1. Which is a stupid idea because thorough analyses from economists have demonstrated that Red states would go bankrupt within two years because Red States are federally dependent upon blue states with cheap labor.

    1. Then you, as a lefty, should support the proposed plan b/c then it would give you the moral high ground which you sorely need b/c independents, like me, know very well it’s the left that has caused the division despite how difficult the right can be. You’re giving them ammo b/c GA isn’t the only red state that wants to separate.

    2. That’s not true. It’s nakedly absurd. The red states are full of natural resources that the federal government and corporate America reap to put the profits in blue states. Louisiana would be richer than Dubai if it owned it’s own oil. It’s the blue states that are living off the red states.

  2. She really is a national security threat and a very unbalanced personality and I hope the proper authorities are watching her and others very closely.

    1. Alright…If she’s a NST then Biden is the King of NSTs. If you want to get rid of her b/c of that? You have no argument from me…But that does require dumping Cpt. Cadaver as well.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em the vetting process needs to be held to higher standards for the safety of our country. The “clown show” in both Congress and the Senate can lead us into some dangerous places.

    3. Proper Authorities? DOJ is in a Coma. Time to wake up and get serious before this insane pill Billy screw ball attacks Again.

    1. @Germans from Antarctica First it was BLM then ANTIFA then Ray Epps then capitol police now it was FBI agents. You people are ridiculous.

    2. @Owner of MAGAt’s. I beg to differ, continuing on the way we’ve been doing things would be insane. It’s time to cut the dead weight. The left can go his own way and us Americans can go our way

  3. The fact that everyone she talks to thinks the same way she does says more about her narrowmindedness not allowing her to step outside her echo chamber and listen to other peoples’ beliefs than it says about what most Americans think.

    1. The confederacy tried that in 1860. If Lee would have held on just a little longer Sherman could have finished the job in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.😅

  4. The 10 most dependent states: Alaska, Mississippi, North Dakota, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arizona, Alabama, New Mexico, Montana and South Carolina, who wouldn’t survive without generous redistribution of funds from blue states – year in, year out.

    1. ”Survive” is used loosely here! Some of these places, you can’t drink the water or breath the air. And look at West Va.! Imagine being so eaten up with meth, incest, and self hater that you keep re electing a coal mine operator!! The only thing sadder is the vermin in Fla. who get screwed out of tens of millions for their parents’ health care, and then elect the criminal Nosferatu Rick Scott to be senator so he can steal their SS. Bath salts area hell ofa drug.

    2. @Antifa and BLM are true fascists (Andy peltola) this sounds like it was written by someone who does not speak English well

    3. The 13+ blue States that should be cut off from all of Texas petroleum.

      New Hampshire
      Rhode Island
      Washington D.C.
      New York
      New Mexico

    4. @Red Rick the West Virginia Mineral Development holds title to certain lands and mineral resources in the state. Stop blaming the blue states. That’s why West Virginia is rather number one in the least educated state.

  5. Did she not take a oath to serve and protect this county, and isn’t purposing a civil war a violation of that oath ?

  6. It is unbelievable that this is the proposal from an AMERICAN political party. This is not a Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) idea only; the majority of Republicans quietly defer to the proposal rather than speaking out against it. They continue to support her House committee assignments (Homeland Security and House Oversight) regardless of the clear conflict between American interests and her political agenda.
    So, Republicans are telling us they cannot govern in a democracy and want to abdicate their roles. Why would any AMERICAN vote Republican anymore?

    1. Marjorie assigned to Homeland Security, what a terrible historical dissonance!! It is a big open door for her beloved Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin !

    2. @GoryOrator LOL! You people? Ruined lives? Boo hoo.
      What are you even talking about? Your elected Representatives are incapable of effectively representing you in a democracy? You can throw a tantrum, but states are not your ball to take home.

    1. How is it?
      The American people no longer agree.
      A divorce is the only peaceful option.
      Anything else will result in a civil war.

    2. it is we just have a corrupt party that refuses to prosecute this for the same reason santos is still in office. they are afraid that a democrat will win those seats and mccarthy will lose his role as speaker.

    3. You Democrats love to throw around the word Treason. What do you think it is a word that describes every word a politician says that you hate.

    1. For aiding and abetting the insurrection she broke her oath of office. She should be in prison for treason or at least aiding and abetting the insurrection. She gave tours to some of the key participants.

    2. If someone obviously in a mental break is on a street corner screamed this same dreck….would you cover it if you were a news org ?

    3. @Darrell Cook You are absolutely right. She needs to be charged with her Co-Conspiracy in Trump’s Seditious Insurrection coup attempt.

  7. I don’t like my state being called a red or blue state. My state is very nearly half and half. Making a state a Color: red or blue is denying representation to half.
    I WOULD like to divorce Marge Taylor Greene.

  8. It’s ironic bc what’s she’s suggesting creating countries ruled by one party, which is what China has. So she’s basically saying we should be more like China

    1. It’s ironic as a British citizen that the American colonies and peoples decided on a national divorce from the UK. Two hundred and fifty years later you’re now debating the same issues among your own States and population. Make yer mind up 🤣

  9. “Stable Genius” Marjorie´d be in charge of the Mental Health and Science and Education Ministry in the new CSA!! The scientists, top 10% engineers, financiers, top professors and other highly educated people in Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Dallas-FW, Raleigh, .. even New Orleans would get in panic and flee to Blue America.

  10. It seems hilarious until you realize she is a member of the house of representatives and helps decide the fate of the US, and even more terrifying is that she is not alone in this…

  11. The problem with her is like Putin you need to isolate her and get rid of her not just keep conceding to her demands. That’s where Kevin McCarthy made a huge error in judgment.

  12. — Red state grandpa pre-national divorce: “Civil War, Civil War!”
    — Same, 1 month post-national divorce: “Grandma, why are our Social Security checks printed on toilet paper?”

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