1. An hour! You’d listen to children dieing for an hour and do nothing? Absolutely nothing? Wow!!

  1. The WRONG DECISION was not letting the parents in to save their children since the “police” we’re waiting for special equipment and back up.

  2. Young men need a place in America…..society used to make men feel valuable….not anymore

  3. Exactly ..I cannot believe what I am hearing about this incident 😳.
    Regarding the children and active shooter 🤔.
    They definitely could have been saved .
    One hour waiting for backup.
    Are you kidding me.
    I’m so angry at this point 👉

  4. That sheriff is dressed like a third-world Generalissimo. The two Rangers behind him are probably dressed for a civilian police force.

  5. …and so after the tragic incident, it is “all pointing fingers and yakkity ! yak ! yak! yak!!!

  6. Since they dropped the age to purchase weapons and value them so much maybe they should initiate the draft so using them is learned in a proper manner.

  7. 1 hour ,police told to Stand off! Now 16-18 min missing from police scanner archive! Such a disgrace!!

  8. ….when there is an active shooter present…..why do you want to arm teachers if your officer can’t handle an active shooter? Seems a bit off to me.

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