Maloney On The GOP: You’re Seeing The Death Of A Party That Has Chosen A Path That Is About Nothing 1

Maloney On The GOP: You’re Seeing The Death Of A Party That Has Chosen A Path That Is About Nothing


Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) reacts to Biden’s joint address to Congress and criticizes the current GOP, a party he feels is on a “course toward destruction”
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    1. @Frenchblue8 You seem a nice person but im afraid Joe is a crook whose crimes are being hidden by the media .

    2. @Frenchblue8 Why is it always a troll when someone disagrees with left leaning comments, it’s tiresome people….

    3. @i dont have time 2 reply As opposed to RussiaTrump? Lmao. Just came out that trumps election team was coordinating with a russian intelligence officer I’m not seeing stuff like this happening with joe & China. Remember when trump told the world he trusted Putin’s words more then America’s own intelligence agencies words?! Now THAT looked weak.

      “Mr president we have proof putin ordered hits on americans..”
      Trump- “Hold on let me ask putin. Putin did you do it?
      Putin- “No”
      Trump- “Welp that settles that! He told me he didnt do it so obviously he didnt do it. He wouldnt lie to me”

      Like WTFF?! Putin OF ALL PEOPLE wouldnt lie? You gotta be kidding me! Its fine if you dont like “china joe” but if you are a trump supporter then you are a massive hypocrite. You need to take a long look in the mirror. I dont recall biden telling the world he trusts president Xi over his own intelligence agencies. Trump may as well have been putins puppet. This is why during the 2020 election state run russian TV showed segments where they said the election was stolen from trump. I’m curious, why would russia want trump to win SO BADLY theyd lie for him? Seems kinda sus

      If you dont believe me heres a quote from the article.
      “The U.S. intelligence community has developed new information about Konstantin Kilimnik, whom they call a Russian spy, that leads them to believe the associate of ex-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort passed internal Trump campaign polling and strategy information to Russian intelligence services, two U.S. officials say.
      On Thursday the U.S. Treasury sanctioned Kilimnik and for the first time said he passed along the data to Russian intelligence services.”

    4. @Frenchblue8 Tears, really…. ok, Trumps gone for now, guess it wont be long now before the progressives start asking for some favours.

    1. @PJ Celeste Please tell me what was normal about Trump? A Russian asset in the White House…🧐

    2. @John Sheffieldyour religion’s propaganda is fantasy. I don’t worship a magic skydaddy or his dead jew on a stick. (No offense to the Jewish people, who don’t believe in the magic immaculate son either.)

    3. I truly thought Trump must of been high on Adderall to constantly hammer America with his drama and it was like he was confident we loved but he was wrong only his white supremacists and people who don’t want to pay taxes.

    4. Somebody tell Trump we have a good president like nobodies seen before, in 4 years!!!! He’s doing a great job like we’ve never seen before in 4 yrs!!!

  1. Mr. Biden, you are the President I have been waiting for decades to appear after Reagan’s nonsense. Thank you!

    1. @Gregorio Martinez You are right, Reagan was a god like figure. Wish he was our President now, god knows we need a strong President for these times. But as I said, he was a long time ago, the US and the Republican Party have changed also.

    2. @Cherry Orchard Yup. The clown who came out and said that “government is the problem” and then went on to triple the national debt (never done before or since) WHILE cutting funding to government programs. The fact is that humans created governments in order to solve problems.

    3. @Jinx Krug black women have abortions at a higher rate than white women. Also black women have been programmed into thinking in order to be successful they must not have children or a lot of children. Remember Reagan insinuating that black women were “welfare queens” and how about the white feminist propaganda that changes the way abortion is viewed to make it more “empowering” or the thing to do if you are a strong independent woman. Too bad that black women (white women talk this talk but rarely walk this walk) rarely do they do bought and buy into their own BS rhetoric. The stats on black women abortions are staggering and heart breaking. Although abortion is sometimes necessary it would be better to use birth control, or adoption.

    1. @Victor De La Fuente
      More than that, he shares my views and feels the same about the petulant children the Repugnantcans
      have become. they should be removed from the duties that they are failing in.

    2. He sure spoke the truth about the broken republican party. Most just want the money, with no real work involved.

    1. @The Magic Man That’s such a tired OLD fall back criticism. Democrats don’t support abortions. They don’t encourage them, nor do they perform them. They support upholding Roe v. Wade. The 1973 law ruled on by the supreme court that gives the woman the right to choose. You are foolish if you think changing the law would stop abortions. Know what would reduce the number, though? Free and accessible birth control for all women–but Republicans are against that. When holding the White House & the majority in Congress–have Republicans overturned the law? NO. They are “pro life” during campaign speeches to get people like you to vote for them and that’s about it.

    2. @Gary Campbell The road to Atheism is paved with the so called ” holy books ” that actually have been read. I’m a recovering catholic buttercup, you are just part of the largest death cult in the planet, whatever derivative of the Abrahamic pestilence you belong to. You had the chance like many others to educate yourself, otherwise you are just another christofascist

  2. I quit being a GOP over a year ago. I was so embarrassed to be a GOP I couldn’t live with myself.

  3. Death of the GOP party? True that ! You can hear them clawing at the door to avoid it. 😳 🇺🇲🐀💰🐘

    1. Decency gas won the . battle, but the 2020 census will finagle the house in favor of the right wingnut Party.

    1. @MIke Trusky Judging from the stupid comments he’s left, I think lil’ Alfred is lonely and needs attention.

    2. @MIke Trusky biden promised you $2,000 on his first day. Was he lying? Not really, you love being screw by an old white racist. Don’t pull your pants up just yet. He’s not done with you.

  4. Most GOP really needs to lose their seats. They no longer work for their constituents.. They work for the 1%.

    1. Your going to be really sad in 2022. Cnn had more dislikes than likes when jobamaden was done reading off his teleprompter last night. Not to many propaganda fans left anymore. How’s richard maddow doing. I hear he’s getting that bulge removed for his neck soon.

    2. @Alfred Stetter wait, we’re in 2022 now. How’s all the winning working out for you trump sucker?

    3. @Alfred Stetter … only because they let far right loony fringe trolls on Facebook. Go back to Russia and make the world into a gulag, Ivan.

    4. @Alfred Stetter all that means is the Russian bots were out in full force. Your guy lost. Republicans are flushing themselves down the toilet…

    1. @Marchant2 exactly. If you voted for biden, you don’t get what the illegals are getting. Which is all your free stuff. And the $600 biden screwed you out of. But at least you get to pay for it. He’s your eggplant.

    2. @Alfred Stetter That would be a step up from the dumpster fire that is Trump and every single one of his less than human, nazi thug supporters.

    3. @Alfred Stetter man the historians will remind you what a witless gadfly you are we don’t have to. Like they said you Republicans are running out of ideas and resort to Soviet rhetoric and propaganda.

  5. Glad to hear from Rep. Mahoney again. If I ever saw you on a ballot, you’d have my vote. I have to agree with your final points. Focusing on governing and delivering is the best thing to.

  6. The speech was SO PERFECT and ‘normal’ that the GOP’s minds have imploded, to where they had to doctor the video to PRETEND Harris and Pelosi were sleeping! That is priceless coming from Sleepy Cruz caught on camera!!!

    1. @Heather Shaw I refuse to believe his daughter even cares for him

      I hope they become liberal just to spite him

  7. Watch out people, trolls are out full force. Thank you Mr. President, my stress level is way down because of you, and thank you Rep. Maloney for being honest and just coming out and calling it like it is.

  8. I am very much ENJOYING watching the GQP DEVOUR THEMSELVES , keeps a smile on my face as I think about them !!!

  9. I have been saying for years that, “The Republicans will inevitably go the way of The Whigs!”

  10. “Thieves think all men steal.” With this single phrase, Maloney perfectly captures the essence of what drives current-day Republican leaders to cast such bizarre aspersions and accusations against those actually trying to heal the country.

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