1. Women are refusing to become victims. I am delighted to see more and more women at the range getting training as well as their CCW license. Women are carrying knives, chemical returns, and we are learning to take care of ourselves against these attackers.

  2. Respect For The Women That Being A Victim. I Saw It. And for me it is sad to watch. To My Male People We Must Act Better Forward. Stop The Wrong Conduct. CNN.

    1. @rod no, it’s about taking responsibility for assessing the situation we’re in, and if we’re not like a sitting duck for a predator, then depart. Same for men or women. Always watch your back, and don’t take unnecessary risks. This is earth and there’s a lot of crazy people walking around. It’s about being aware. She was very lucky, and strong as well.

    2. ​​​@rod YES.. Women need a plan and defense. Because MALES are predators. Men are the main drivers of many constructive things in society, but men (MALES) are all potential killers and rapists… ITS IN OUR DNA. We are animals and we still have animal instincts and impulses. Most of us THANKFULLY are able to control and override those impulses but no one can deny that MEN (MALES) are more physically impulsive in the areas of aggression and sexuality. Women NEED to understand that and most do.

      The person MOST LIKELY to kill a woman is the MAN (MALE) that is sleeping next to them. Men rape at a rate 20X that of women. Men MURDER at a rate nearly the same..20X more than females. Men are the drivers of violence in every human society all over the world.. These are all FACTS and it’s because of biology.

      Women need to accept this and MEN need to OWN this.

      Men are here biologically speaking to provide..

      They need to steer those masculine instincts toward providing PROTECTION OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

      If you dont steer those instincts correctly you will be a failure “in the eyes” of your self image.

      So…YES, men should be what they are intended to be via human evolution – Guardians.

    3. NO!! If you look for safety then they win. You must continue with your reckless behavior to show the world that you are STRONG!

    1. @George Orwell Funny these misogynistic guys who always have to decorate themselves with OTHER men’s accomplishments because you don’t have any of your own.
      ALL misogynistic guys I know are so because they have NOTHING to be proud of themselves except their gender.
      Since being born with a penis is your greatest ‘accomplishment’ you don’t really qualify for an opinion, buddy.

    2. @Risky Opinions Ah so that’s why she’s prepared to defend herself and deal with criminals. Proactive and responsible. Well done lady

    1. That was pretty helpless..
      He didn’t even fight back luckily..
      Usually they’ll batter your face if you resist
      Don’t think like that..

  3. You go girl! Never let them carry you away! Fight back hard! The moment they are able to carry you off, your life is in danger. I can see attempted kidnapping as a charge, but not kidnapping, he wasn’t successful

    1. It’s always easy to say… I was attack by a thief at the entrance where I live more then 30 years ago and I was literally “paralysed’. I couldn’t react. I couldn’t even yell for help. We never know our reactions. He grab my purse and went away. I was very lucky that evening. During these few seconds, inside myself I told God that I didn’t want to die, I was to young.

  4. she was a bit silly to just unlock the door before checking him or ask to show his gym ID ?? glad she was able to fight him off !!!

    1. That’s the etiquette for these 24-hour gyms, like Planet Fitness. There’s literally NO ONE there late at night, no staff, so you let other gym members in. I would nevah as a woman, but she’s a bodybuilder, so…

    2. @Gladys Honey thanks Gladys…..wow… so how does one gym member get inside if no one is there ? with a pass ?

    3. @Gladys Honey Dying for etiquette is an especially dumb way to go. No code? Stay out in the rain! I don’t answer my door at 2am just so I can see what might happen.

    4. @Gladys Honey etiquette? No gym owner will ever agree on what you said! Its for safety and at the same time for business(money)! They even have “ no tailgating/piggybacking when entering the business” signs! 😜

  5. Ladies, if this ever happens to you, claw at their face. It’s simple and effective, and most of you have nails. Instinctively most people will recoil from their eyes being scratched, it’s at least distracting and somewhat disorienting, giving you more opportunity to escape. At the very least it leaves identifying marks should they get away from the scene. You have to commit though. Actually try to claw their eyes out. You won’t, but if you don’t really try you won’t be effective.
    I’m a use of force trainer, you can look me up.

    1. My parents taught me that as a kid. I have no compunction to dig my thumbs in up to the knuckles. If someone Fs around, they’re gonna find out 👊

    1. @jon leonard this innocent human being was just physically attacked and the first thing you think of is how to insult her?? I’m so fucking glad I’m a lesbian

    2. @Jon L If someone lays their hands on you with the intent, apparently, of forcibly raping you, that is violent by definition. Was it extreme? no, could it have been worse? yes.

    3. Thank God? What did God do? I didn’t see God there, did you? I saw a young woman fighting a man who was attacking her!!

  6. He’s probably already back on street, charges will be dropped by Monday. 😂
    She got lucky, mans was tweakin on sum. He made this decision on the fly. If he had all his mindfulness & regular strength, this would’ve ended different.

  7. This man should be punished severely.
    Let’s stop teaching women defence (forcing to teach, I mean) and start teaching men not to offend.

    1. Who’s teaching men to do this 😂😂😂 that’s like saying let’s stop teaching people to be serial killers then we won’t have a problem

  8. I’m proud of her but I agree with the person that said never exercise alone. Being a warrior is being strategic. We’ve always gotta watch our backs whether man or woman. That girl was feisty, strong, and lucky. I’ve arm wrestled with guys and tried to push them in jest to see what my strength was. It was laughable, me next to a man with muscles. No contest. i’m not trained in martial arts.

  9. Thank you for fighting back, My Sister! Stay strong! Stay safe! May your soul be at peace after enduring this terrible experience.

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