1. Well, I was just about believing this would NEVER happen. Now let’s see the next one, and the next, and the next…

    1. ​@Pat Doyle conviction for what?
      Exactly what crime do you think he did?
      He’s been invested up the wazoo for 6 years.
      What the hell makes this attorney smarter than any other?

      As the old saying goes, you can get a grand jury to indicate a ham sandwich.
      An actual conviction is a whole different story.

  2. All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, and hope. Winston Churchill

    1. @Francis Hurley Obviously!

      I’m interested to see what this precedence will do for America.

      Both sides are asking for accountability but how will it effect “the office” in general?

      “The civil servants who work in the Executive Office of the President are also regarded as nonpartisan and politically neutral, so that they can give impartial advice.” Wikipedia

      This is new for America!

  3. It was a great indictment, in fact, it was the best indictment ever. Never has anyone been so indicted. It was a perfect indictment.

  4. I like ADs, DOJs, special counsels, and anyone in the judicial branches of government, pursuing justice w/o fear or favor. NO ONE should be above the law!

    1. @Felichia Powe –

      Haul out the holly!

      Put up the tree before my spirit falls again.
      Fill up the stocking.
      I may be rushing things,
      but deck the halls again now.

      Nods to Jerry Herman

    2. Honestly man. Tate being jailed made my Christmas, now Trump’s jailing will make Easter

    3. @ScholaroftheWorld β€” Alternate History don’t forget sneako being utterly dedicated lol
      Sneako is a Andrew Tate clone

    4. @Maui Me when the times hit hard, your ten times poorer, your unsafe I no your home and basic life is a thing of the past. I hope u rememeber hat giddy feeling.

    1. Don’t start what you can’t finish Dem because the laptop πŸ’» case is still pending on the Biden family though. The table always turned one way or another because the ones who laughed last laughed the best.

  5. This is Outrageous, Incredible. Unbelievable, Unheard- Of, Unthinkable, Tumultuous. Did I mention Incredible. That it took so LONG!!!

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  7. I’ve heard a thousand times, ‘They won’t do anything against him’. I always said wait and see. I knew it would happen, and it will happen many more times.

    1. it will blow up in their faces, bet ya.but there are far more important things for australia to be concerned about

    2. @Robert Maples
      The two questions with this case are:
      Can the prosecution successfully argue that the statute of limitations has not expired?
      Can the prosecution up the crime from a misdemeanor to a felony by successive arguing the false record keeping was in furtherance of another crime (campaign election fraud)?

      Trump’s actual guilt, if those two are successfully argued, is 100%.

  8. We all know our health is more important than wealth. Having that reminder periodically is a good thing. Hopefully all turns out for the best, soon. Thanks for your always sincere video, Matt.

  9. Nobody does INDICTMENT better than me,a lot of people are saying Sir and with tears in their eyes, bigly strong men like Alvin Bragg πŸ˜‚

  10. There’s just one problem~ he didn’t actually break any laws, even if it’s true. It’s called a non-disclosure agreement.

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