1. @robert hollingsworth Afghanistan Iraq Libya Syria Yemen Somalia Vietnam, just remember all those wars of aggression when you name a
      little town with a bunch of unconfirmed murders

    1. @Stephen Glover There is such a thing
      I’m from Russia, hello.
      If you’re interested, our setting and events.
      I’ll tell you, and you tell me
      And we’re going to come to some kind of inference.

    1. The United Kingdom, which chairs the UN Security Council, did not agree to hold a meeting on Kiev’s provocation in Bucha, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. Her words are transmitted by RT.

      “In the worst English traditions, the British presidency of the UN Security Council did not agree to hold a meeting of the Security Council on the situation in Bucha. Russia today will again demand the convocation of the UN Security Council in connection with the criminal provocations of the Ukrainian military and radicals in this city,” Zakharova said.

  1. Ukraine exemplifies the fight for freedom. And they will succeed because they are adaptive, creative, and caring. Ukraine is the embodiment of freedom and grit over oppression and tyranny. The world is in their debt for their heroic example.
    💙 💛 Slava Ukraini 💛 💙

  2. The war in Ukraine 🇺🇦 is meant to open your eyes to the reality in the financial system. Real estate firm and other businesses are also closed too,, only crypto holders and crypto investors are spending money with ease..

    1. It is always good to be social and this is why I like reading many comments here to learn, thank you for sharing such info at least I and my husband is going to do this together.

    2. If you’re one of his students or investor you can take loan from him when ever you’re in problem.

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