Maddow: Tanking Russia Economy Inspired Meddling In Trump Election | MSNBC 1

Maddow: Tanking Russia Economy Inspired Meddling In Trump Election | MSNBC


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow joins Ari Melber to discuss her reporting on why Russia was inspired to meddle in the 2016 election, and help Trump get elected. Maddow argues Russia’s ‘terrible’ economy is heavily ‘dependent on oil and gas,’ adding they were ‘desperate’ to get U.S. Sanctions dropped,’ inspiring ‘what they did in 2016.’ Maddow adds Putin’s oversees the ‘oil and gas industry’ that is ‘terrible at what they do,’ leaving them very few options ‘other than to sabotage and cheat their way to a new future. Aired on 10/16/19.
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Maddow: Tanking Russia Economy Inspired Meddling In Trump Election | MSNBC


    1. Wisconsin Farmer: Strange, for a good communist ex-KGB Colonel like Vlad-the-hopefully-soon-to-be-assassinated

  1. Trump has NEVER criticized Putin and has publicly praised and defended him against his own intelligence agencies’ findings.

  2. Satan himself could shake Trump’s hand and support his decisions and the family values, evangelical republicans would still support him.

    1. @Leendert van der Ent Democrats are the ones representing immoral policies. But only ones with knowledge would actually know why.

    2. David Lafleche
      States that are most religious in the US have more poverty, crime, violent crimes, and murders.
      They have more teen pregnancy, more STDs, and higher levels of infant mortality.

      Religion poisons everything.

      People that vote for trump are convinced we were established as a Christian nation, as opposed to the Secular nation we are.

      Faith based world views are a dime a dozen, and demonstrably unreliable.

  3. And they said Clinton was bad … as a woman I did not feel she represented me but as an American citizen I know she would have kept my country safe and strong.

  4. Rachel Maddow is brilliant. She’s flirting with the greatness of the late, incredibly astute political analyst Daniel Schorr.

    1. @William HWe were talking about her stature as an investigative journalist. She is unsurpassed and has no equal. We were not discussing on her sexuality. Your comment tells me everything I need to know about you. A very small person if limited intellect. Name calling and insults seem to be your calling card. Why not try another venue where your limited intellect won’t be challenged and you will feel at home. Fox news maybe?

    1. @Chris H Troll troll why do you insist on spreading your delusions? Nobody pays attention you know. Actually I hope you’re an algorithm, or it’s very sad.

    2. @John Wood I bet you’re actually deluded enough to believe I’m an algorithm. That’s what corporate media does to you.

    3. She’s not a journalist. She is briefed by e-mail before the show. She pushed Russiagate and lied to your faces. 3 years of conspiracy theories.

  5. There is no allege about it; he has openly stated on camera he did what he is being investigated for all the world to see and hear!

    1. Chris H you support this, why? Bank fraud + Tax Fraud + Corruption + Betrayal + Dereliction of Duty + Violations of the Emoluments Clause + Obstruction of Justice + Failure to Comply with Lawful Subpoenas + Torture of Immigrant Families + 12,000 Lies + Impulsive and Divisive Bullying = Impeachment and Removal from Office

    1. @v blackwell Really ! Go check places like Detroit and Cleveland and Baltimore to name few. Millions of baby mommas spitting out children with no fathers , A race that has no respect for itself

    1. @Richard T – for its vulgarity, lies, whataboutism, whining from a grown man. Hard pass. Good material for late night comics, though!!

    2. @Jelly Belly well, if you enjoy it, why not watch it, then you can get the info from the source. Maybe it’s MSM, Celebs, Pop artists, Rap artists, day time talk show hosts, latenight talkshow hosts etc are the Evil Liars.

    3. snoop alert Yes, and now you have proven that you can read better than the President. Now start practicing your critical thinking skills.

    4. @Dolores Reynolds Trump is good a good reader, he is one of the best business men in history. Trump rally tonight watch it you’ll be glad you did

    5. Well, I remember that a lot of people bought into Nixon’s manufactured public persona, rather than listening to the people who had worked with and for and around him. There was a lot of evidence that he wasn’t above using any means necessary…much like Trump. Nixon had intellect and did a lot of good things for this country, but that willingness to do anything to take down his opponents did him in. Trump doesn’t even have the platform of having done good things to help him out – he’s been dismantling and gutting many of the things that Nixon enacted to benefit this country (e.g. EPA, Clean Air & Clean Water Acts, voting rights). Also remember how easy it was during the George W Bush administration to convince SOME people that Iraq had WMD’s despite a total lack of evidence – and in fact, evidence to the contrary.

  6. This is the point of no return, either Trump is defeated now or the damage to America will be irreparable.

    1. The slide has started. The lady has to argue her virtue… the bank it’s credit worthiness… it’s done. The mighty USA has shot its own kneecaps.

    2. Marcellino, it will take decades to repair some of the damage Trump and his thugs are inflicting on the USA. Just two examples (of hundreds): restoring desert National Monuments in the SW US to protected status

  7. Rachel you are a jewel of democracy and let’s have another 10 years of honest reporting

  8. I adore Rachel. I love how she connects the dots, pulls up historic precedents and tells it like it is in ways I can understand and appreciate. Go Rachel! You rock!

    1. @alex silent Why don’t you sound the alarm. That was not the subject of her book. Why don’t you write your own best seller and make our impending economic doom the subject. I am sure if she had wrote a book about the economy you would still find another issue she did not focus on. There are several authors and economists out there sounding the alarm therefore Rachel’s voice would be just another one.

  9. Trumps turned the US into a joke and Vlad the Bad’s laughing his head off at it. Make America great again what a joke.

    1. @Richard T there’s quite a few nations including UK, France, Russia and China that all confirmed in the aftermath of America’s for profit invasion of the middle east that they have no weapons of mass destruction. Also they didn’t threaten the world as you’re trying to falsely claim. Everyone knows the “threatening the world” is an american lie they tell themselves to justify invading another country to enrich themselves. The fact that you think saying that would do anything but point out the obvious hypocrisy in americans is beyond me.
      People all over the world are not going ignore their own life experiences to further a false narrative designed to make americans feel better about their murderous selves… news flash: no one cares how americans feel about the truth. Good luck convincing the 7 billion people on earth to prioritize making you feel better. Your spoiled trump-like entitlement is duely noted as the ongoing american crybaby tradition of lying about everything to make themselves feel better.

    2. @Janet Crawford Well, I don’t defend past Presidents much( even though I can.) I loved Trump’s inauguration when he basically said all the president’s sitting behind me are garbage. I know what he meant, I believe he is correct, and he said it for a reason. But the Dems plans are evil, and Trump is trying to stop them, so they smear him constantly.

    3. @Kevin Mayo Kevin you are right on the money. I loved What Trump said at his inauguration. Paraphrasing he said every president behind me is corrupt, and it stops here. Trump is a great Republican. Trump rally tonight watch it you’ll be glad you did

    4. Richard you’re a an obvious working with bad info or a bad info spreader. Trump sold out the nation to Russia. The economy will crash and it will be 100% the Gauls if trump and his supporters. Russia is laughing at Americans for being so stupid and easily manipulated. You’re not so smart. Your ononion means nothing

    1. People without souls have no sense of humor, Trump and Putin being prime examples. It’s always cringe-inducing to watch their clumsy attempts to be funny.

  10. Rachel’s being interviewed, and she starts interviewing Ari because he’s a lawyer and she’s not. It’s kind of sweet.

  11. I was in the US during Nixon’s downfall. After a certain point there was an inevitability about the process. That is where we are now.

    1. David, I agree. I was in DC as a 19 yr old hippie anti-war activist. The difference: Nixon was not as anti-American as Trump is. Plus, Nixon had a degree of aplomb, which Trump never had.

    1. good analogy, Paul! Trump is carrying the dead babies that Putin killed, and dumping them into the incinerator. …..and they’re all smiling because they’re so rich from selling snake oil to the gullible masses.

    2. @Ken Albertsen I don’t know what your plans are in regards to the next election but I plan on helping who ever the Democratic candidate may be by volunteering my time.
      Will you “toss your hat into the ring” and help remove the wannabe tyrant?
      Take care Ken and “thank you”.

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