Man wipes away tears describing family swept away by cyclone

Myanmar's military junta is holding up humanitarian access to some communities after Cyclone Mocha devastated the livelihoods of millions of people, including the stateless and displaced Rohingya minority group. CNN's Paula Hancocks has more. #CNN #News


    1. Big shout out to Trump who finally owned up to letting the world know that Epstein was a beloved friend of his.

  1. The world is literally watching this genocide and not doing anything about it.

    Before people would have put a stop to it by force but now everybody just watches these horrible events and does nothing about it

    Humanity has sunken so low its disgusting

  2. #United Nations
    How can their be no aide
    You are the ultimate aide

    We love and revere you so for your humanity.

    We cannot abandon these people

    This is Humanity
    That have nothing
    Had nothing
    Their families washed away

    I seek you
    I Beseech you

    With Love 💕

  3. It’s sad how the ASEAN countries have ignored the atrocities of Myanmar’s military. . Hard to believe before the military thugs removed democracy, the country was gradually making progress in their economy and education. Back then the young generation had hope for the future. Now more corruption, production of illegal drugs, and a dwindling economy has taken place.

  4. The careless acts of American people and the damage they have done to our climate is affecting the entire world.

  5. Current situation in Burma is so simple. Due to coup, civil wars and mocha, it is a chaotic lawless jungle. Many more will die unless a ruthless Junta Leader and his minions step down. Their air attacks should be stopped by implementing no fly zone. Shame UN cannot do much without permission from China and Russia.They need support just like in Ukraine but lesser to win.

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