Rep. John Lewis: We Cannot Give Up Our Fight For Racial Equality | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Rep. John Lewis: We Cannot Give Up Our Fight For Racial Equality | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Revered Civil Rights activist Rep. John Lewis shared a message of hope for those protesting across the nation in the wake of George Floyd's fatal arrest. Alvin Tillery and John Della Volpe join to discuss. Aired on 6/5/2020.
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Rep. John Lewis: We Cannot Give Up Our Fight For Racial Equality | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. An American hero and a national treasure. He is needed today as much as he was needed in days past.

    1. John Lewis was a race baiting clown..You talk about a racist John Lewis hated white people and he wasn’t good at hiding it..What a joke..

    2. @Glock Coley Sad but true. But by the living conditions in his district he must hate blacks too.

  2. It’s been 3 years since I have been proud to be an American, but watching all my fellow American’s fight for justice & our freedoms that have been under assault, makes me swell with pride. Thank you all for fighting & remember to VOTE!

    1. Anthony the fact that you just branded college students “idiots” tells me that you are not on the side of right. Your language is divisive and inflammatory, just like that of the President you apparently support.

    2. @Steve Dennis Thanks, I opted not to reply to Anthony simply because I have a tendency to lose my cool. When anti-intellectuals are convinced they are intellectually superior to those who have chose to expand their minds and learn how to think critically, I just roll my eyes & think to myself, you just can’t make this sheit up.

    3. @3LD Yep. The rhetoric from the WH is “black and white”, i.e loyal Trump supporter or Trump hater. You’re either for him, or against him. Whenever anyone calls foul, instead of responding with humility and respect he makes childish personal attacks; the latest I’m aware of is calling the DC Mayor “incompetent” in a Tweet. Typical Trump behaviour. He is apparently incapable of understanding that there are a range of political and social views. He lacks empathy and can only evaluate dialog through the eyes of his own personal interests – classic narcissism. In this case, I agree to some extent with Anthony’s point of view because I don’t think defunding police is the answer. That doesn’t mean I’m against “Black Lives Matter” and it doesn’t mean that I’m pro- or anti-Trump. It just means that there are a range of views about how best to tackle this issue.

    1. Read above! Black people and native Americans should not be treated equally. They should be treated better! Overcompensated in fact! That’d be fair in my eyes. Why not? They deserve it.

    2. @Saltponds239 Nice trick with stats. Only 12% of the US is black. You conveniently “forgot” to factor that into the equation.

    3. @themarbleking They have been treated better in 3 years under Trump than they have been treated in 50 years by Biden and the DemoRATs.
      Case in point? Every year, black Professors had to come to Washington and beg for funding every year.
      So who has eliminated that? TRUMP. Look it up dope

    1. @irock ireckon Trump has already won..Look how you fools have been brainwashed into believing in systemic racism, it’s not real ,it’s a made up term for excuses..

    2. @Glock Coley his actions speak louder than any of our words, if a 4 star general and clergy would condemn him, then you realize your words are lost to those that see change. Thats why Robert E. Lee’s monument was taken down, because it’s time to scrap these hateful ideals forever.

    3. @Glock Coley well a nother brain dead Trump supporter that can not see the reality of what Trump is and why Putin put Trump in office lol

  3. Is it US or everybody else?

    America is at war with Black Americans, Middle E, S America, Asia, Africa etc…

    1. @ataboy42 H You wrote, “A walking dead brain cell”. 5000% correct but since Trump has done more in 3 years than the “establishment” has ever done, what are their excuses?

    2. @Erik Geldermans Trump taking desperate moves? How’s that? If the DemoRATs want their States and major Cities to burn down, how’s that Trump’s fault?

    3. We will be now. 2 weeks ago I could care less and now I am prepping for war. Thank you MSNBC for dividing the country. I will be ready for the motherf****.

    4. Black people and native Americans should not be treated equally. They should be treated better! Overcompensated in fact! That’d be fair in my eyes. Why not? They deserve it.

  4. Cautionary lessons from the past. The threat that Trump poses to our democracy is real and imminent.

    “The German and Russian state apparatuses grew out of despotism. For this reason the subservient nature of the human character of masses of people in Germany and in Russia was exceptionally pronounced. Thus, in both cases, the revolution led to a new despotism with the certainty of irrational logic..

    In contrast to the German and Russia state apparatuses, the American state apparatus was formed by groups of people who had evaded European and Asian despotism by fleeing to a virgin territory free of immediate and effective traditions. Only in this way can it be understood that, until the time of this writing, a totalitarian state apparatus was not able to develop in America, whereas in Europe every overthrow of the government carried out under the slogan of freedom inevitably led to despotism.

    This holds true for Robespierre, as well as for Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. If we want to appraise the facts impartially, then we have to point out, whether we want to or not, and whether we like it or not, that Europe’s dictators, who based their power on vast millions of people, always stemmed from the suppressed classes. I do not hesitate to assert that this fact, as tragic as it is, harbors more material for social research than the facts related to the despotism of a czar or of a Kaiser Wilhelm.

    By comparison, the latter facts are easily understood. The founders of the American Revolution had to build their democracy from scratch on foreign soil. The men who accomplished this task had all been rebels against English despotism. The Russian Revolutionaries, on the other had, were forced to take over an already existing and very rigid government apparatus. Whereas the Americans were able to start from scratch, the Russians, as much as they fought against it, had to drag along the old…

    This may also account for the fact that the Americans, the memory of their own flight from despotism still fresh in their minds, assumed an entirely different—more open and more accessible—attitude toward the new refugees of 1940, than Soviet Russia, which closed its doors to them. This may explain why the attempt to preserve the old democratic ideal and the effort to develop genuine self-administration was much more forceful in the United States than anywhere else.

    We do not overlook the many failures and retardations caused by tradition, but in any event a revival of genuine democratic efforts took place in America and not in Russia. It can only be hoped that American democracy will thoroughly realize this before it is too late, that fascism is not confined to any one nation or any one party; and it is to be hoped that it will succeed in overcoming the tendency toward dictatorial forms in the people themselves. Only time will tell whether the Americans will be able to resist the compulsion of irrationality or whether they will succumb to it.”
    ― Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism.

    1. @edward mille That’s a sobering story, Edward. Thank you for sharing it. Good luck and God bless.

    2. Your a paid troll clown David j…Do you ever leave your mommy’s basement and go out into the real world? And I’m not talking about some organized demon rat riot..Trump has saved America while the demon rats hid in their basements scheming on how to use you brainwashed leftards to destroy America..

  5. Like my dear grandpa who lived to be 101 years always said ” life is like a voyage in which we choose neither vessel nor whether but much can be done in the guidance of the helm and the management of the sails. Andrew Anderson

  6. If you have to fight for racial equality in you own country, that’s an “S-hole” place to be living in, isn’t it tRump?

    1. You leftards are being used for a agenda that you don’t even understand ..Systemic racism is a made up demon rat term..The demon rats are the dividers, 50 + years of failed policies and fake promises by the democrat party..

    2. It’s a real shame. Black people and native Americans should not be treated equally. They should be treated better! Overcompensated in fact! That’d be fair in my eyes. Why not? They deserve it.

  7. America loves waging War around the World but now the chickens have come home to roost & it is finally waging War against its own self. Putin & tRump love it!

  8. the most logical thing to do is to use some common sense, remove the police from the streets in a few selected cities for a week or so just to see how that turns out.

  9. In my youth I worked in the Catskills at a hotel I became friends with his great woman I had noticed the tattoo on her arm.
    Finally I built up the courage and I asked her why did she flee Germany when Hitler came to power. She told me her family had lived for many generations she had friends in the neighborhood in the town she knew these people who believe they were good and thought this was just a passing then that would go away. She told me it could happen anywhere you can in America that I could always be on guard. As I’ve watched Trump over the last three and a half year come to realize this happening in America. But I’m safe because this woman open my eyes I’ve been at my house in South America since March I knew when it was time to leave my country. I saw the dictator coming because of her.

  10. Wow! What a great Gentlemen! Thank you kind sir for all you’ve done in the past in now and in the future! You amaze me!



  12. Is this the same John Lewis who thanked the race soldiers for their service on Twitter for beating the breaks off of him? When Brother Kwame Ture was out there trying to fight WS and these race soldiers, John Lewis was out there cowering and saying he didn’t want to be a part of that. Brother Malcolm warned us about when the dominant society and the white media makes some Black person prominent, puts them in the forefront. The fix is in.

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