Man throws cake at Mona Lisa painting at Louvre Museum in Paris | USA TODAY

Man throws cake at Mona Lisa painting at Louvre Museum in Paris | USA TODAY 1


  1. We’ll protest is not too bad when the target is behind glass! I hope the French system gets him help so he can eat cake!

  2. bu he threw a cake which was made of milk and flour and stuff. If he thinked about it he was wasting food and destroying earth lol hope he get charge to set an example for ithers

  3. They can’t even touch the painting. It’s hidden inside a bullet-proof, water-resistant protective box.

  4. Exactly what I’d expect from today’s society…You never fail to fulfill my expectations of you…GOOD WORK!..SMH..

  5. Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want,not because you don”t deserve it but because you deserve much more. I’m telling you keep grinding!🤞🏽❤️‍🔥

  6. The Naked Mona Lisa

    The Mona Lisa is just another art piece that is no longer fashionable for the casual observer. There she is now, lying naked and helpless upon a hospital bed, with her bedroom door wide open
    for every passerby to see. But no one would go to her side. Times have changed her renowned face into an unrecognizable visage. No longer the dazzling damsel in her youth. The glamorous model that captured the world with her
    shape and beauty has become frail in her age. Her tone is pale, the color of her cheeks no longer rosy, and unable to dip her lips in a gloss of scarlet red. No one by her side captures her winter years. Abandoned and naked,
    she lay on bed 101, helpless and far away from any five-star services. The flashing cameras and sneaking reporters have dimmed down. Her glory years have dropped like the sheets that covered her body. Her value dropped like
    a printed copy. Her empty room is now void of perfumed flowers and beloved friends. The men once fascinated by her figure and portrait were now too tired and dying to come to her door. For a moment, she captures the eyes of
    an English patient passing by. Her constant cry for help compelled him to investigate whose voice goes unheard. But too afraid to approach her as a stranger, he returned to his bed hoping the medical staff would take care
    of her. But sadly, he watched how they all would pass her room with a deaf ear and a blind eye. Finally, an assistant arrived to give food to the patients. But she too skipped bed 101 to serve the English patient with a usual
    French breakfast.
    Her bedroom door was open by day but shut at night. Locked away and forgotten in the dark. Why is no one seeing her? And why is no one moved with compassion to clothe her in dignity and love?
    Perhaps a cold reminder of how apathy will suffocate love towards one’s neighbor. But soon after breakfast, the same nurse who passed the naked Mona Lisa now arrives next door to show love and care to the English patient.
    I am here to help you, she smiled. But unimpressed by her apathy moments before, he shunned her charming approach and demanded that she first take care and cover the ill-forsaken woman next door. How can she help him when
    she turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to another in her care? Go, clothe her first, and cover her shame, then, return to care for me, he responded. You want to be a doctor, but you neglect the foundation principle. Healthcare
    includes the dignity of every patient. He saw the nakedness, the poverty, and wretchedness of the health system and medical staff like rotten cancer, eating away the goodness among men. Offended at what she heard, she excused
    herself. I am here for you, she replied, stubbornly resisting. And neglecting her oath and sworn duty she left his room, leaving both patients without her professional touch and care. Love is not blind, and love is not deaf.
    Where love is, there winter blossoms into spring. Gray colors turn into a rainbow of beauty as the sun of a perfect God continues to shine on all men. When someone is thirsty, give them water to drink when someone is hungry,
    feed them. When someone is naked, clothe them. If they are in prison, visit them. Visit those in the hospital, and do not forget the orphans and widows. With such good deeds, Liberté, Egalité, and Fraternité
    will prosper a nation. It was springtime in the city of love when the two strangers met. So, the morning before he left the hospital, he first went downstairs into the garden and picked the most beautiful wildflowers he could
    find for his Mona Lisa. And as he came to her door to say goodbye, she reached out to him for a cup of water. And in one act of kindness, he raises her value. Her worth more than the original painting hanging in the Louvre
    of Paris.

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