Fmr. Gov. Ridge: Trump’s Vote-By-Mail Attacks ‘Counterproductive And Counterintuitive’ | MSNBC


    1. @Manly_Man I can straighten that up for you ! A presidents Cabinet members are hired by a president. Now in Trumps Cabinet there is only one black man but when the right ones come aling they too may be a part of Trumps cabinet. For the rest most have been in congress forever because no time limits. Congress members/senators are voted in by the people that is the only reason we are a democracy. Diversity: for instance ilhan omar was voted in by Muslims in Minesota. Pretty hard to get around that one ! Wacko AOC suckered the voters in the Bronx. Pretty hard to get around that with districts filled with rejects and suckers

    2. @#j G Nope, the bottom line is that the GOP doesn’t support women or people of color to run for elected office because they know their voters won’t accept that. Why should women and minorities support a party that won’t support them?

    3. @Manly_Man Despite impressive hiring practices during Trumps first year in the White House, President Donald Trump has received little to no credit for his choice of women for the most senior positions on his cabinet, as well as the West Wing more than Obama and president Bush
      Your just a fool !!!

    4. @#j G I counted 13 men and two women in Trump’s cabinet of course cabinet members come and go because of the overall instability of trump and his administration and that number could change at any time. Of course one of those cabinet members is the lovely Betsy DeVosan an heir to the Amway Scamway Fortune. Betsy is doing a fine job of destroying the Department of Education and making sure that people who got screwed over by for-profit fraudulent schools ( like Trump University ) stay screwed over.

    1. Anyone on the side of the Democrat party surrendered their brain a long time ago. Just sayin’

    2. @KentBalzer At least Democrats HAVE a brain to surrender. Trump voters obviously lack this vital organ if they support this moron!!! Just sayin!

  1. Voting by mail is good enough for the Trump Administration so its fold enough for me. Voting by mail in 2020!

    1. Obama, you losers are crying rigged election, can’t wait for Trump to win again, in the meantime enjoy Trump! KAG

    2. Matt Thompson – You must have a great ISP that provides internet access in that alternate reality you live in.

  2. Barr said on fox the other day that thousands of mail in votes could be faked and we wouldn’t know if they should count.
    Allow me to tell everyone that in order to vote by mail, you have to have a signature on file and every ballot is signed. If it doesn’t match it will be “unverified” and they will contact you personally. You can also check online to see that your vote was counted (at least here in CA). So all that nonsense is just republicans trying to suppress the vote – as republicans are wont to do.

    1. @frictionRx9 The most recent case of voter fraud was in NC where a republican candidate hired someone to collect ballots from minority communities and never send them in. And it is republican-led states like Kansas, Kentucky Georgia, and Florida where they are closing polling places in order to suppress the vote.
      But yes….please go on about how its Liberals doing all the fraud! 😅😂

    2. @frictionRx9 Trump’s not a liberal. But he has proven time after time that he can’t be trusted.

    3. In Oregon (where we only vote by mail) you are sent a text or email (your choice) when your ballot is mailed to you, and when it is received and verified. If there is any problem with the signature, you get a text or email telling you that, and a letter sent by snail mail. You have a week to clear the matter up, if there is a problem.

  3. Is anyone else utterly exhausted of trump? It’s like a crazy ex that won’t leave you alone…I am just tired.

  4. Trump knows that recreating the Wisconsin debacle on a national scale is the only hope he’s got.

  5. The only documented incident of vote fraud I’m aware of was a ballot harvesting scheme carried out in North Carolina for the benefit of a Republican Congressional candidate. Leslie McCrae Dowless was charged with three felonies for his actions during the 2018 midterms.  Looks like this is Trump’s attempt to: 1) distract, 2) suppress voting, and 3) have excuses ready if he loses.  Question – Who is watching the Republicans on this? Who knows what dirty tricks they may be up to and how low they will go to influence (steal) the election?

    1. In 2016, Trump told his voters to vote twice, and. One of them did, and got caught. Trump literally said it was okay to cheat in his favor.

    2. @J Groovy I posted this information on a story about voter fraud on Fox News’ YouTube channel about 3 hours ago. I challenged anybody to give me evidence of any other documented voter fraud. So far nothing.

    3. D. K. – Not surprising. Wanna see the FOX News crowd go nuts? Tell them that there are only two socialists in Congress, and Sanders, the socialist, was defeated by Biden, the “corporate capitalist”.

  6. The Republicans do know about election fraud, look at North Carolina REPUBLICAN Dowless and his four workers that got indicted for it when they were trying to help REPUBLICAN Mark Harris win with their election scheme! Sure is funny that if there ever was any voter fraud, it would some how ONLY benefit the Democrats. Trump is only setting up an excuse…like we didn’t see this coming.

    1. @Bud Fudlacker Not at all. BTW, he was IMPEACHED. Ya got nothing on the Republican voter fraud…imagine that. Lol

    1. But when you vote by mail there’s a hard copy for recounts. Maybe that’s why Trump don’t like it.

    2. Actually the machines they used in Georgia were from Canada. It prints out what the voter chose and a QR code for the machine to read. Hackers have managed to manipulate those machines through its dongle, so that it prints out the voter’s intent in characters, yet the QR code indicates a different candidate was chosen.

  7. Ridge was PA’s governor and was the first the Homeland Security Director. PA, which has had absentee voting for decades, started vote-by-mail for everyone who wanted to vote that way for its primary earlier this month.

  8. Mail in voting leaves a paper trail, the computers they use for voting I have a hard time trusting. Unfortunately, republicans have been pushing the mass voter fraud lie for so long few people seem to totally trust our elections.

  9. If coronavirus wasn’t alive and well forcing mail ins, trump would say the voting booths were hacked by China and rigged in Democrats favor

  10. So, we’re supposed to believe that in 2016, the DNC cheated in California:

    – Clinton was sure to win California. Trump expected to lose the general election.
    – Citizens don’t like to vote, but illegals will risk jail and deportation to do it?
    – Hispanics vote Republican at about the same rate as the general population.
    – It would require a MASSIVE fake ID manufacturing scam, yet NO fake IDs were found.
    – A fake ID scam would require a MASSIVE money laundering operation, for which no evidence was found.
    – Trump formed a voter fraud commission that found nothing.
    – Trump complains that this “fraud” robbed him of 3 million votes. Funny how that’s the same number of votes by which he lost the popular vote.

    Accusations of voting for dead people are EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS and futile. Individual voter fraud is virtually non-existent.

    – In 2016, Trump told his voters to vote twice, and that it was okay to cheat in HIS favor.
    – He says it’s okay to accept foreign government election help, and has solicited it from no fewer than 3 countries.
    – He paid for fake online polls in 2016.

    Now, here he goes again.

  11. Biden2020 or China trump 2020 , trump asked China for help ! Also thank you tictoc teens for destroying trumps rally and his morale, he the look of defeat when he got off the helicopter

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