Mary Trump: Donald Trump Would End American Experiment For His Empowerment 1

Mary Trump: Donald Trump Would End American Experiment For His Empowerment


Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump calls the former president ‘much worse’ than a sociopath in her new book, ‘The Reckoning: America's trauma and finding a way to heal.’ She joins Joy Reid to discuss.
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    1. @Buckler Why isn’t Trump in a mental institution at least? He actually should get a one way ticket to Mars along with others of his kind.

  1. Mary Trump fell off that tree, rolled down a hill and landed far away from her family. She is so bright and articulate. It’s a pleasure to listen to her words of wisdom and she pulls no punches.

  2. Absolutely the Democrats need to quit being polite and PC. Start calling liars out for the liars they are, Racists need to be labeled as Racists and Fascists need to be called Fascists.Period, let’s quit using these soft “nice names” for reprehensible behavior. Enough is Enough.

    1. The Democrats need to hire talking heads to tell the truth as the Republicans hire talking heads to spread lies! Democrats don’t fight back! Why are we begging Republicans to get the vaccine? Let them die.

    2. A bunch of you commenters seem not to have noticed that the Democrats have lost their patience with the haters and have been standing up to them and strategizing end runs around them for a while now. Pay attention, please.

    3. @Helen Hunter Odd, that is, since the “haters” are the Left. Always thought Leftys hated themselves.

    1. That’s a rather shocking comment, but very true. I would much rather see him locked up in a Arkansas prison with no running toilet.

  3. Any other democracy would have locked Trump up years ago . We are fed up with hearing complaint but no action.

    1. This is going to take years. And chance is that halfway he lays down in his coffin. With a broad, triumphant smile. His biggest win, you could say.

    2. Trump is under investigation; I expect this investigation would be very complex, hence it takes time… It is also important to be thorough… to give Trump the full credit he deserves for ANY/ALL allegedly WRONGDOING…

    3. @Yukon jack Why do you see that as a reasonable and measured response to something so blaringly clear to anyone who lives in a real democracy outside of the U.S? Which, by the way, hasn’t been a real democracy in generations, if indeed it ever has been a democracy.

  4. If you have ever watched a speech of Mussolini… Him and trump literally have the same body language and behaviors

    1. @IdontWantAName leaveMeAlone I know! That’s why I was so shocked! I never noticed or thought about it before!

    2. @IdontWantAName leaveMeAlone yes it was….. part of one form of black speak….old heads spoke it in my neighborhood…it’s a dialect.

    3. Y’all realize we are in a ‘slow rolling coup attempt right now….This is not business as usual politics…the Fascists are hard at it right now…Dems got to grow a pair get the investigation into Jan 6th done, start passing out real time to the Insurrectionist, charge or remove from office any politicians involved in inciting or participating in the incident. The DOJ has already set the tone by saying the won’t defend Mo Brooks from his lawsuit….Brooks needs to be made an example of…

    4. @Michael Jones that’s why I said what I said. Literally trump is trying to mimick Mussolini but people won’t look into history and see how it’s playing out right in front of their faces. Glad you are aware 🙃❤️

    1. They are the anti American , Americans? Nonetheless vote them out of any type of power every chance there is.

    2. @Mircalla Hartmann – Every chance? You mean where they haven’t already suppressed votes and rigged the results?

    3. @Rene Jean republicans are trying to suppress voting rights of the people but so far there is no rigged results in America!🇺🇸
      you sound like a troll of the orange numb nut. If so bug out of here!😂😂😂

    1. Mary Trump calls him ‘Donald’ just in case he is watching; she knows it will hurt him to the core. Trump is ‘all surface’; he cannot look inside and reflect. Instead, he relies on being told who and what he is every second of the day. If he is treated like a child he will deep-down think he is one for that moment and that makes him angry but also incredibly scared.

    1. @Mircalla Hartmann It’s true, Trump did pull out of the INF treaty and he did put sanctions on Russia.

    2. @Mircalla Hartmann I brought the facts and you brought the feelings. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

    3. Mary Trump the liar who claimed that she was at the inauguration and doesn’t have one picture to prove it.

    1. And necessary. Alas Fox News viewers won’t watch Joy Reid. Or believe a word out of Ms. Trump’s mouth.

  5. Mary spoke the unadulterated truth, & Joy Reid listened without interfering with pretense. Rarely does this ever happen in the media. If democrats speak the truth with this much clarity, without backing down from what the truth demands, we might just fix this country.

    1. RSW, right! I believe that most Democrats are decent, accepting people. But when backed into a corner, you better step back! I think that’s where most Democrats are after all of Trump’s and the Republican party’s BS. They are a bunch of bullies who have always gotten their way. it’s time for us all to speak out more forcefully against fascism!

  6. She is definitely a “Sister”. Joy, I feel that close to Mary Trump, also. ! She is a phenomenal humanistic fighter against inhuman injustice!!!

  7. His reason to want to be Pres again are three: 1) Revenge 2) Ego 3) he can’t be persecuted for crimes –

  8. Mary Trump is so articulate and such a clear and reasoned thinker – haven’t heard her suggest nuking hurricanes once! Hard to believe she comes from that horrid family.

    1. She doesn’t know Donald Trump. Their relationship never extended beyond biological coincidence. Donald Trump wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a crowd, and all she knows about him is what she heard on the news.

      Pretending there’s anything authoritative about her opinion just pushes MSNBC’s credibility further below zero.

    2. There actually is an even brighter member of the Trump family who even provided consulting to help American and British warplanes evade German radar. It’s John George Trump, Donald’s uncle.

    3. Mary is probably the first intelligent branch on the family tree. It’s not a very bright dynasty, and she was an exception, I guess. Maybe she inherited it from her mother.

  9. “A country that tolerates evil means—evil manners, standards of ethics—for a generation, will be so poisoned that it never will have any good end.”  Sinclair Lewis It cant happen here 1935

    1. So proud that none of these you referenced represent America or what we stand for. And so true those who have tried her will have no good end.

    1. Oh right, lets call it out in time…..I bet that’s what Germans said in the 1930’s. ‘Oh, that buffon Hitler, he’s nuts, eh? Fascists can’t take over here, we have a democracy! ‘. Wake up and smell the hand grenades!! We are under attack from this man, his foreign allies and his American enablers right RIGHT NOW!!!

    1. Mary can’t see beyond Donald, Donald is a willing participant is the fascist uprising. Trump knows what he is doing, he is destroying democracy.

    2. “Oh the gift that God could give us, to see ourselves as others see us” Robert Burns (if only “His vision” were not so very clouded)

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