Massive head-on collision between freight trains in Prescott, Ont. 1

Massive head-on collision between freight trains in Prescott, Ont.


One person was injured when two cargo trains crashed head-on in Prescott, Ont. Thursday. CTV’s Nate Vandermeer reports.

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    1. @S W I mean, if you want to be that vague about it then you’re not wrong, but it is somewhat dishonest. How generalized do we get? I could reduce it to the very basic level and say “Entropy,” but that doesn’t tell anyone anything.

    2. @Adam The Confused well human error is literally the cause of this so..
      its not like the tracks broke down or the wheels fell off…

  1. I’m happy there was no fatalities, the question now is whether this was a operational error, operator error or mechanical malfunction. Seems like there have been many safety lapses lately in the train industry.

    1. @David Davison Thats a pretty heartless thing to say about something tragic like this. Take your politics and don’t let the door hit you on the way out

    2. Like a slice of home. I grew up an Airforce brat in Trenton. Walked miles and miles of track as a kid. Been in BC 45 years, now.

  2. How in the world could something like this happen?
    With not even very advanced tech existing that could easily prevent this why in the world is it not adopted.
    The same for trains that have been traveling far too fast in areas known to not support those speeds, with passenger ships traveling too close to shore. The results being the deaths of many.
    The most simple tech would put a stop to this nonsense.
    If we have cars that can da@m near drive themselves, surely we could prevent these simple but deadly failures !

    1. It seems simple but then real life gets in the way and messes it all up. I assure you that, on average, train and freight operation has never been safer and that if simple, reliable solutions existed, engineers would use them.

  3. I knew an engineer once and he had PTSD from accidents he had seen and been involved in. Sad job at times much respect.

  4. Oof – hope the operator’s alright – looks like the trains couldn’t have been moving quickly when they collided – wonder what happened

  5. A very scary thought. I can’t imagine the horror of seeing another train coming at yours. Knowing it takes like 3 football fields to stop there’s no hope of stopping if you see the other train.

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