‘We Know What They’re Doing’: Clyburn Torches McConnell, GOP For Voter Suppression

The GOP has been obstructing Democratic efforts to push forward sweeping voting legislation, prompting one of the most high ranking Democrats in Washington, Congressman James Clyburn, to encourage Democrats to play hardball. Congressman Clyburn joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss the ongoing situation, explaining he doesn’t want his grandchildren “fighting the same battles that I fought as a teenager.” (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 03/22/2021.
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'We Know What They’re Doing’: Clyburn Torches McConnell, GOP For Voter Suppression


    1. @Trumptreason 4gitmo you say you hate illegals ,how dumb and stupid are you , you dont hate legal ones to, do you ?

    1. Oh yeah. that’s why Trump made a big deal about courting the suburban woman vote. I don’t know where he is, but in Michigan a lot of Suburbia are minorities. But Trump is still living in 1950, when the ‘burbs were 98% white.

    2. @Joyce Duncan Creepy Joe just said he’s served 120 years!!! Can’t walk,can’t talk. The only thing he does is make you look dumber everyday!!!

  1. Someone’s going to have to explain the logic behind withholding water from people for ANY reason (other than it being poisoned).

    1. @kk rolf amen we need to pay our teachers like we pay people that play pro sports, I would argue that teachers contribute more to society.

    2. “Some black folks still manage to vote even with the long lines. Well then, don’t let them sit down and don’t let them have any water etc. Maybe then we can keep all those black folks from voting.”

    3. @Ken Smith People can bring water and food to last them a week, if they want. At least, I don’t think they regulated that too. Point is, what are the reasons behind these laws. It just doesn’t make sense, so I’d like one of those doorknobs to explain it.

  2. Mitch McConnell is another Republican that thinks he won the election! He better worry about his corrupt wife!! Moscow Mitch!

    1. Wait!! ….Can’t forget feinsteins driver… Add that to the list. But hey everyone is getting a kickback in the party. China has them all by the balls.

    2. Ann Pringle, McConnell’s reaction is typically Republican, he’d rather burn the whole thing down and rule the ashes, than work for the American people.

    3. Peter w Pyle, I knew someone who worked for him, he described him as having the attention span of a five year old with ADD.

  3. I have such a soft spot for this guy — when he talks I know I will be hearing the truth of a situation. He knows how to break things down without all of the rhetoric we hear too much of. I trust this guy…… and listening to that iconic accent is fabulous to listen to into the bargain..

    1. Sheila Hart, did you even read the Mueller report? The Senate Intelligence Committee report or the recently released FBI report, all concluded that the Russians attempted to interfere with our elections on behalf of Trump. That people in Trump’s campaign were involved with Russian operatives, 232 meeting on record. Regarding the impeachments, the first Republicans admitted the House managers had proven their case, but refused to convict. The second, both House and Senate Republicans voted to impeach and convict. In both cases the majority of Republicans refused to honor their oaths. You’re A liar, and a stupid one at that neither impeachment had anything to do with Russian collusion.

    2. @John DiGiacomo Who is Sheila Hart and why is she such a dumbshit, did we not see Republicans betray their country on January 6th, so how could any reasonable person not see that the only reason he was not impeached, was cause Republicans didn’t uphold their oath, they knew he was guilty, they just didn’t care that he committed treason again

    3. Daria Alexander, they don’t care, they’re spoiled children. They want what they want regardless of how they get it. They do it with the masks, they’re doing it with the vaccines. It’s about racism and bigotry and white privilege. They refuse the vaccine, then they complain that immigrants might bring in the virus, then complain about immigrants getting the vaccine. This is about hate being fed and validated by Trump. These people wrap themselves in the flag, and spit on the Constitution. They haven’t an idea about the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. They don’t care about either.

  4. The correct response to Mitch McConnell’s threats is: “We do NOT negotiate with terrorists.”

    1. @Trumptreason 4gitmo Creepy Joe just said he came to the senate 120 years ago!!!!!! What a goof!!!! He’s making you look dumber everyday!!!!!!

    2. Trumptreason 4gitmo, the reason you should care is to break Mitch McConnell by either having Republicans break with the party, because of fear of losing the next election, or simply having them lose the next election.

    3. @Trumptreason 4gitmo Everything you say is true, unfortunately it doesn’t matter because America doesn’t belong to WE THE PEOPLE; it belongs to the criminal elites of the world. The criminal elites trade in countries, not Wall street stocks!

  5. Talk to Joe Manchin then, you want to ever hold power again? Make sure that HR 1 and John Lewis VRA gets passed, no and ifs or buts about it.

    1. I saw a video report earlier today with Manchin saying he agrees with restoring the filibuster requirement of commanding the floor and presenting their objections in a full fledged talk until you drop on the floor of the Senate. We can only hope he doesn’t flip on that position.🤞

    1. David Elby, why was the legislature concerned with election security when they proved through multiple recounts that there was no fraud? And if they were so concerned with fraud, why not base precincts on population rather than simply location. Not having to wait ten hours to vote also puts a greater burden on the poll workers as well. This is nothing more than an attempt to discourage to disenfranchise minority and urban voters. Being able to void votes and replace elections officials before certification is just the Republicans way of stealing elections that they can no longer win with gerrymandering and suppression tactics. Democracy no longer works for Republicans, and cheating and racism are even starting to fail, so ignoring the vote by the people is their only solution.

    2. @John DiGiacomo Too many dead ppl voting.Too many ppl voting twice. Too many Xerox copys. There is no way 80 million ppl would be stupid enough to vote for what’s going on. Creepy Joe is making you look dumber everyday!!!Hahahaha

    3. @John DiGiacomo Republicans don’t think blacks are stupid. Demonrats do. Just like Creepy Joe said, blacks from inner city don’t know how to get online. If you can do it,anyone can.

    4. David Elby, the only “dead people” caught voting were voting for Republicans, and Xerox copies GTFO all signatures are matched with voter rolls and registrations. Democrats don’t think urban blacks are stupid, because many Democrats are urban and black. They may not have a high regard for too many rural whites, and people like you validate that opinion. Trump barely got 50,000 people vaccinated in a month, Biden has more than doubled the target of 100 million to 200 million in 100 days and got the relief package passed in fifty, yeah he looks dumb getting things done. Why don’t you try injecting bleach, the wisdom of your ideal.

    5. @John DiGiacomo Pres.Trump spearheaded project warpspeed to get a vaccine. Without Pres. Trump ther would be no vaccine. Creepy Joe had a “plan” and the result has been 140,000 dead in Creepys first two months.The Demonrats can’t even manage the border. Creepy Joe and Kamaltoe invite kids into our country and then throw them in cages with no beds and foil blankets!!!!!!! Creepy should ba charged with 5000 cases of child abuse. Now Creepy wants enhanced background checks for guns but Hunter lied on his background check in 2018!!!! Creepy is a lousy pet owner a lousy parent and a lousy president!!!!!! He’s making YOU look dumber everyday!!!!! Hahahaha

  6. Thank you representative Clyburn for speaking truth to abuse of power!!! You Sir are a rockstar!!!!

    1. @David Eby Um 1 term president failure only made himself look dumb, have you been asleep the last 4 years the guy was a walking joke.

    2. @Drunken Gamer Now we have a “president” who is afraid to talk to Putin!!!!! Hahahaha The whole world saw Putin scare Creepy Joe. So Joe trys to fly to Atlanta to hide and can’t climb the stairs!!!!!!!! Maybe he should go to the border and sniff the 5000 kids he’s caged so far!!!!!!! Maybe it’s time for Kamaltoe to step in before Creepy Joe makes you look any dumber!!!!!!! LOL

    3. @David Eby When I read such blather it just confirms we made the right choice when we voted for Biden/Harris.

  7. Those poor and black voters forced to stand in lines for hours because GOP deliberately under resourced polling stations in their districts

    1. @G M if you were intelligent the fact that someone says they don’t see color would generally mean color doesn’t have a bearing on the relationship or interaction with another person. Poor you everyone is racist.

    2. @Twos Junk LOL… As I said only white people say that… You do see color so saying you don’t is assanine…
      Everyone is not Racist but Everyone is Prejudice…
      Have a good day…

  8. I’ve seen the Democrats bend over backward to allow Republicans to present their point of view while Senate Republicans stop every bill significant to the people. The system needs reform.

    1. @Dude Ghost What I said did not change. I just kept rewording it to help you understand. One quip, comment, or text message does not define a whole person. That is the reason I always try to respond respectfully and explain when someone seems angry and frustrated. Be kind to yourself and help someone else. We all make mistakes.

    2. American Artist, Dude Ghost isn’t entirely wrong. Corporate Democrats have dominated the party, along with the apologists. Sanders policies considered “radical” in 2016, are now supported by the majority of Americans. Al Franken forced to resign by apologist Democrats for a twenty year old staged photograph is considered a travesty today. I don’t like Cuomo, but his refusal to resign and allow the process to investigate is the proper response to the allegations. We were in crises, both in economic and health terms, but also for our democracy. We could not afford another term of Trump and the Republicans. We are seeing progressives making greater inroads in the party against the corporate Democrats. The Schmidt’s and Pelosi is will give way to AOC, Katie Porter, and Tim Ryan. People representing different parts of the country but with similar views. Warnock and Ossoff are probably the first of many changes in the Senate for the Southern states. I’m an independent, the largest plurality in the country, Democrats moved away from progressives years ago. They are finally returning to their progressive roots.

    3. @John DiGiacomo I have no problem with anything you have said. My issue with Ghost Dude is simply that blaming both sides and not getting involved negates any opportunity to bring about change. If a person is Republican, they need to be standing up for Republican values and working to make things better for the whole country. The same for Dems and Independents, etc. Our strength as a nation comes from our diversity not from personal or party power grabs. When power exists for power itself we lose the will of the people. When people choose not to get involved and try to make things better because “both sides…” Then we have an insurmountable problem because they are abdicating their responsibility and thereby abdicating their rights. So, my only message is if you don’t like it or agree with it, get involved and help make it better for everyone. Your comment is much appreciated.

    4. American Artist, I agree with you, but after the last election I quit! I’m looking to move to Italy, they’re looking for immigrants welcoming new people, the climate is moderate, there are four different cultures to explore, the art the music and the architecture and the food. I’m done with the hate, the racism and bigotry. I’m done with people trying to get over on each other fighting for scraps for the entertainment of the wealthy and powerful. I’m tired of seeing greed for breeds sake worshipped. The pace is slower and people work to live rather than live to work. I’m done with the hate, and stupidity.

  9. You had their agenda shoved down our throats when it came to SCOTUS appointments. The “Grim
    Reaper” doesn’t give a **** what’s good for us. You better move now or there won’t be a later.

  10. We knew this was coming. How many times has the Republican Party openly admitting they can’t without doing this crap? Lol. Pathetic.

  11. Mcconnell really wants to say a scorched earth senate is nothing that we could ever imagine?
    My dude, you have already been doing that.

    1. @patrick dunn in 2020 before the pandemic we had more job openings than people applying to jobs

    2. @Marianne Mcilwain said no rational or intelligent person ever. You just keep spewing your propaganda like you do. You brainwashed sheep are just pathetic. No one should be so willfully ignorant as you people are.

    3. @Heather Melissa how is it brainwashed to oppose obviously flawed policy that is threatening our country as a whole

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