1. I think the ” Guilt By Association ” attitude is more worrisome than the tech
    And it is sort of an obnoxious bully in your face kind of ” flex “

    1. In a sense, insurance companies have always being using “guilt by association” to calculate their premiums.

  2. This is a very slippery slope. So someone in MSG’s management has a daughter who broke up with her boyfriend. The daughter’s father logs in to the MSG systems and says to his daughter, “No worries sweetie, he will never step foot in MSG again.”

    1. @Alex M I’m not saying that it isn’t legal. It clearly is. I’m saying this is a slippery slope that will likely lead to abuse.

    2. @GrayBeard_gamer Exactly. Legal doesn’t necessarily mean ethical/moral/good/right, even less so than illegal means the opposite. 😒

    3. @Alex M and people like you will defend it being in a grocery too. They shouldnt be given any tax payer money as well now since its “private”

    4. @m It’s a business. They know if they abuse it they’ll lose money, unlike the government which can keep abusing you knowing you still have to pay your taxes or they bust you.

  3. This is how freedom dies friends. This facial recognition stuff is straight out of 1984 type thinking.

    1. @Ren Sinclair Facial recognition software works well for identifying white faces, but it doesn’t do nearly as well in matching dark ones.

    2. Freedom dies when your government tells you what books you can and cannot read, who you can and cannot marry, and who you can and cannot support.

    3. That’s just what i was thinking it’s the ultra rich business owners and those with power who think do what they want to who they want with no repercussions is how the normal person loses their rights and freedom just like in the book 1984.

  4. Apparently, only people Madison Square Garden approve of deserve representation in court. Others should not be allowed an attorney. If this doesn’t disturb you then you are not paying attention.

    1. You have the right to say silly things. I have the right to refuse to listen – and the right to refuse to let you say those silly things on my property. Your right to say silly things is not altered. BTW, you can sue me for hurting your feelings here. You can sue me because you don’t like the way I spell. You wouldn’t win anything in court, and neither you nor your lawyer would be welcome in my home. Please spend a lot of money and get a good lawyer.

  5. They reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. That is their right. The method however sends chills down my spine. Images of “Person of Interest” are flooding my mind.

    1. The “right to refuse service” doesn’t mean anyone for ANY reason. We’ve seen this repeatedly established. 😒 They will _absolutely_ expand this to ban all kinds of people they don’t like for any number of reasons, and then so will other companies (if they haven’t already) refuse service to anyone they don’t like. We’ve already seen companies trying to refuse service to gays, women, black or Irish people, and so on. Legislation incoming… (in 20 years 😒).

    2. how is that a “right”. Since it is a company, eveyone has the right to use their “service” except if not pay. “Right to refuse to anyone” called discrimination all around the world. Dont know for USA, but in Europe police could intervine and a explain the law, if then deny again, they could suspend their licence or bring charge of discrimination. If you pay no one can stop you of using the service. Otherwise do not make a company or a business!

  6. Very scary thoughts to have facial recognition software being used anywhere. I don’t think this is ok. Another reason why people should reconsider having social media, you are giving your info to these people!

  7. Attorney: I’ll put you out of business and destroy you!
    Also Attorney: Surprised Pikachu face when they’re not allowed entry to the private business.

  8. “Place of employment” is going to become the next “protected class” that you can’t discriminate based on.

  9. This is a form of intimidation. Basically, you sue me.. You’re banned. These lawyers are doing their job, how can you call them ambulance chasers.. This is insane, also wtaf.. Also using face recognition for it.. Damn, next thing they’ll band you for posting a tweet about a bad experience there. It’s excessive and unfair.

    1. * Basically, you sue me. You’re banned and so is everybody you’ve ever met. – It’s like Mafia tactics, you don’t threaten the person themselves, you threaten their families and friends. Where’s Giuliani when you need him? 😒

  10. They reserve the right to refuse service, until they don’t. The law just needs to catch up.

    This will inevitably lead to segregation through AI. We all know it. Don’t dog whistle that “they’re have the right to refuse service”. It’s going to happen. If needs to be prevented.

  11. “Banned for the duration of the litigation” Knowing how law firms try and keep litigation running for years, there is a certain amount of karma in this, that said it is a scary use of surveillance.

  12. the only place you can go for privacy is in your own home, once you go outside you loose the right to privacy ,as the supreme court has ruled on “THERE IS NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY WHEN OUT IN PUBLIC”

  13. It’s one thing to have a mom and pop eject you when they see you. This is a bridge too far. This is an interesting, novel legal issue that will play out over the coming years.

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