German Chancellor: Prepare for a long war in Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz talks to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour at the Munich Security Conference about supporting Kyiv in its war against Russia. #CNN #News


  1. ” When will the tanks get there”, is a valid question but not to be responded to… they will get there, they might already be there, but why tell the whole world when the equipment that will be used to defend against the Occupier arrive in Ukraine!
    Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦

    1. The German units gonna be there late next month. The question is when the other ones are gonna get there if there is gonna be other units that is.

    2. If the M1 tanks were already there they would be parading them around on TV specifically for this audience

    3. Yeah these tanks will *DEFINTELY* make a difference unlike the 113 billion in US tax dollars and weapons we have sent these corrupt losers in less than one year (more than the entire Marshall Plan when adjusted for inflation).

  2. Am much more impressed with Hr. Scholz now I have heard him in English…………he is more focussed than I thought

    1. @Всеволод Сидоренко no they are not lol. Lol Rússia only wants the right SIDE of ukraine. Rússia would never try to conquer all ukraine. No point in ocupying a country if you dont have suport of the people. The part without russians, Rússia is not even gonna try to go there. Much less going on to poland lol. No way this is NR 1 bullshit. Never Rússia gonna invade poland lol.

    1. @KGR it’s not a joke. So many leaders lack respect for their common man. He seems extremely humble, like a real person. Not to mention he’s extremely intelligent, and it’s obvious. Regardless if you agree with his politics, his character is impressive.

    2. @Pierce K yeah, it was really impressive how Scholz accepted bribes from a bank so the bank doesn t have to give back the millions it stole from the taxpayers. It is also very impressive how bad his memory is about the people he met from that bank.

  3. A very good and informative interview. This was something I have been looking for.
    Thank you to CNN and Christiane Amanpour and of course Olaf Scholz!

    1. Are you sure? She didn’t ask him a question about the North Stream and what he was doing about it after all half of it belong to Germany, this guy is naive and weak and has been played by the Americans.
      He should have looked after his people and the EU’s interest
      A stronger leader could have talked to Putin without the US getting Russia loser to the EU not apart by offering Putin a free trade deal or even a single market that will stop the war as that will be a security for Russia because Nato become irrelevant and then work on Zelensky and offer him the same thing in open border no need to fight for anything, of course, the US will be isolated who cares they look after their own interest

    2. Germany was for years collaborating with Putler against the rest of the EU. Never trust the Germans and the RuZZians

    1. @Mike Frommie you are for sure not the brightest guy and thanks for telling me I am dumb but do me one favour:do some research ,turn on your brain and stop talking BS

    2. @mr derp Excellent news then ! Finally somebody who knows exactly who is to blame for the “incident” and surely has the proof.Hurry up and file a report to the European High court.Russian troll alert….greeting to Putin.It’s time to de-putinize Russia don’t you think so?

    1. @Billy Goat That’s exactly what he always has! But the alternative facts in the internet propaganda and the press that repeated these lies were louder.

    1. Amazing how CNN brainwashed the majority of people both on the “right side” and the “left side” to be chearleaders for war and killing

    1. @Tim Mommens “For the record…. happy to just pay some taxmoney.”
      ordinary people has no choice but to pay tax money (^_^)
      Politicians who are not financially affected by the rising cost of living decides to support Ukraine using tax payers money to keep the conflict going (^_^)

    2. @Tim Mommens “You answer “to keep the conflict going” says it all”
      ongoing international conflict = $$$$$$ for US arms dealer (^_^)

  4. I hope its not a long war. I hope it ends by late Summer. But yes its good to give Putin the message that the West will stay and help as long as it takes.

    1. It’ll be longer if Putin wins. He can’t hold ground now. Ukrainians won’t be governed by him. They’ll continue to fight for independence and sovereignty.

  5. Stand with the peaceful and democratic country of Ukraine against the brutal and genocidal dictatorship of Putin Russia.

    1. They’ve learned from history about the last time a European Country was invaded militarily by a Dictator was ignored and the consequences of that.

    2. @resireg the SPD is not socialist and was already not socialist anymore in the 1930s. It is the social democrat, not socialist. The SPD has betrayed socialism about two decades earlier.

    3. @Gulliver the Gullible i know that the left wing of SDP like Liebknetch, Rosa Luxemburg created what Ernst Thalmann would continue: the KPD, who eventually ruled East Germany for more than 50 years. But the SPD was quite pro Soviet, for example signing the Rapallo treaty with them, helping Stalin a lot

    1. How it is posible that no German media repoted a story by Seymour Hersh the Pulitzer prize winner, the man with more journalistic awards than any other living journalist, writing about Germany, writing about German pipeline destroyed by the USA and Norway. Joe Biden ordered blowing up of a piece of vital energy infrastructure owned by his NATO ally Germany. This attack on German infrastructure will be with huge implications forever. Not a single news platforms in Germany reported a single word. Is this EU freedom of speech? Does Germany have any dignity?
      Cui bono?

    2. @Brown Green I agreed that would be good but how do you achieve getting Russia to do it?
      Everyone is talking about increasing conflict and world war 3. And world war 3
      Is going to be a real Hitler Fest for all the billions of people on the nice planet called Earth

    3. @John Perrry No real clue. But every day that the West supplies guns and ammo and the Ukraines are willing to fight, Putin’s nose gets a little bit bloodier and he looks more foolish to his own people. Possibly he’ll get the message and be satisfied with Crimea and Donbas and stop fighting. Ironically, he could have had that without engaging NATO, plus he could have enticed Germany into his orbit by energy sales. But the idiot got stupid and greedy. And yes, it feels like we’re inching towards World War 3. God help us all.

    1. Nobody gives a f*** about Ukraine NATO cares about destroying Russia. And if ukraine is destroyed in the process, so be it I’m by the way every last bullet will have to be paid for.

    2. @FUSTER CLUCK 🐔 The Ukrainians are not NAZIs. That is a typical Russian lie. The NAZIs believed that the Germans were the master race, and that the Slavs, including the Russians and the Ukrainians, were subhuman. You never read Mein Kampf, nor do you know the history of WW2. Do Ukrainians hate Russians? Yes, of course, and with good reason. Explain to me what the Holomodor was, after you take your head out of your @ss.

  6. everybody gangster with promising tanks as long as Germany said no. Then Germany is like: Ok, figured out the tank types, the supply chain, the munitions, the training – let‘s GO. Now the others are like „uhm, we really hadn’t put much thought in how to actually do this“

    1. @masakiton guba ruZZians need more corrupt oligarchs to steal the money from the ruZZian economy. And putler needs more ruZZian taxpayer money to finance his imperialistic war. Also, putler needs more bodies in the meat grinder. 130k dead are not enough

    2. @Efstathios Dimopoulos ” ruZZians need more corrupt oligarchs to steal the money from the ruZZian economy.”
      Corrupt Ukrainians are happy with US EU and UK tax payers money (^_^)

    3. @masakiton gubaAnd we will send them more. The best use of my taxes it could be. Cant put a Price on peace. Russia could stop this today but they keep wanting to kill people.

    4. @Søren Nielsen ” The best use of my taxes ”
      US arms dealer and Politicians in Ukraine are more than happy to take them (^_^)

    5. @masakiton guba So you´re a Russian troll. And what do you think about the huge amount of corruption in your country?

  7. Intelligent, sensible, softly spoken while delivering a steely message to Putin that times have changed. Very impressive

    1. @George Orwell Since the tanks and IFVs we deliver have far superior night vision capabilities compared to the Russian vehicles, Putler _should_ be afraid of a Ukrainian offensive.

      You know, the attacker sets the time and the place for a fight…

  8. Olaf did a good job of fielding Christiane’s questions. I’ve been skeptical of Germany’s contributions to the war in the Ukraine, but I do believe that their government’s heart is in the right place at this time.

  9. What he said about sustained efforts and a different way of dealing with weapons manufacturer has a very deep meaning to it. It means the manufacturer will no longer produce in batches like 100 tanks or something, they will rather change production to a way to produce tanks or ammunition at a rate at which it is consumed. It means continuous production at a high rate over a long period is now the new goal. The German government will no longer place orders like this: Give me 10,000 artillery shells, and the manufacturer says: You can have 1000 from storage, 5000 till the end of the year and 10,000 at the end of next year. The new order will be like this: give us 2000 shells every month for the next five years, but if you can produce 3000 we will take it. This gives the manufacturer the signal to build new streamlined production lines for highly automated mass production round the clock, hire more workers, give larger orders of materials etc. A totally different ball game. Up to now, NATO countries deliver the old stock, some of it dates back to the cold war. The plan up to now was to replenish it with new production over the next years. But delivery time gets longer and longer and new orders will take at least three years and this poses the risk, that the stockpiles will get almost completely depleted over the year.

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