Malcolm Nance: Ron Johnson Is ‘The Executor Of Donald Trump’s Big Lie’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC

On Senator Ron Johnson defending the insurrectionists despite mounting evidence from a prosecutor that some committed sedition, Malcolm Nance says "What's going on is that Ron Johnson decided that he's going to be the executor of Donald Trump's big lie." Aired on 03/22/2021.
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Malcolm Nance: Ron Johnson Is ‘The Executor Of Donald Trump's Big Lie’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. So when is a report going to ask Johnson *why* he didn’t stay in the Chamber and welcome the insurrectionists with open arms rather than running away and hiding?

    1. Because he was afraid they wouldn’t recognize him as a Dumph supporter. The Dems were smart, they all took their name tags off when they abandoned the floor to go hide

    2. @Nhoc Dug Can’t keep their lies straight. But, like I said, the base will believe both statements at the same time!

  2. Tommy r. Westbrook
    Your right the whole world heard trumps phone call to Georgia. We all saw the attempted suppression of legal votes by. Louis. De. Joy on trumps orders.

    1. There’s SKYnews bits floating out there refuting & reversing the look of the whole chumpf-mess out there…he’s propagandizing the globe with his tripe.

  3. He is no longer a member of the US government its tyme ta do the right thang and place him in a maximum security cell wit the worse criminals so they can keep this man cowering in his cell.

  4. It doesn’t matter whether Ron Johnson is lying or delusional he is a danger to himself and others. I recommend institutional care until he returns to some semblance of reality.

    1. Where is the Republican party going. It is now a bunch of looney procrastinating delusional idiots. Do they really think the country wants people like them.

    2. @Anna Jorgensen If R. Johnson is guilty of something then yes, prison would be the right place. Whatever happens to him he does seem rather unhinged.

    Zoe , Canadian

    1. @Joe Reaume and this coming from someone that believed russia russia russia for 3 years you might want to look in a mirror hypocrite.

    2. Stephen Hart. AND a traitor to the United States Of America ‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. That was the biggest lynch mob in American history. They came their to hang people without due process. Now the people they elected like Ron Johnson is defending them.

    1. Biden should ask Congress to declare war on COVID-19 and see who among the GOP joins. The chaff will be separated clearly.

    2. @Erick Borling Trillion on top of trillions borrowed. Pandemic are more profitable than war for governments worldwide. 5th of world money supply created in 2020.

    3. @Electro Crypto The thing that makes “war good for the economy” is just all the federal spending.

    4. @Erick Borling Borrowing and spending. If they had to tax citizens directly, we wouldn’t be engaging in a 20 year war. Borrowing at low interest rates because government has the ability to tax even the unborn. They’re preparing to borrow $3 trillion more for infrastructure.

    1. Because his words are part of the protection under the 1st Amendment. I want to know where he was, with whom, and what his connection is to the far right.

    2. @Nancy Ross The 1st Amendment isn’t a free pass for everything that comes out of a persons mouth. Nope.

    1. @Juanita Buckingham I’m in Wisconsin and I sure will do everything to make sure he is looking for a job.

  7. When Malcolm Nance is featured, all fingers fight to click first. A voice of Truth in a universe of swill.

    1. @Fabulous Woman Malcolm was also just on LPTV’s The Breakdown – I was totally enthralled and really disappointed when the segment finished. I wish people of his ilk would run for president.

    2. @Fabulous Woman I’ve just listened to the first half of Cohen’s podcast on your recommendation. Wow, you are right. They are digging deep into the planning stage and I think they are on the verge of discovering who on the inside aided the insurrectionists. I’ll be for sure listening to the second half.

  8. They all desperately want to harness the hate and xenophobia for their own coffers. They are, literally, tripping over themselves to show fealty to trump. It’s cravenly disgusting or disgustingly craven, I’m unclear.

  9. Johnson or Graham, Cruz and Jordan are behaving as though the law doesn’t exist for their particular constituents. The sheer lack of shame and their neglect of their duties is one of the most egregious acts I’ve seen. On what planet should these men sit in any elected office ? Will any of these boy’s ever be held to an adult standard and held to the highest standard not lower than a trump?

  10. Johnson defending the insurrectionists explicitly proves that he is one of the Leaders. Jail them all period.

    1. BLM is responsible for over $5 billion in property damage across the United States. it’s accurately labeled as a terrorist organization. Should politicians who defend BLM be jailed as well? Biden, Harris, AOC, Pelosi, Gov Cuomo.

    2. @Notorious SKX Gtfoh trolling with your lies and misinformation/ apparently you’re not listening or paying attention.

    1. I am from Wisconsin. Most people in Wisconsin are not like him. He is giving our state a bad name. He needs to get voted.out.

  11. These people like rj , their time is coming, GOD doesn’t SLEEP, we All will be held accountable for our actions, please believe that. 😷✌

  12. Ron Johnson didn’t feel threatened because he was on the side of the mob, They where with him not against him and had no reason to hurt Ron Johnson

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