Marc Caputo Lays Out The Developing Scandal Around Rep. Matt Gaetz | Deadline | MSNBC

Marc Caputo Lays Out The Developing Scandal Around Rep. Matt Gaetz | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. “Built for the battle” means I’ don’t have a conscience so I have neither impulse control nor shame.

    1. Also has endless supplies of private cash to spend on high quality private university educated lawyers to give the courts the run around just like his political daddy dirty Donald Trump.

  2. The only good part of this story is that he didnt get a pardon. It’s so good when you realize the one you love the most does not care.

    1. He does not have to disclose if he got a pardon according to a Federal Grand Jury prosecutor. On if he wants to use it.

    2. @Robert Heskin Good. Gaetz learning that Trump loyalty/ zealotry is a one way street.
      I hope his feelings were hurt.

    3. @1Luv1life – And the family of the ‘snake-story song’ author (which #45✳ misquoted, more often than not) had to threaten legal action to get t*^*p to stop using it.
      *That’s* the *only* language #45✳’s ever understood… 💸

  3. Did Gary Busey and Eric Trump genes were altered to create Matt Gaetz teeth?.. Gaetz had his mouth installed upside-down.🥴

    1. It’s that forehead, reminds me of Frankenstein’s monster. The clothes look like they were stolen from someone’s washing line and the shoes, who wears brown & white brogues in 2021 ? 🤣🤣🤣

    2. On Gary it looks good: I like his face. I have to avert my eyes every time they show Gaetz with his mouth open.

    1. @Eh Thomas For a proclaimed independent, you sure trigger easy over slimeballs. Oh, and before you waste my time and turn to deflection, of course I consider Cuomo as a slimeball from what I am seeing.

  4. “When you ask your girlfriend, what do you want for dinner, if the answer is.. Happy Meal, you are doing jail time.” 😅

  5. Good analysis by Marc Caputo. e.g. saying the venmo payments included payment to the alleged 17 year old victim of earlier event involvement — possibly damning evidence. GREAT INSIGHT. THANK YOU.

  6. GAETZ: “Look at this model, age-appropriate female I’ve procurrrrrr- uh BROUGHT! Yes! BROUGHT with me as my DATE!!!”

  7. Oh to watch the story enfold… He may lie, but those receipts won’t. Hope he’ll get what he deserves

    1. @A D – Mayhaps.
      Although we’ve observed, as more and more people become…’associated’ with Greenberg’s crimes, ‘enfold’ might be *exactly* the word needed. 🤔

  8. greenberg was racking up crimes like he knew he was going to prison as soon as he was elected 😂😂

  9. Is it just me or is Gaetz not the spitting image of a grownup Butthead from Beavis and Butthead?! Betchya if he ripped open his buttonup there’s an AC/DC tshirt underneath!

    1. lol put him and Gym Jordan together. I saw them standing together for an interview and do they ever look like real life BnB

    2. I dunno, I kinda see the Butthead thing, but mostly he looks like Syndrome (from The Incredibles), if Syndrome went into a career politics instead of supervillain/engineering.

  10. Uh, I remember three guys in that selfy, Roger. Settling for Gaetz seems like setting the bar way too low. Methinks all of these bosotros knew a lot about Jan. 6th. And the market for teenage prostitution.

  11. Gaetz’s predicament looks like a snowball rolling downhill into an avalanche. No worries, daddy is around even if Congress will not be in the works anymore.

  12. New Theory: Josh Hawley ratted Gaetz out to take the heat off of himself for participating in the planning of the January 6th attack on the capital. Josh Hawley seems like a dude that would run in the same crowd as Gaetz. Somebody check Hawley’s text messages and CashApp transactions.

  13. Women for t’rump: “So, Matt, how much do you charge for speaking at an event?”
    Gaetz: “I’m willing to charge 50% of my usual fee.”
    Women for t’rump: “Oh really? That’s great!”
    Gaetz: “So just give me the names and addresses of half of your attendees’ grand-daughters and we’ll be all set.”

  14. All these allegations couldn’t happen to a nicer guy
    LMAO, LOCK him up with pervert in chief, Donny Boy

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