‘I’m horrified’: Community reacts to Matt Gaetz speaking tour

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) plans to launch a speaking tour alongside Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), beginning at a retirement community in Florida. Residents of the community, The Villages, tell CNN's Randi Kaye what they think of Gaetz.

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  1. Just gross! I’m so disappointed in our fellow Americans not at all caring about the type of people they elect or vouch for it’s sad it’s embarrassing and it speaks volumes about us as a whole if you can even say that.

    1. @Bradley yeah. Walmart let’s you do that. Besides, often lines are 4-8 hours long. And if they did let you leave. And even if they did people can’t afford to give up the pay. Under trumps “great economy” 40% of Americans could t afford a $400 emergency. You think they will give up pay to vote?
      There were 16 charged cases of voter fraud. Many of them republicans. It’s nothing.

    2. @Slothy sorry that’s strictly GOP territory now. Dems haven’t had open racism since the civil war.

    3. @hunter blane ” conservatives are the foundation of the kkk” does it sound stupid when you read that? It sounded stupid when I read it. Just wondering 🤔

  2. Ask those that still support Gaetz if they would leave their underage daughters alone with him for a day.

    1. Silly Gaetz, The Villages are a terrible place to find the blow & girls-who-are-being-sex-trafficked you’re looking for. Try Destin 👍🏼

    2. Yes they would cause those parents would feel like it’s their way for their child to get ahead

  3. The requirements for running for office: Sexually assault a woman and then brag about it=Elected! But, don’t forget to also be against a woman’s right to choose.

  4. These are the same people who are trying to cancel Liz Cheney for not bowing down to cheeto jesus

    1. @Rachel K yeah and right after 8 years of Obama suffering in silence all of the yellow journalism coming out of Fox News and everywhere else about how he’s not a citizen he’s a jihadist he’s a Kenyan he’s everything but an American worthy of being a president. Of course what they were really saying is we don’t want no more black people in the White House.
      Now the so-called intelligentsia on the right will claim that it was all based on fact not rumor he was a lousy president, and none of it had anything to do with the color of his skin.. Caca del Toro (roughly translated, bullsh..
      And you know what? Obama never responded to one single word of it. Trump, whom I have occasionally and reverently referred to as “our president the paper cut” of course Rudy is in the wings ready to draft legislation that would make illegal either fresh lemons or table salt…. Just in case anyone got the righteous idea of rubbing either into the wound

    2. @Odin Griffen I ain’t going nowhere near hell thank you and I don’t worship no damn idols … PERIOD

    3. @charlie golden Who ONE TERM DONNIE?? HIS LEGACY will be TWICE IMPEACHED LOSER. You should definitely donate to him because he needs the money for his legal defense.

  5. Imagine being stuck in a retirement home and having to listen to Gaetz and Greene.Besides, I thought he would be touring the local high schools looking for dates.

    1. LOL, does Gaetz know it’s all old people in The Villages? He’s gonna have to go elsewhere to find the blow & teenage girls he’s craving.

  6. GOP Voter: “Most conservatives are concerned about people being cancelled without getting a fair trail or opportunity to defend yourself”.
    L. Cheney, A. Kinsinski, C. McCain: 🤔

    1. It is really scary how the AZ audit is turning out. Wow. Biden didn’t really win as we all thought. 81 million votes? 12 mill more than th Black Jesus? LOL

    2. @Benjamin Levine they didn’t even know which pen ink to use and we are going to trust these people
      To count ballots?..crawl back into your hole conspiracy peddler, nobody cares what u have to say

  7. Gaetz thinks he’ll start a rebellion that will save him. He’s in for a jail of a surprise.

  8. “his district heavily red. he could be in prison and still elected” love this lady!!! lol

    1. It’s kinda weird that his district (Florida 1) used to be represented by Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe

    2. @Michael Williamson So when Hilary was found innocent but the cult continued chanting “lock her up”, are we supposed to think your comment has any credibility?

    3. @Marchant2
      She wasn’t found innocent. The FBI found many instances of her lying to the FBI and Congress. They found her owning a private personal server was an issue, that her disregard of the classified information found within the emails was an issue. James Comey, being the rat he is, recommended no charges.

  9. They don’t seem to remember that the investigation into Gaetz started under the former guys administration. Barr approved it!

    1. @Charlet Holley The interviewers are super daft and dumb themselves. They never ask the important followup questions, because it’s really a mind game that they are playing with the viewers.

  10. He said “17 year old woman”, when he explained it. His vocabulary makes it obvious

  11. You hear them speak the indoctrination lines. “Cancel Culture” is not the answer to every dirty thing they do. Facts and evidence needs to replace all the crazy talk. They show up to a place they know they can bamboozle innocent people and bilk them for money, it’s disgusting. These are 2 of the worst of the worst.

  12. Living in the gunshine state is exhausting sometimes the only thing keeping me here is not shoveling ❄️🌨️

  13. Let’s be clear it’s not the cancel culture, it’s the hold bad actors accountable.

  14. I’d call them a joke, but they are monsters plowing full force with their go to play book – – spin stories fully ramped – pouring poisoned cool aide for those bonkers enough to drink it.

  15. When Albert Einstein was asked about the limits of genius he answered. I don’t know but stupidity has no limits.

    1. Yes, I read years ago that he said the difference between genius and stupidity is that one of them knows their limitations.

    2. @Barry Garagan I’m sure I did not quote him exactly. I feel sorry for some of Trumps cult. They are not all stupid but talk about gullible. It should be illegal for so called news networks to tell blatant lies.

    1. How about the older adults that don’t see anything wrong.. that might be the stronger issue

    1. If you can’t tell the truth without telling on yourself —- go on a talking tour talking about something else, ….Nay ! ……ANYTHING ELSE !

  16. Gaetz looks like a perfect 50/50 blend of Quagmire from Family Guy, and a vampire from the old Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

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