Discrimination Charges Allege Officers Of Color Barred From Guarding Derek Chauvin | MSNBC

Attorney for the officers filing discrimination charges, Bonnie Smith, discusses the charges filed by corrections officers of color after they were barred from guarding Derek Chauvin. Aired on 6/23/2020.
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Discrimination Charges Allege Officers Of Color Barred From Guarding Derek Chauvin | MSNBC


  1. This is a very short clip, I’m supposed to get all I need to know from the video’s title ?

  2. ๐Ÿ˜” they used to do it to black soldiers during World War II when they used to capture Nazis

    1. Aztec Warrior
      Prison guards have authority over those they guard.
      That says to me that they did not want black soldiers to have authority over the Nazi/white prisoner.

  3. Why should the officer be segregated when he is an actual murderer. In good time the officer will get it.

    1. 1969rett I think you are NOT the judge and jury, and should let the process be handled accordingly.

  4. Because they know that they will see it’s not the guy in the video. Only select people can guard “Chauvin”, imo only.

  5. He flushed 19 years on the force down the toilet because his evil didn’t care for human life, Ignored his fellow cops, the people. He deserves prison.

    1. @Shawna Weesner Thank the lord it is because if it was up to you, this murderer would be free. Keep it pushin’

  6. “People/Persons/Person/Officers of color” is just an updated term of the old racist term “colored”

  7. This just makes the accusations of rampant racism in the leadership of this police department one more proven fact. What do they fear- that their black officers may abuse this murderer? When the shoe is on the other foot ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  8. I love using #Pigeonly for #DerekChauvin. It reminds me of using the British Military’s eBluey system to send mail to Afghanistan in theatre.

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