Mass shooting at Texas elementary school kills at least 15

Two days before the start of summer break, an 18-year-old man opened fire at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday, killing 14 students and one teacher, Gov. Greg Abbott said.
Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District police Chief Pete Arredondo said there also were multiple injuries from a "mass casualty incident" at Robb Elementary in Uvalde. The gunman is believed to have acted alone and is dead, he said.
Arredondo declined to provide further details or take questions.
The suspected shooter is from Uvalde, Abbott said. He was identified as Salvador Ramos, according to officials.
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  1. As a parent I can’t imagine the heart breaking, sorrow, grief and the emptiness the parents of these children are feeling tonight and will be feeling for the rest of the lives. It is a painful tragedy that innocent kids lost their lives.

  2. As horrible as mass shootings are, for some strange reason, you would think that an elementary school would be off limits but evil has proven throughout history to have no boundaries. As a father, grandfather and someone who has a great love for kids, this one hurts deep but not as deep as the parents who lost their kid. My thoughts, prayers and condolences goes out to the families and friends effected.

    1. Horrible as it is….ten years ago this would be headline news around the world…but now it’s just normal.

    2. @Mullah Omar well if guns are banned entirely, demand would drop significantly, whether it legal or not. Without demand, supply will drop and the cycle will improve itself in time.

  3. The horror of this from the perspective of these poor families is unfathomable. I am a mother and a grandmother and I can’t imagine how these families will recover from their losses. As I’m watching this another thought struck me…what about the other children that have survived this? What about these poor kids who may have witnessed the tragedy of this whole thing? Their siblings, their friends and peers gone in a instant? How can they process this loss at such a young age? I am so sorry for all involved and send my condolences and prayers.

    1. It’s a political systemic problem, and even a march for change won’t stop the gun problem; politicians need political donations from the military-industrial complex, not people’s lives.

  4. So sad man. I think of my kids that are school age. I can’t imagine what the families of the victims as well as the community is going through at this time. I send my deepest condolences 🙏


  5. This is sick, those were children they had no idea what was happening to them. Unbelievable. This is so sad, my condolences and love and prayer for all that lost people in recent events

  6. I’m not even a parent yet and it just making me think of my nieces and nephews….how can a person do this to kids ? Why kids ? They are just so innocent 🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😣😣😣😣


  7. This hits in my heart so hard. Of all human beings why would children EVER be a target ? Why would a school for children be a target? How messed up are the minds of these monsters. My dearest condolences to all these unfortunate families.

    1. Easy access to guns. Mass shootings are something so foreign to the rest of the world. And when they do occur, action is taken to prevent it ever happening again. With the US, mass shootings are a regular thing and part of your culture.

    2. @Whitney Anders Well said, it is just sick to see from abroad how no action is being taken after all these mass shootings that keep happening in your country year after year after year. A few Republican thoughts and prayers makes all the pain go away instantly. And then keep filling your own pockets, that’s the only thing that counts in life. I guess until their own children or grandchildren are killed for no reason.

  8. These kids were 2 days away from a summer break! I feel so terrible for these parents who just lost their everything, I am sorry for your loss! It’s so heart breaking

  9. As someone who’s still pretty young and graduated a couple years ago, it’s extremely depressing seeing what our youth has become, doing absolutely evil things like taking away lives of innocent kids that had so much ahead of them in their lives and now they’re gone, nobody deserves to have their lives taken away like this.

    Seriously you can’t even feel safe anymore when you’re going around doing any errands or anything else, stuff like this can happen and nobody even does anything about it.

    1. The youth today have no honor loyalty respect for a nothing human being nothing we went from calling them predators in 80s to straight animals now I never saw so many young kids in my life who’s parents should have used protection

  10. This is heart breaking…when I was a kid, my school was like a home away from home. The second most safest place after home. I can’t imagine the pain, the fear. Beautiful innocent lives destroyed like nothing.

    1. Glad you liked school and were not bullied every day. I wasn’t but I saw it going on. People suck, kids suck. It’s amazing how evil kids can be. I mean most of the time most kids don’t mean to do harm and are not evil but they are capable of being so careless and hurtful. I have a friend who was bullied and it was more horrible for him than this. I know you dont understand. Their lives ended right there .. sure the families are going to grieve the rest of their lives. Meanwhile my friend had nightmares and was in a mental hospital years for years before he died. Sorry for my unwanted perspective.

    2. It’s a political systemic problem, and even a march for change won’t stop the gun problem; politicians need political donations from the military-industrial complex, not people’s lives.

  11. i cant imagine what these parents went through as parent myself my kids are grown but i still worry about them my thoughts and prayers are with these parents and there loss

  12. I don’t have children and I can’t say that I feel the pain of the parents who lost their children. As a citizen of a country where school shootings are just a news from USA, I have to say that I am blessed and shocked at the same time. Lots of hugs from Croatia.

  13. I’m not a parent yet and I cant imagine all the pain those parents are going through, this hurt me so much.

  14. I’m a San Antonio teacher and this gets scarier the closest it gets to my school and my students. I can’t even fathom what it would be like if this happened to my kids and my coworkers at our school. My heart is so heavy.

    1. Everyone should just stop going to teach or learn in schools till guns are illegal, simple. There is no amendment that is more important than life , but if you just hope it doesn’t happen to you and hope that’s enough, it’s your call


  15. I live in the UK and find it hard to imagine such a tragic event happening here. Saying that, the sheer panic and despair I feel for the kids and families involved made me take a day off work today and keep my kids off school. The emergency services must be dealing with some life changing scenes. Heartbreaking

  16. “It’s not gonna end because our dysfunctional Congress can’t get anything done” That is exactly “Why” this type of crazy nonsense still happens and it’s so sad but the man is telling the truth💯 My prayers go out to the families🙏🕊💔

  17. This is so devastating. My heart goes out to all those affected by this horrible act of violence. Poor helpless children had their whole lives ahead of them. Such a sad, sad day.

  18. Such a sad and dark day.
    My heart breaks for those parents, may they rest in peace and prayers for those who need help coping with such pain.

    I send my deepest condolences 🙏

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