'Criminally Charged'?: Riot Prosecutor Says Trump Could Be In Trouble | The Beat With Ari Melber 1

‘Criminally Charged’?: Riot Prosecutor Says Trump Could Be In Trouble | The Beat With Ari Melber


Top federal prosecutors might throw the book at the MAGA mob that attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6 and charge them with sedition. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber discusses this update in the investigation with MSNBC’s Neal Katyal, Juanita Tolliver and The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 03/22/2021.
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'Criminally Charged'?: Riot Prosecutor Says Trump Could Be In Trouble | The Beat With Ari Melber


    1. @Tiffany Thomas I hope you are stepping up to help the immigrants. You sound like you would. They need you down there.

    2. @Jocelyn Doucette ah, that old “common sense” myth. Do you even know what that means? And too, Americans lost.

    3. @Antichrist Revealed “The America, or American people did not vote Trump out. Any one with common sense can see that, and knows that. it was a delegate count, where some states have far more than others.”

      Your fantasy. Dream on.

  1. How could he not be in trouble? Count the number of times that he announced that something big would happen on January 6th.

    1. Who led the convoy of 5 bus loads of Antifa personal into DC. Who organised it.Who told Antifa to infiltrate Trump supporters and excite the mob. It certainly wasn’t Trump. Look to Pelosi, and what was Porge Poros’s son doing mingling with a known member of Antifa. What ever you dream you can charge Trump with, you low life democrats have already perpetrated.

    2. @PJ Celeste uhm the defense dept did NOT respond and send help. Pelosi isn’t a seditionist, or a deflection of what Trumpf did. Treason, period. Read a book

    3. Yes I know him and all of them Republican Senators Cruz Rubio they were in it to with the big lie Josh Hawley to all of them Senators Republicans if that would have been President Obama he would have been unlocked up in any kind of democrat Senator went along with that or enabled him and help him with the big lie they look be in jail already with 30 years or more Lady Justice is not looking too highly on that

    4. I know because of quarantine and me having pre-existing conditions like major underlying conditions I set there and I watched the whole thing on seeing in I knew that this is going to happen cuz he kept saying January 6th its January 6th that was his last chance to try to overthrow the election and they failed

    5. Psychobleach46 tullis, the permit for the rally strictly forbid marching on the Capitol building. Trump encouraged violating the limitations of the permit, going so far as claim he would march with them. That should be a major consideration.

  2. I’ll believe it when I see it.. So far it’s just been a lot of poop blah about stuff and then the slimeball oozes out of it.

    1. @ran away That’s “former” acting Federal Attorney Michael Sherwin. A Barr-appointed partisan clown.
      Funny though, that now he isn’t beholden to the Trump administration he has changed his tune a bit. If you missed his recent 60 Minutes interview, let me bring you up to speed:
      “It’s unequivocal that Trump was the magnet that brought the people to DC on the 6th,” Sherwin said in response to a question about whether Trump is part of the investigation. “We have soccer moms from Ohio that were arrested saying, ‘Well, I did this because my president said I had to take back our house.’ That moves the needle towards that direction. Maybe the President is culpable for those actions.”

      Not sure why you want to know how much money I make. I wouldn’t say I’m wealthy, but might say I’m comfortable.

      Trump WILL be charged with crimes, you can bet your last dollar. Cy Vance, Letitia James, and now Fani Willis will be lining up to serve Donnie J. The attempted insurrection is still being investigated. Sherwin said in that same interview that Trump’s involvement is not beyond investigation. Time will tell, and I trust Merrick Garland to do the right thing.

    2. @Mike Rew Your ref to Trumps low-IQ as you called it .Yet he’s worth millions all made with his low -IQ . You got to exceed his wealth as you ‘re so much smarter.
      7 republican senators said he’s guilty , so go ahead and step outside pound your chest while howling at the moon . Try to do it all softly as your neighbors may
      call you out for initiating an insurrection . Quote **my president said I had to take back our house ** and you believe that BS.. People facing criminal charges will
      always pass blame . Prisons are full of innocent soccer moms that have never told a lie .. RIGHT !!!! .
      You haven’t shared a thing that the courts could even consider as hard evidence to convict . Your democraps with their altered evidence and false accusations
      tried to get away with perjury, which proved to 73 million voters how fraudulent the democrat party really are.
      You got about 2 years to get pass your whining . After the 2022 elections the Republicans will reclaim Congress ,which will end Pelosi reign of BS…

    3. @ran away Re-read what I said sparky. “Trump’s low-IQ base”. His followers, like you.
      The quote about “taking back our house” came from Sherwin, the same guy you quoted. It’s irrelevant what I believe or not.
      I don’t have the evidence of crimes that DJT is likely to be charged with, that is in the possession of (like I said) Cy Vance (DA, SDNY), Letitia James (DA, NY State). I do know that part of the evidence that Fani Willis (DA, Fulton County GA) is the recorded call where Trump tried to compromise GA Sec of State Raffensperger.

      “My” democraps? I’m a 40-year registered Republican. The GOP has turned into a circus, so I voted Democrat for the first time since 1980, but…sure.

      Whatever the last portion of your comment is about, really makes no sense. Which “altered evidence” ? Who “tried to get away with perjury”? If they didn’t get away with it, then they were caught, right? Who are you even talking about?
      What “proved to 73 million voters that something was fraudulent? What is it you think was fraudulent? Good lord son, you’re unravelling…

      Please, also point out where you think I was whining, I must have missed it.

    4. @Mike Rew Didn’t ask who you voted for thats your business . From your ignorant remarks any body that craps between two heels could figure that out .

    1. Prison is more what his crimes are suited for.. for a min of 20 yrs…remember he changed that law himself.

    2. If he does go to jail. He’ll have to remove that yellow cap he wears on his head because he won’t be able to keep it maintain in jail.

  3. After 2 Months and 16 days, the term is still “Could be in Trouble”. Shame! Double Shame!

    1. @Randy Couch That would be wrong… U need to go after people who said evil nasty things. Like “be peaceful”… Ya just cant fix stupid… The hypocrisy and narrative these people spew is just laughable…

  4. Hopefully everyone involved up to Trump is punished as fully as possible for that idiotic anti-American violence and the poor response as well.. need accountability and honest assessments..

    1. Addendum; Excuse my interruption in response to Hill Billy, you suffer from cognitive impairment along with your cohorts to follow a

    1. @david broussard that’s an ignorant statement. Trump was buddies with china. The trumps got 35 Chinese patents in the 4 yrs in office. All their products are made their. Ivanka had to shut her clothing line down because she lied about made in America, while the tags said made in china. Get your fact straight before you open your mouth and make yourself look stupid.

    2. Janice Farmer, you left out the multimillion dollar loans coming due with China next year, the secret Chinese bank accounts and the half billion dollar loan for the golf resort in Thailand in exchange for lifting sanctions against ZTE, for selling American technology to Iran and North Korea.

  5. He should be arrested for this insurrection and all his criminal activity. Evey single person involved needs 20 yrs plus in prison.

    1. @aereiq and the lunatics were wearing caca maga hats. No respectable dem would be caught wearing that garbage on their head

    2. @Twins 2 WAKE UP!
      The INSURRECTIONIST who on January 6th tried to overthrow our government were all you right wing Trump cultists.

  6. Sorry, not to minimize the conversation but this Queen is giving everything that is suppose to be given with this look, will the people all say Amen?!

    1. Yes, the woman is tres elegant…everything is where it should be. Her lips look all puckered up to give that Marilyn Monroe type kiss! And if I tried that look, I’d look ridiculous…sigh, you go girl!

    2. huh, that was your takeaway? Mine was: its pretty messed up to have her on there and not let her get a word in. smells like sexism.

  7. He called his cult to DC because he didn’t want to give up power. He was the reason it happen. He should be in prison already.

    1. It was preplanned by the deep state and mainstream media! They are the cult! And people like you empower them.

    2. @Michael Spicer so they called those people to DC? They were only trump lover’s there. They are the loud and rude people who think they are better than somebody and don’t believe the virus is real. They can’t grasp the big picture and the ones who went to DC believing trump’s lie are idiot’s and deserve what they get. Thinking they would over throw our democracy and make their racist, orange god America’s dictator. How stupid.

  8. He called them all there, he sent them down the street to “show strength and take back your country”.

    1. @John Matthews right. And then left. But non of his followers have ever mentioned how he outright lied to them. They’re too blinded.

    2. @Noir Path “Their country is EUROPE..”

      Europe is a continent made up of many countries.
      Geography and geo-politics is obviously not your strong point.

    3. Could be Trump is a Coup insider treason what part of the government dont they understand treason is treason If Benedict Arnold was here today he would be living at Maro Logo

    4. Trump said he would meet them there. It’s all on Video. The GOP Republican Senators like Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan were there inciting the insurrection with him. So they all need to be investigated & prosecuted.

    5. @TheBrownIsland Cruz a Cuban commie Hawley Nazi commi Jorden nuts wanna be commi and Trump in lala land cocoo

  9. The fired, failed ex-president should absolutely be charged with inciting sedition and with direct treason.

    1. the word “inciting” has a specific legal meaning, and it cuts the potential prison time in half. i think there is sufficient evidence to directly charge trump with sedition. treason is all but impossible under american law and supreme court precedent.

    1. @Roberta Whitfield “Incited“


      “Made it happen“




      “Provoked the peoples to make it happen“

      No he did not.

      Anything else?

    2. @The Heretic these media cultists don’t know the meaning of the words they just regurgitate. “Incite”. “insurrection”. They just mindlessly repeat like f’n drones

    1. @The Heretic It validates EVERYTHING. And so does his inaction when told that the scene st the Capitol needed immediate military presence. He wanted the insurrectionists to have time to fully take over the senate and prevent any vote. Once they siezed and occupied, he would declare there would be no transition of power.

    2. @Bruce Christianson yes… trump has.

      Truth and reality aren’t conditional upon belief.. and the lack of your belief doesn’t change the truth.

  10. Nelnet says there are a lot of large words we all want to hear. There’s only ONE word I want to hear: CONVICTED

    1. Such an easy word with all the evidence for the world to see . CONVICTED —
      GUILTY— send him to Cuba we have PERFECT accommodation down there
      for the brilliant minded Fat Ex he who knows all .

    1. Anne is 100% exactly right! Every time trump does something news worthy alot of people aren’t listening to the could bes or the maybes! It’s like when trump cries stolen election and they do an investigation and find nothing to make a difference in the votes but some questionable things that trump himself tried to do and they are proven facts not just some lost trump supporters and Qanon offering their own opinions or what they think or feel! Trump has gotten away with so much stuff, I don’t even get worked up but laughed because I’m just disgusted with the broken governmental system! You or me- We would be behind bars and not the new news sensation! Trump just will not go away LMAOOOO!!!

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