Major Primary Battles Playing Out In Kentucky, New York | MSNBC

NBC's Steve Kornacki is at the Big Board to discuss the major primaries in Kentucky and New York and the rise of mail-in voting. Aired on 6/23/2020.
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Major Primary Battles Playing Out In Kentucky, New York | MSNBC


  1. Booker!!!!!! A real democrat
    McGrath is terrible from a policy standpoint.
    Do your research Kentucky voters

    1. @Brandon Christopher You need people who are electable when you are working from a minority position. Republicans control the Senate, in case you need to be reminded and McConnell is entrenched. It is going to take a big campaign operation and a lot of money to unseat him. Booker doesn’t have either, but McGrath has both and she can help deliver control of the Senate to the democrats. But I tell you what. If Booker wins the primary and then beats McConnell in November I will come back here and post a comment that I was wrong. But I just don’t think that will be necessary.

    2. @Brandon Christopher Biden is running the most progressive platform for a democratic nominee in history. Compare his position with Clinton’s or Obama’s. Things are moving in your direction. Be patient and choose people who will actually get elected.

    3. @John Johnson I don’t know if you’re a real person but everything you just said is a lie. Bernie Sanders literally ran a far more progressive campaign and not by a little bit lol biden’s campaign is not progressive at all name the progressive issue he’s actually fighting for? Does he want single-payer healthcare? Does he want to raise the taxes on the rich? ( Barely ) does he want to change the way we spend money on the police? Does he want to make public schools vibrant and healthy? Does he want a green new deal to fight climate change and help clean the environment so that we actually have a livable sustainable planet? All the things that he’s touching on are so tiny it’s a joke. Joe Biden is not progressive at all. You thinking that he’s progressive is hilarious

    4. @Brandon Christopher Lol I said democratic nominee. Bernie lost. He is not the nominee. Biden supports protecting the environment, reforming police, and expanding health care more than Obama and more than Clinton. He is more progressive than any democratic nominee in history.

    5. @John Johnson That is fundamentally not true. And you just made my point. First of all Hillary Clinton wanted to lower Medicare all the way down to 55 years old. Biden only wants to go to 60 years old. So he is not further on health care than Hillary Clinton who was terrible and a democratic nominee. He is not further to the left of Hillary Clinton on the environment or literally everything else you just said lol And I hate Hillary Clinton. By the way there was other candidates years ago that were destroyed by the same media machine that has got you thinking that Joe Biden is a good candidate I understand that we have to vote for him at this point. But we don’t have to vote for McGrath we can vote for Booker in candidates like him and the more we demand candidates like him who will actually progressive the more we will win The future is on our side people under 40 and people under 50 overwhelmingly vote progressive on all these issues So that means in the next 10 to 15 years what we demand now will be what we get in the future. If we don’t start demanding better now then we’ll never get it

    1. lol…. you must not live here in Kentucky, because if you did you would know these people dont stand a chance of winning here…….mitch is screwed, ….lol.

    1. @Laura Walker Oh OK hon. While they’re doing that…the Democrats are setting up for some national mail in ballot voter fraud for November. That door swings both ways…don’t be a dunce.

    2. @R L TI’m not closed minded. Trump is saying this but without proof. Just saying it isn’t evidence and the evidence he talks about “millions of undocumented voting” and “ten thousand people signing ballots in one living room” is just ridiculous. I just want fair elections. I don’t even care if who I vote for doesn’t win as long as it’s fair. 600k people and one voting place isn’t right or fair.

    1. Indeed. That’s why Trump is trying to destroy mail in voting even though Trump himself used the method.

    2. Laura Walker sir/ ma’am. Lol. 🤣 if I make you confused, please forgive me.
      I was laughing that you said so correctly, and for wrongdoers republicans will lose the seats soon.
      That facts makes me laughing. Thank you! Stay safe!

    3. Kor Kalba sir/ma’am lol 😂 if what a nonsense comment! There is no possible at all.
      Please realize the reality. If you be brainwashed or be hired be a devil, please save your beautiful soul
      and heart before your beautiful soul ruins like devil trump.stay safe.

  2. Good citizens of Kentucky: please vote Mitch out and help bring this country back together. Thank you!

    1. Kor Kalba then that needs to change right now.. I bet you are still wearing the shoes you wore in HS…Let him out in pasture he has to….

  3. I honestly don’t care which one wins, I just want that not-so teenage, not-so ninja but definitely a mutant turtle, Mitch McConnell sent packing.

    1. @CupAJoy sorry, but not in the state of personal lubricant. It’s deep red. The best shot for Democrats is to syphon off Republican voters. Blue Dog Democrats have a much better chance than a progressive. I say that as a progressive.

    2. @Truth and Lyfe TrustGod! Always. But I’m a Floridian. Even though I’m not from the state of personal lubricant, I am very concerned about getting McConnell out. He’s not just bad for Kentucky, but for all of America.

  4. Can you imagine McConnell losing to a black man in Kentucky? He would probably die by choking on his lettuce dinners.

    1. @votes- have consequences in that case I hope they will always be outstanding in their field.

  5. What do the BLM movement have to do with his numbers? How about he’s the candidate that people believe in!

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