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    1. @BeSmart VoteBlue the super glue might be cheaper and his preference over the paint thinner and a good old sharpie can also invite ignorance just as fast as the other two. He was hoping that ivermectin had toxic fumes as well so he just injects it instead of inhaling it.

    2. @vasp99 fascism is trump’s godchild.
      Antifa means anti fascism.
      Why does your bunch, trolls, algorithms, whatever, have so much trouble figuring out the English language?

    3. @vasp99 describing trump to a T, except for the dictionary. I don’t t think he ever figured that one out.
      Is it true he held the bible upside down after having the are in front of the church cleared for his photo op? That sounds so trumpian.
      And those too cute photos of trump hugging the flag. To die for, anyone but him, of course.
      Who did you say was paying you?
      If it was the reich, you are probably bringing up more embarassments than triumphs.

  1. “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” —Isaac Asimov

    1. Same can be applied to medicine & technology… surpasses wisdom and ethics. I was told this in University Philosophy class, in the ’60’s. I witness it was valid thought.

    2. @Lee make them actually talk about the subject of a bill and all its ramifications the whole time they hold forth. Exhaust every aspect of it.
      “Green Eggs and Ham”? No way.

    3. @Guy Northre: Claire Deloitte, looks like a premature send.
      Occasionally when setting my phone (my only communication device) down, or shifting my grip, weird things happen. This unspeakable phone reacts to motion and gestures. Others might be similarly afflicted by spastic communicators.

    1. The largest humanitarian crisis in the face of the planet caused by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris administration ….12 American soldiers killed plus many other people killed civilians and families killed by Joe Biden.

    2. @imj tapcir Obviously you weren’t listening to what Mr Moore was saying.
      You have your opinion even if you are not listening to what Michael Moore was explaining.

    3. @imj tapcir Cite your sources. Or you’re just a rumor monger. Or a Russian troll. Actually, Russian trolls are rumor mongers. That’s one way to spot ’em.

    1. @Chris Merkel There are now 9 people, just nine, whose wealth equals the total wealth of half the planet.
      Something’s wrong here.

    2. During Obama’s time as prez, each inmate at Gitmo cost US taxpayers $30k/day. Trump shoveled tens of millions into Gitmo, which ran the cost per day of each inmate there to $40,000. Gitmo costs $540 million/year, and its only function is to house 39 Arab prisoners. Cuba wants its land back. We should oblige.

    3. @Vera Mae Its called “Taxation Without Representation!” If Jeff Bazos had to pay his fare share in taxes he couldn’t afford to build a rocket to go into low earth orbit. It’s basically a “Carnival Ride For The Wealthy!”

    1. The corporations makes millions on war, than refuse to pay taxes. What else is new, Never support killing in wars.

  2. Eisenhower is a perfect example of why we should have leaders who have been to war. He knew the loss of war, and as a general and a president, he saw how much some can profit and promote war.

    1. @Dub Lightyears Yeah, do you know the story of Private Slovik? He ran away from his company, terrified of war and thinking he would have to do a few years (like others) of prison. When he realized he was going in front of a firing squad he wrote a letter to Eisenhower, begging for mercy. Eisenhower was cold as ice: He was executed at 24 years old, just before the war ended. The war machine doesn’t function if young men think they don’t have to go. Eisenhower was military through and through.

    2. I’m sorry but Michael Moore is just another aristocrat. No better than a white Christian conservative, latte corporate liberal or pious pompous progressive. Everthing he says is true, my problem is with the man saying it. I have not faith in the man’s intentions.

    3. @Gale Martin he needs to pay child support. I agree with what he says, but he didn’t even bother to support his own children.

    4. @Gilberts Grape I’ve grown weary of old white men who contributed/ initiated to the mess our nation is in, lecturing the rest of us on what we should do and believe. They will learn to mind their own business.

  3. One thing I was thinking as they showed MM’s speech…you can agree or disagree with him. You can like or dislike him. But at least there is no question that he is speaking out passionately about what he sincerely believes. Not like the gop knowing what’s right and true and twisting it for their underhanded purposes.

    1. How much does the multi-millionaorr Michael Moore pay? I’m going to go ahead and guess as little as possible.

    2. @Helga Tacke Dear Helga,
      You should try something like ‘Go Fund Me’ action, write and expand your political thoughts and experience, with the raised money, for a costly ad page on the NYTimes or USA Today.
      Some private party like you, or sports-related organization with those one-page…”J’accuse”. What a contribution to our next generations.
      ‘Make Love, not War’.
      My two cents…

    3. @Pat Shelby -I want to agree but I’m not exactly sure what your point is. Don’t get upset, I mean NO harm. Please explain.

  4. Michael Moore is a boss. I was 22 when Fahrenheit 9/11 came out and I remember getting grief from even the liberal older folks in my life because they thought he was just trying to be shocking. But after Bowling for Columbine (I was a junior in high school when that shooting happened) I saw how clearly he saw thing’s and that he was unapologetic in his efforts to share it.

    Thank you for your life of courageous journalism

  5. Watching the Oscars audience, even more than the people jeering I am struck by the cowardice of the people who are sitting stony-faced, afraid to be filmed making any reaction at all.
    Good on you, Michael. Your global warming film was loopy, but your heart is absolutely in the right place on war and capitalism.

  6. “Quai d’Orsay” is another film about how the French, Dominique de Villepin almost saved us from waging a criminal war of aggression.

  7. Twenty years – some of us knew then that it would drain our human resources and enrich the Military Industrial complex. Well, it’s over. Thanks, Joe, for getting us out of the madness.

    1. Can you imagine what a fantastic country America would be if those trillions of dollars had been spent on improving the US infrastructure, roads, hospitals, clean drinking water, schools with superb resources- a laptop for every kid, arts music drama and sports programmes and assistance for special needs kids, good energy efficient public housing, free college places for all students, free healthcare and better care for the elderly and veterans? It could’ve been a paradise, a utopia and still with money to spare. Instead it went up in smoke across Iraq and Afghanistan.

  8. Strop it is right! Thank you Michael Moore.
    “We have money for wars but we can’t feed the hungry”
    Just think about that for a minute!

  9. Thank you Michel Moore, I totally Agree with you, President Biden did the right thing and now lets start Taxing the Rich!!

    1. Every wealthy person who employs people at less than a good living wage is taxing their employees for the privilege of having a job. Think that through. They are a smaller government. Unelected. And they can chose how much that labor produces to hold back for their own ” budgetary needs”, often without having any transparency at all and without defining those needs as anyway related to the needs of their employees who often have produced that wealth.

  10. He sometimes brings tears to my eyes: “No points for being right 20 years ago” to this very day. 20 years & over $2 Trillion dollars wasted. $300 MILLION PER DAY.

    1. I worked for a federal agency that was always underfunded. So many plans to do great things, but no funding to do them. The military branch swam in money, and used it for despicable actions.

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