Man carrying air rifle near Toronto elementary school shot dead

The Special Investigations Unit confirms to CTV News Toronto that a BB gun was recovered after a police-involved shooting.

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    1. @Diane Denham More like “witness”; as I stated, I’ll wait to see what the investigation has to say….

    2. @Joseph J The police used lethal force on an individual carrying an air rifle; depending on how the investigation goes, the police may have asked for what they get (no sympathy for them)….

  1. Stay the hell away from a school with anything that even resembles a gun…
    Although this sounds like a suicide by cop situation.

    1. @Nosnibor Mailliw “Prove that I wished death upon him”- I didn’t say that you did….

    1. I just don’t see how removing a potential threat from near a school full of children can be seen as over-reacting.

    2. @Lawrence Iverson To begin with, carrying a rifle near a school doesn’t justify the use of lethal force….

  2. 💯Teach Cops De Escalation Skills, How To Properly Identify A “Real” Threat & Mandatory Psychiatric Evaluations Bi Weekly✌️

  3. So canadian cops respond faster than usa cops ? Maybe cause usa has more donut shops available

  4. until the investigation in this case is complete.. and until we get more information on what happened here.. we don’t know whether this was a person pointing the firearm and refusing orders to comply.. or the opposite.. or something in between.. waiting to see the final report..or any other videos that might come out.

  5. Great job Toronto police , I appreciate your action sorry for the mother to the person that did that,but children deserve to be in the school learning without any fears,

    1. It’s not easy to identify the difference between a bb gun or air rifle when there are many that look just like the firearm they attempted to copy. I carried a 9mm sigsauer policing and there are pellet guns that look just like them.

  6. Under Trudeaus firearms bill. In the antique or replica clause
    Anything intentionally designed to look like a firearm that fires a projectile is prohibited. Bye bye paintball and airsoft

    1. There are many pellet or bb guns that look almost identical to the real weapon they are trying to look like. These are not antique or replicas.

  7. A BB gun is all it takes for lethal force from police? Would it be different if it was a child behind the BB gun?

    1. He pointed it at the cops. That’s enough for them to take action, and they did.
      Case closed. Stupidity 0, cops 1.

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