Mara Gay: This Is A Moment Of Pain And Pride For Black Americans | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

With protesters of all races and ages taking to the streets across the nation in the wake of the fatal arrest of George Floyd, Mara Gay of The New York Times reacts. Aired on 6/5/2020.
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Mara Gay: This Is A Moment Of Pain And Pride For Black Americans | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Trevor Guthrie You DO know that the only advantage your pale recessive skin has is social at present? And people are tired of your racist attitudes and this is why you are the most distrusted peoples on Earth. The sun necessary for life is trying to remove you and the Earth is trying to remove you as her burden grows.

    2. @Ronald Macafee in this thread
      -genocide perpetrated by every people throughout recorded history
      -I quoted Thomas Paine
      -suggested Hayek
      *How is any of that racist*
      Ronald, I supported McAfee
      in 2016 election. My wife has Genghis Khan DNA
      (mixed race children)
      Have taught GED in IDOC
      Consider MLK one of the greatest
      orators of all time (Cicero 2nd)
      It seems to me you’re the bigot with prejudice against his fellow human being due to SKIN COLOR.
      Care to debate me on the merits of the argument? Or continue with ad hominem attacks.

    1. Major Septic Media spews lies.
      (The Leftist marxist communist sympathizers at Concast)
      “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – Orwell

  1. they get mad at me for showing my confederate pride when their the same ppl destroying our country. why dont my rights matter as much as theirs

    1. @MARSOC Airman The fact that they actively supported taking the right to life and freedom away from others?

      How dumb do you have to be to ask that question?

    1. @Mr K if you know anything about how photography works/how cameras work, depending on the angles, some features can and will change/become more pronounced. The two photos are shot at different angles even if its a minimal change.

    2. Just last month we were ‘all in this together’ then they pull the switch and we all divide- at each others throat.

    3. @T LOL…nobody believes you weren’t going to vote for him and you just made up your mind to support Trump just to spite someone on the internet. Be Real

  2. You are formulating your opinions based on emotions driven by a media narrative that go unchecked.

    1. @Monique Watkins If people could only see past the color of their skin and realize that we all bleed the same. When we all can do that there will be so much more peace. Why can’t we come to agreement as a country on this? I feel so much hatred in the south because I’m white but when my mixed kids are with me it’s different. We shouldn’t feel it at all!

    1. @Pamelafountain60 jones What are “race soldiers thugs”? LOL missed out on an education, huh?

    2. Pamelafountain60 jones I will keep them in my community and maybe the stores around my community won’t get torched and robbed. I’d say have at it where you live.

    3. @Pamelafountain60 jones Amazing. Since police are made up of every race, and blacks aren’t even the most oppressed by them and all.

    4. @Savage OG They are probably the ones that’s doing it with mask on…these KKK members in police force have no accountability. Good luck.

    1. Rate of unemployment among blacks during the Obama admin was higher than it is now. Trump during Covid pandemic better than Obama admin at it’s best

    2. @K Bear Somebody lied to you. More white people got killed by police but good try with the race baiting tactic.

    1. You will never find “decent commentary” on MSNBC. They do not care about reporting the truth or facts. They have only one agenda: CONTROL. MSNBC personnel are puppets and propagandists. They read scripts and virtue signal. They tell you what to think and that’s called “programming.” They broadcast false narratives using “channels” that infect your mind with LIES. #ProjectMockingbird #FakeNews #KillYourTV

    2. the trumpanzies are out in force
      you can always tell what stories bother them
      I am glad this bothers you
      Winter is coming…

  3. A lot of commenters seem unable to distinguish the difference between the looters and peaceful protestors. Still, most of these hard left media outlets will justify the looting and rioting by saying, that they are angry and that it is understandable. Well, my response to that is, anger and hatred will only lead to more violence and countermeasures should be put in place to balance out those kinds of emotions, which will only lead to destruction. Kindness and compassion are necessary, something BLM and the police seem to lack. Everyone needs to avoid any extremes and strive for balance. I don’t have to like anyone but I make an effort to not hate anyone and to treat everyone with respect, even those that I detest.

    1. Sage UwU So systemic oppression of an entire race of people for centuries is just part and parcel of the atrocities going on all over the world? The global spread of human trafficking, etc. is not something we can change without a massive movement of time and resources. A Herculean effort would need to occur. Individuals are no where near ready to make that commitment, nor do we know how to affect the change required to take appropriate action to do so. However, when all that is required is a change of heart and acting accordingly towards a race of people, that seems like a fairly easy task. Baby steps.

    2. Thunder Life It’s highly predictable that when a group of people are not able to break through an invisible barrier, they begin to turn their aggression back on each other. For all the complaining white people in America do about black people killing each other, they do very little (nothing really) to assist them out of poverty and pain.

      Your use of the term “act up” is suspect. I am not saying it makes you a racist but it’s definitely an inflammatory word choice.

    3. mptavar If the tables were turned white people would be the same. Your blaming the victims. That’s a Trump trick…..not a good look.

    4. Sage UwU They are “too afraid” to face themselves? I see them as turning on each other as an outlet for the aggression they feel for being systemically oppressed by a power structure that won’t let them in.

      The privileged in America tell EVERYONE that privilege is theirs for the making. We can all be rich and privileged. While at the same time, they continue to push black people down and keep their collective knee on the neck of the black people. It’s happening in all facets of the American experience, not just literally as to George Floyd. I’m not excited about justifying victimization because generally there is plenty of complicit blame to heap on the victimized but in the case of racial oppression in America, white peoples actions have been reprehensible for way too long. It’s time we all addressed this mindset and made a change. White people and people of color together.

    5. @Tony Simmons I am not trying to blame. Just want to be honest about what I see. It’s only an opinion too. It is more nuanced than I’m making it out to be. My parents are Greek. Greek people were slaves too under the Ottoman’s. We don’t like Turkish people but you don’t see the same type of problems in Greece. More time has passed. Maybe if another 100 years passes this won’t be as big of a problem.

    1. Who? The agenda is Floyd, racism, cops standing down, gun control, no constitution, misinformation, and Russian interference in elections.

    1. I’m mean u r right I have never faced racism or any hate from any other race in my 23 years, I stayed away from guns, drugs, stayed out of trouble and went to college got a great career and was treated quite fairly. The only time were I felt unsafe and a victim was when living and growing up in a black community

    2. @Keivon Tucker Your wrong, no real black person feels safe or comfortable around white people period.
      This is why we have ethic based neighborhoods and not the melting pot America claims it is based on.

      Your experience is not in the majority, so consider yourself lucky.

    3. @chillchi You are one sad close minded fool. Who are you to tell him who he is comfortable around?
      My hometown has people of all races and a very low crime rate. Everyone gets along for the most part.
      The only racism I’ve ever seen has been on the t.v.
      Maybe you should move out of whatever shithhole you were unlucky enough to be born into and stop telling people whether or not they are “real black people”.

    1. @set clock –:– WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! A meaningless word used by people who can’t think or reason to any notable degree.

    1. Ahaha yeh , i peacefuly killed a deer onetime, ,, naw there wasnt a darn thing done in peace that i saw

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