Zelensky calls on allies to send fighter jets to Ukraine

With tanks checked off the list, Ukrainian leaders have renewed their public appeals for Western fighter jets, discussions of which were not officially on the agenda of a meeting between Ukraine and its allies in Ramstein, Germany, last week. CNN Sam Kiley is in Ukraine with the report. #CNN #News


    1. @@Buppasiri1 Putin attacks Ukraine twice in 10 years and you ask that question? Putin is a war criminal, his troops are rapist and murderers. Putin is just like Stalin and the only people who would say Putin is not evil, are sheep, or paid, or making money off him.

    1. @Reaper Very well since Russia has 2 maybe 3 air worthy su-57, LOL. F16’s are old but still better than anything Russia makes!

    2. @Emile Griffith Not really. They’re too afraid to use them. They stay in Russian airspace where it’s safe and fire missiles from there. lol

    1. the only wayfor ukraine to beat russia is if you take the fight to russiawith what youalready have go into russia and cause the same problems

  1. …it is difficult to call fighter jets “weapons of defense”. But politicians can do everything. Congratulations to General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin on their explosive earnings growth!
    And here’s what I’m really curious about. Zelensky asked for defensive weapons – they gave him it. Zelensky asks for tanks – they give him tanks. Now Zelensky is asking for fighter jets – he can get them. What will he ask for next, and what are peace-loving countries ready to provide him? I hope they have the intelligence and independence to stop BEFORE tactical nuclear weapons, because then, obviously, it will be hot not only in Ukraine.

    1. We are right at the tipping point. Russia has shown enormous restraint in this conflict, believe it or not. They can actually level Kyiv without using Nukes. The West needs to stop escalating things.

  2. Anti air over the Ukraine has already been very effective. Many Russian jets and helicopters already shoot down. F16s would be for offensive operations. The USA has many F16’s nearing end of life retirement. The Ukraine would fly them anyway.

  3. Democrats in 2016: Trump is going to crash the economy and start ww3! Guess you were off by one president ๐Ÿค”

  4. “(Blessed) Zelensky calls on allies to send fighter jets to (blessed) Ukraine” so let’s “Convince It Forward” with Slava BOHU

  5. A10s arenโ€™t fighters, send them. If any A6s are in good condition send those too. F111s were going or gone, send those. They could probably use B1bs if we are replacing them with B2s.

  6. And so very sad the repetition of senseless death, the stories reported, the photographs of the destruction and devastation. Over and over again we see this pattern and we say “We support Ukraine” however it take month’s of discussion to send tanks… We are reluctant to send long range missiles and yet we say, “We support Ukraine”, We cringe at the thought of sending Air defense Systems to shield the skyline and yet we say, “We support Ukraine”
    Innocent civilians die everday lacking medical attention, from cold and hunger, and we say, “We support Ukraine”…
    Millions of displaced Ukrainian citizens are in various countries trying to adjust to a different form of life they are grateful, yet they desire even if it requires sacrifice is to return to Ukraine the Country they love and know as home. The time has come for the International Community that has indeed helped Ukraine in many ways, made tough calls enacted sanctions to act… First Responders are like clockwork putting out fires, scrambling through rubble for survivors, the medical community is working against the clock, and exhausted, the Armed Forces of Ukraine is out in trenches giving everything they have and then some because they believe in the cause and in spite of all odds they persevere… Ukraine is slowly being exerminated and yet powerful and knowledgeable scholars cringe at using the word Genocide and this is taking place today and has been slowly eroding Ukraine since February 24th, 2022 and yet we dare to say, “We support Ukraine”. Look at the targets! Schools, Hospitals, Museums, Homes, Residential Apartment buildings, Infrastructure, mines where once grain grew to feed third world countries. I don’t know who might read this, I don’t know if anyone even does… What I do know is that if, if, if ” We support Ukraine” then by the grace of God give then the fire, air and weapon power they need NOW! Don’t say in solidarity and support, ” We support Ukraine”. Show the Support. President Zelenskyy has done everything in his power, begged, repeatedly said we will fight to eradicate the occupiers but they need the Artillery, some have ridiculed him and says he crys and money rolls in, so I ask those people what would they do in his predicament run and hide or show face, support your country, use every avenue, every opportunity to get help for the Country he was voted to protect, lead and govern and is doing just that. Every speech he gives gets a standing ovation and rounds of applause, while innocent children, disabled people, senior citizens, people with illness die. Time doesn’t stop for discussions, HELP UKRAINE, SUPPORT UKRAINE NOW!!!! I support Ukraine through United24, I send messages of condolences and solidarity everyday, that is all I can do. But those who have power to do more and have committed to do more Must walk the talk and step up to the plate!
    God have mercy and protect Ukraine and its citizens each and every one.
    Slava Ukraini ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

    1. so do the russians after they started conscripting civilians after they lost their elite airborne and many other divisions mauled.

  7. The Ukrainians should be given all the necessary logistics and armory, including fighter’s jet, to defend their sovereignty

  8. I got a question once this wars over are we getting are equipment back? Or are we building up there military like Joe did to the Taliban in Afghanistan. This war is pointless for the USA NATO needs to start matching dollar for dollar

    1. Not yet! Let me get to Antartida with my family, to escape the nuclear fallout. Then you can go ahead and get it over with ok?

    2. @Luis Estevez You think those rich oligarchs want to be wiped off the planet? No chance they start a nuclear war with US


  9. How do you win a war without air superiority? I understand.. I’m Czech, I’m think the perfect aircrafts for Ukraine would be Swedish Gripens, they don’t need airfields, they are not stealth but otherwise they have everything, check Gripen E, I think we should NOT care what Putin and his Kremlin mafia says and focus on Ukrainian win.. maybe our, Czech, pilots should fly Ukrainian Gripens, it’s a war, deception is one of greatest military strategies, our problem is, we are too open, which is good, but in war, you need to deceive your enemy in order to win, especially if you’re smaller and less capable like Ukraine.., thank you USA for everything you doing just be less open about the military things, we Cannot let the enemy know about every step we take or plan to do!!!! Slรกva USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฒ, Slรกva Ukrajinฤ› ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ from Czech Republic ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฟ

  10. All those Leopard’s, challenges, and Abrams are just targets without air superiority. Provide the Ukrainians the aircraft they needโ€ผ๏ธ
    Slava Ukraini ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ’›

  11. Give them A10s these things are rugged specifically made anti-tanks machines that evolved into all around aerial tanks. Damage tolerant easy to maintain and repair on the field.

  12. Ukraine needs fighter jets period & for one reason if a UK, American or German tanks gets in the wrong hands, that must be called in for a strike before being pulled back into Russia. That tank must to be blown to pieces it won’t be hard to see that it’s going the wrong way ๐Ÿค”

  13. Mind Begs the Question:
    If deploying Weapons,Mercenaries
    In USA backyard(Cuba) – Not Allowed
    In Russias backyard(Ukraine) – Allowed

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