Manchin ‘Fully Comfortable’ Being Lone Opposing Democrat On $3.5T Bill

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) calls for a "strategic pause" on President Biden's $3.5T budget package as key deadlines approach the administration.  
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  1. Manchin is no Democrat. He ran as one because he was in a Democratic leaning district, but he’s Demoqueen, a Republican in Democrat drag.

    1. @RuBaron715 Of course no conservative has EVER pushed for small government and low taxes. Every single Republican has RAISED taxes on everyone except the ultra rich, while constantly extending government control over companies and individuals.

      The fact that ANYONE is idiotic enough to believe a conservative claiming “small government, low taxes” after the last 50 years of irrefutable evidence that it’s a complete lie is too stupid to live.

    2. @M B stupid mistakes like that ruin any point you are trying to make. Thankfully Manchin is evaluating this just like he would if he were spending his own money. I know that’s not important to you spendthrift Dems but it’s important to me.

    3. @Adam Taylor Just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn’t justify a death sentence. People have been buying that GOP talking point since Reagan, so that means you’d have to thin out the population a bit, in your opinion?

    4. @Ima Doll Just to be fair, the previous 4 years saw the deficit climb 7.8 trillion dollars without the democrats help, so the GOP should avoid mirrors.

    5. @RuBaron715 I’m not saying that they’re too stupid to live in the fact that they should be executed. I’m saying they’re brainless idiots that it’s amazing they’ve not choked to death on their own tongues or haven’t blindly walked into highway traffic.

  2. This country isn’t run by our president, or the rest of those clowns in DC. It’s run by big banks, large corporations and corrupt politicians.

    1. @Kiara Helen it was “rigged” against a poor Jeff Bezos and he ended up being the richest man in the world.

    2. @Jake Padgett It has to due with the Supreme court decision that corporations are people, which leads to dark money…all accelerated with that in the last decade.

    3. @Anonymous User Jeff bezos family is rich and gave him 3/4 of a million dollars to start Amazon. I’ll say it again:: The system is rigged against us.

    4. @john smith if you want to do something to stop it hook up with wolf pac, they are looking to repeal Citizens United

    5. @Kiara Helen not true. try again. According to SEC filings, his parents invested $245k. Not give, invested. They’re shareholders.

  3. so let me get this straight the guy who preached “bipartisanship” does not want to work with his own party for better infrastructure because he is the Mosiah the all knowing smarter then everyone Manchin. Yeah ok 😂😂😂😂 he’ll rue the day something bad happens in west Virginia and comes to big daddy fed crying for money.

    1. @MJL His donors don’t want the people of WV to get support. They want them fully reliant on them.

      Remember that the coal industry is a complete failure. Most mines are closed. Those that are running are paying a fraction of what would be a livable wage, and forcing miners to work ridiculous hours because they literally have no other options. There’s no jobs of any kind to be had.

      If relief money came in, businesses could reopen, new opportunities would open up for people. And that’s the LAST thing Manchin’s donors want. They need the people of WV to be slaves. To have absolutely no options. They can’t find other work, so they have to slave away for a pittance. They can’t afford to move out of state because they’re poor. They are entirely reliant on what scraps Manchin’s donor’s will toss out to them.

      So Manchin is doing everything in his power to completely cripple the people of WV.

    2. @Adam Taylor That sounds horrible. Is he that beholden to the Fossil Fuel Industry? Why do WV voters keep electing him then, a Democrat, no less?

    1. @Randy R Randelson His daughter sent the company making Epi-Pens out of the state. That was the state’s biggest job source (as coal has failed completely). He’s making a fortune off the death and devastation caused in his state.

    2. @Adam Taylor And the citizens of WV still vote for him and Capito. It’s sad but WV actually has a really rich history in the labor rights movement… that’s done now.

    3. @Randy R Randelson Conservatives think that coal minors are a people, like a tribe born to be coal miners. You’re not supposed to want anything else, coal is your blood.

    1. @Henry Aaron she’s old too and knows her time is running out. I now know why third grade was the best three years of your life.

    1. Even if they can, so what??? All his donor $ comes from hard-core republicans, so he does his best to screw the Dems!!!

    2. @Lawrence Iverson I think your assessment is consistent with his behavior. I just want some sort of wake up call to be sent to him. His ego is not more important than our nation’s health and security.

    3. They have the power to remove him from office. But they won’t.
      Same as the Dems have been too gutless to hold the Republicans accountable for open treason. They could have had them all out of office and in prison for life for helping incite the insurrection… but instead the Dems want to play nice so that they don’t get called names as the Republicans end democracy and destroy America, slaughtering millions of Americans in the process.

  4. He got caught selling himself to donors before. He wanted them to help make it easier for him to say no. He’s not helping his constituents. He’s a corrupt rat.

  5. My question is, “Who does Joe Manchin actually represent?” It’s not the democrats and it’s not his constituents, so who is it exactly?

  6. Ofcourse he’s comfortable because he’s corrupt just like his daughter who just got busted and hope they throw the book at her for him being so evil and corrupt.

  7. Has someone viewed the report by The Hill concerning Manchin’s daughter and his wife on the issue of Epi Pen? Quite interesting. Go view it and put him on the spot light.

  8. Why does ANYONE think he is a democrat. He only ran that way to go un opposed in his primary. The guy is a republican thru and thru

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