1. @John Carpenter does not work like that’ all fire protection systems are checked and maintained. If it’s old building prob. NOT sprinklered.

    2. I’m Conservative and I was in Health and Safety at an oil and gas company and I made sure our sprinkler systems were always getting inspected.

  1. A building full of seniors should not go up like that. Did they not build it properly. Fire suppression? Imagine that. Cheap materials to cut costs.

    1. @Just Wingin’ It true…our building is similar but has brick and concrete in the walls as well as exterior- still, this is a worst nightmare for residents

  2. It is truly sad that many of them lost all of their treasured possessions. Very sad indeed. Thanks for the video.

  3. I hope everyone is ok, I feel for the erderly…did that building have a sprinkler system

  4. condos like these are always fire hazarads, 100 units = 100 times the chance of someone burning down YOUR home too.

  5. What a horrible situation. Hope everyone got out alright and accommodations can be found for the seniors who were living there.

  6. Terrible situation, but if it hold true with ” No loss of life”, then a wonderful result. My mind goes into overdrive though, when I see a fire like this and it is raging in numerous different areas of the building(s).

    1. Yup id be going home, even if home is a old cabin in the woods so i could die peacefully away from these assassin called nurses

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