Trump Arrives In Coronavirus Hotspot Arizona For Border Wall Milestone | MSNBC

NBC's Jacob Soboroff brings us the latest from Yuma, Arizona where Trump is visiting the border wall. Aired on 06/23/2020.
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Trump Arrives In Coronavirus Hotspot Arizona For Border Wall Milestone | MSNBC


    1. *White House: Trump Expanding Healthcare Access for 13 Million Americans*
      Feb 2020

      The White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) estimated that 13 million Americans will have increased access to health care due to President Donald Trumpโ€™s executive action, according to a report released recently.

    2. Yeah, a fence is going to stop drug trafficking for sure! You can pass packages THROUGH the fence with 0 problems. ๐Ÿ˜„

    1. @RFI-Crypto Lab
      The foundation of American Racism is that the least White man is better than the best Black man. Trump is the least White man to ever hold the Office. Obama was better than most.

      Being a hard core racist you won’t allow yourself to admit just how bad Trump really is.

    1. Taker of Biggus Dickus, you need to start dodging those falling Confederate soldier statues!

  1. U can hear the darth vader theme music when he steps out of the plane! smh ahahahaa The fuhrer!

    1. @Mr_R N Obama gave Iran 150 billion in cash and nothing to show for least I see where the money is going

    2. @Joseph Harris
      YeP Obama gave Iran 150 million back that was illegally being withheld by the US!
      I doubt Acting (badly) president Bunker boy tRump is going to give you any of that stimulus money that he’s stashing away in Russian banks!
      The only thing that Acting (badly) president Bunker boy tRump has given to the US and the world is COVID19 manufactured in the good ole US of A, at the Fort Detrick
      , Military base and biological warfare laboratory in Maryland US!

      It’s about time for Brain Dead morons like you to take your leaders advice by:
      Drinking copious amounts of bleach/disinfection and swallowing a few light bulbs that are still attached to the Electrical mains or such like!!
      because that would really go along way towards making America SANE again!

    1. @Matt Thompson where’s the money for the wall from Mexico? Trump said that 3 years ago…. Still. Nothing

    1. @Steve B good do some more walking hopefully you are out of water! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    2. @Bud Fudlacker As any boy scout would know, it is not advisable to go on a journey without adequate food and water or known food and water sources.
      I am confident you would not survive a walk in the desert since you are clearly not as smart as a fifth grader.

    1. All those people must be coming to America because weโ€™re such a horrible country thatโ€™s so racist that it prevents minorities from being successful. /s

    2. โ€‹@unknown unknown I’m well aware of Black Wall Street and many of the other atrocities the US Government has done. I’m willing to bet I know more then you. That’s not an insult to you by any means! I’ve just been into ‘conspiracy theories’ for awhile, now. But we’re still a much better country then anywhere else which says alot about the world. Granted, we’re at fault for many country’s problems, but we’re the reason many countries have prospered as well. Point being, many of Trump’s policies benefit poorer communities. Both parties are crap but at least the Republicans give platforms to more ‘moderate’ candidates. Ron Paul or, a more recent example, Dr.Shiva come to mind. Trump isn’t the traditional Republican. Is this a “proper response?”

    3. @Leezy oh yes….you know more than me.. …you’re starting to sound like the know-it-all, Trump…. He knows more about technology than anyone else….he knows more about ISIS than the general’s….he knows more about coal mining than the coalminer’s…. He knows more about …. Just face it. The only reason you support Trump is because he’s getting not Hillary.

    4. @unknown unknown Okay dude. You obviously don’t want any kind of productive dialog. Why waste your breath if you’re just gonna attack my character is my question? You wanted a ‘proper’ response and I gave one. Not some sarcastic BS…I support Trump because he’s about bringing jobs back to America(I work in the factory industry); he’s for border control(I live in MN, not going to go in depth about that one); he’s pro-life. I’m not entirely against abortion but I’m against Planned parenthood. And I believe their needs to be stricter abortion laws. Planned parenthood has been caught profiting off of abortions by selling ‘baby pieces’ (source:Epoch Times); Trump is pro-gun; Trump changed the Obama Care policy that penalized people who didn’t have any kind of health coverage.(Taking away tax returns/making you pay-in). I could go on, but is there any point?

  2. just went off office just for photo op instead of addressing people about corona virus and families of those who lost their loved one grow up mr president

  3. If I build 3.1 miles of new fence, I’ll have built more than t’rump has…IN THREE YEARS!

  4. Nobody told trump that they stopped climbing in the 80โ€™s. Itโ€™s all about secret underground tunnels.

    1. Doug Lowe itโ€™s funny that theyโ€™re trying to keep Mexicans out when Canada has double the amount than Mexico for overstayed visas. I also understand that most of the illegals coming from the Mexican border are not Mexican citizens. Some, yes, but majority are from neighboring countries.

    1. Are you trolls getting paid over time to be idiots or it comes natural to y’all. I know, you are even aware Biden is going to win in November and Donald is going to prison! That is why you are here, YES?

    2. @Grim Reefer
      You got it backwards Chief…It will be Trump by a landslide and Biden in jail…Keep livin’ in your Pot Head Dream World!!!

    3. @Joey B Is that why you are trolling because you are so confident of Donald winning. Your kind by trolling is just showing how weak Donald really is!

    1. *White House: Trump Expanding Healthcare Access for 13 Million Americans*
      Feb 2020

      The White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) estimated that 13 million Americans will have increased access to health care due to President Donald Trumpโ€™s executive action, according to a report released recently.

    1. @Joey B I am fourth generation American. Yet, I am still offended by the way Trump describe’s people coming here looking for a better life. If you are not offended, there is something seriously wrong with you.

    2. @Joe Fernandez
      The United States Of America is a Soverign Nation which means that We must have Secure Borders…There is nothing wring with people wanting to come to the United States for a better life but it is Federal law that they must come in LEGALLY or We are not a Nation!!!
      Millions of people waited in line and came here legally and you can’t have other people jump in front of those who are waiting to come here legally!!

  5. This is hilarious. They build a few miles of huge wall so Trump can have his picture taken with it and fool the sheep.

  6. Fuhrerbunker Baby Donnie: “The biggest, the most beautiful wall ever made on earth….” CHINA: Hold our beer…

    1. @Bud Fudlacker Mr. senility fat orange toddler already said his daughter could be his GF if it were taboo.

    1. @Bud Fudlacker coward tiny hands tiny feet orange toddler needed the military to clear up peaceful protesters before he could emerge from his bunker and walk half a block accompanied by 200 men and women to fake a bible shot…๐Ÿคฎ

    2. @Se Ou those ANTIFA cowards looked like dogs that got caught chewing on the remote when big Daddy Trump walked by! I loved it!

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