghans who have tasted the life of freedom, the girls and women that have had the opportunity to go to school and be educated, and wear what clothes they want and so on! But the Afghan people have been there before.. and if Taliban still have their Stone Age mentality and as before seen can’t be trusted.. then we will soon see atrocities!

      This is a complex issue..

    3. Nobody in their right mind is defending a strategy of staying in Afghanistan as a project for nation building or to ” save the Afghan people ” ….it’s a failure of leadership pure and simple . He was handed a workable plan for the exit when he was inaugurated , which he ignored ….he had 8 months to get ready to actually do it , which he wasted …..he has intelligence briefings on a daily basis which apparently fed him pablum in place of real intelligence or he wouldn’t have so badly miscalculated what’s happening on the ground there . He fumbled the ball and now it’s a race to save his own butt with a PR campaign …it’s scandalous .

    4. @tinman trump plan was to pullout May 1, where do you see a 8 month plan? Trump barely pulled out of stormy Daniels, and that was a wreck.

  2. We only need to look at the last week to know that our “over the horizon” capability hit three out of three targets, one in retaliation and two to thwart imminent attacks. By not wasting resources in Afghanistan, we can keep improving our capability to engage our enemies at a distance. Kudos to our wonderful President Biden.

    1. pity we still had troops on the ground when this happened. how exactly does this work when we have zero troops on the ground and now base remotely close to afghanistan. you obviously just repeating the DNC talking points with actually knowing how ‘over the horizon’ missions work.

  3. My brother retired Army Ranger Special Forces, committed suicide 2016 because he didn’t understand he could get help! He went over when this first started! We miss him more than life itself!

    1. @thom wessels , Tell me about it. Slow Joe is in low 40s approval and has no BOTTOM. They will ramp up more hate and Fake Conspiracies against Trump because hes coming back, and in a FAIR election, Biden or Hairass cant win.

    2. Please continue to share your story. Hopefully others will realize that war DAMAGES so much more than we think. Peace to you and your family.

    3. @maria schultz The unmitigated, insane hatred from our IDIOTS on the left who THOUGHT they were sending a message to Trump has caused America to be less safe than EVER. This is on those horrible fools. Biden is of course tanking because the more he’s seen and heard, the more obvious it is that his mind has permanently left the building. We are screwed until we get an actual POTUS back. God Save Us.

  4. This was my son’s war.
    I was beginning to fear it would become his son’s war too.
    Thank you, Mr. President.

    1. @Blake JonesII Stop watching FOX, only ground venical where left most air ( attack planes and helicopter ) where either use by Afghanistan pilots to flee in Pakistan and the rest was destroy by the US army and Nato. Besides no Talibans knows how to fly an helicopter or plane, takes years of training.

    2. @Bas Koller I would have gotten all the American civilians out first. Then all the equipment. Then I would have flown the last remaining troops out in the last remaining US planes.

    3. @Drew Watkins Okay. That is kind of what the plan was. Except the equipment. That is not realistic. The equipment is in the hands of the Afghan military and scattered all over Afghanistan. You could have removed equipment earlier, but that would be admitting defeat and disarming the Afghan government. The Afghan army crumbled and the Taliban won. It is that simple. Your “plan” is an intention. It is not a plan. I am going to assume you are not military. But thanks for replying. Appriciated. I am off. Napping time.

    4. @Bas Koller the order in which I say things should have been done is an intention ? Don’t see how that could be. Regardless is just one exit strategy that is better than how biden did it and I didn’t even have to think hard about it

  5. Good job by the President for keeping his word. The right wing is hard at work trying to score political points but they are running into a brick wall ….the American people ……all the polls show Americans are with the President on this pullout. Was it perfect? No it was not. But our troops stood tall and accomplished their mission.

    1. They did that ,unbelievable odds against them. From Australia I thank all American forces for helping to get our people out. Not to say my admiration for a leader to finally acknowledge that Afghanistan is a lost cause. And stop the futile loss of lives of our own sons & daughters for no gain. Time I think in this world of pandemic to say OK we did what we could now it’s up to you.

    2. Depends what that mission was. Driving Al Qaeda out was accomplished at the start and that should have been the end of it. This twenty year “nation building” project was doomed to fail. It made a lot of contracters fat and rich. Almost 8.000 dead US soldiers. But around 30.000 post tour suicides. I wish more US service people spoke out about the truth of this war.

  6. “… to essentially call the bluff on this Ponzi Scheme” Yes. That is what it was, and it so needed to end. President Biden was correct in his decision. And he showed strength of character in accepting responsibility for what goes wrong, as much did. I’ve an idea, let’s not do this again eh?

    1. @James Hughes What he don’t realize is two things. The military was told to disable, and destroy computers and any tech the Taliban could use. And second, he don’t realize that his @sshat of a President….LOST BIG !

    2. @i dont have time 2 reply Why do you call it a disaster? our military with the help of allies air lifted over 120,000 people over a two week period without losing a single plane!( That had to be over a 100 trips and they did try to shoot them down).Two remote Air strikes They return successfully. This thing could’ve went on a bad track real quick. We suffered losses on the ground God-bless those Service personnel For answering the call of this country and paying the ultimate price. We had wounded both physically and mentally Who will carry these Scars for a lifetime. I consider the evacuation a success. At credit should go to the military planners and the president.

    3. @James Hughes trumps not president champ – this is 100% on biden, and he just gifted the taliban with more weaponry than you can poke a stick at and you seem not to care. how many people are going to be killed as a result of this? like a typical liberal you are all care and zero responsibility.

    4. @Blake JonesII absolutely not true. It funny trump walked to office and try claim all of Obama’s accomplishments for is own. Now trump did do somethings good, but much more wrong. Like many other things reps start dem has to finish.

  7. A life is more valuable then any war or money in the world people that are criticizing what President Joe Biden did maybe don’t have children serving in the Military and don’t give a dam i wouldn’t want to see my son or daughter coming back home in a casket God bless and protect our military troops.

    1. Obviously most people have completely forgotten that Biden’s dead son, Beau, served in……wait for it….Afghanistan.

    2. @Yvonne Plant Nobody forgets this, he has reminded people over and over again about it every time he speaks about Afghanistan. He even did it so much that one of the parents of the 13 fallen soldiers told him to stop talking about Beau when they met in private.

    1. Thank you President Trump for beginning to pull our troops out of Afghanistan

      Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster will be for this current administration’s to own.

    1. @HS16BASS most of the equipment was used by Afghanistan army to flee Afghanistan to Pakistan, the rest was destroy by US army and Nato, only ground vehicle are being used by the Taliban, no Talibans as the requirement to fly an helicopter or attack plane so don’t worry about it. It takes years to fly a Tomahawk or Bell helicopter.

    2. Tell that to those who were left behind … and those who died when the clown with dementia did the job as bad as possible… idiots piece leftist garbage

    3. @Joel Marquez There not dead yet and many will be out soon if you listen to other news than FOX, you might know that Nato special forces are still in Afghanistan working to get people out and also pass as Talibans ( US spies ) in the country now.

  8. I know that when I came for good and took that uniform off for the last time. My mother hugged me and cried. Told me that now she will get some sleep.
    Actually made me feel bad for What I had put her through.

    1. Exactly how we felt when our two nephews left New Zealand to go to Afghanistan. An experience that haunts them to this day.

    2. @Penny Reweti Thank you to them for their service.
      I honestly consider troops from allied nations as bothers and sisters in arms. Wish civilians could experience the bond without serving. It brings us closer together as nations.

      No matter what country I was in during my service. I was glad that I was there and happy to help, regardless of the situation.
      May take me a few, days, weeks or months to shake it off the experience, but concentrate on the good. (Trust me, the bad tries make its presences known, even after years.)

      But when it comes to mom. The grief you caused her to feel…
      Can’t have it both ways ways though and she tells me she is proud.. Have to leave it at that.

  9. My son is sleeping soundly in his bed tonight and not over there ,which means I slept soundly! Thank you Mr President,!

    1. @Blake JonesII Of course I care ! I have a son in the military with a wife and 2 kids , I’m worried sick when on deployment! My point is the deaths are tragic for sure but we needed to get out it wasn’t a war we could win it was costing millions not to mention the soldiers there not at home with their families not watching their kids growing up , we evacuated over 132,000 people in the middle of the worst terrorist areas it’s a credit more weren’t killed , the people over there are extremists and love to do people harm it’s a awful shame there is people like this in the world, I know the deaths sting and my heart goes out they paid the ultimate sacrifice as so many others have for our freedoms

    2. @Tim Cowan Maybe. But the sentiment applies. To any loved ones of military personnel, I say again, my heart goes out to you, and my extreme gratitude to any individual who puts themselves on the front line to protect us and our way of life. Any objections to that, Tim?

    1. @Scott Garner only one race loots & riots after an officer involved shooting…any other countries in the world with this problem?

  10. Let the Taliban and ISIS-K fight each other while the National Resistance Front (aka Northern Alliance 2.0) continue to hold out in Panjshir Valley.

  11. It’s tragic when you realize that Afghanistan has been at war for over 40 years since the Saur Revolution in 1978. Let us hope and pray that the people of Afghanistan will one day finally find peace.

    1. @Robert Strong The Taliban are Afgans too. Kinda like asking them to have a civil war on our behalf. I believe this is the reason the Afgan government choose not to fight.

    2. You cannot nationbuild an American-style democracy if you can’t give them slaves to build it with. That’s why the military knows it was doomed from after the got Bin Laden

  12. I remember discussing the war in Afghanistan 20 years ago. When I suggested that Americans would be dying in Afghanistan in ten years (2011) I was often laughed at for being ignorant of American might.

  13. I agree with Biden, he was courageous enough to take the brunt of this necessary action of getting out.
    This was never going to be a clean or painless process. I support Biden’s decision!

    1. @Jason Boyce so you’re openly telling me that Obama was that dumb? They begged us to stay? To do Nation building? When they’re the nation and we’re an outside one and it takes more than 100 years to at least create a decent civilized society? That made sense to you? When you said that in your mind did you really think how dumb you sound? There is no civilization on dessert that started in 5 years so cut the crap

    2. @MyndGod AndPsyche Please sir, try to maintain some of your manners when expressing your point of view. Thank you!

  14. My cousins just touched down from Afghanistan!! I haven’t seen them since we graduated high school in 03. They went over there right after basic training. Now we can finally have that party we planned and never got to have☺️ and my uncle can finally breathe!!

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