McCarthy Wants To ‘Bury The Evidence’ Of GOP's Involvement On 1/6 1

McCarthy Wants To ‘Bury The Evidence’ Of GOP’s Involvement On 1/6


Congressman Eric Swalwell responds to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s statement warning telecom companies not to comply with 1/6 committee subpoenas and says he has prosecuted people with even less evidence for witness intimidation.

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    1. @Kaiza Well, you have no evidence or rational basis for a discussion, you resort to playground tactics like “What about . . .” and “He or she did it first.”

    2. @D O You mean like Russian collusion evidence? Evidence that Kavanaugh was raping women? Evidence that Trump was fine with russian putting bounties on US military? Evidence that Trump incited Jan 6th? Ya… Still waiting to see any evidence. Trumps not in office, wonder why he hasn’t been arrested? Probably because democrats make up bs.

    1. I know sometimes the frustration and outrage feels like more then I can handle…then like Zahara from the ring, tick-tock… something shimmering appears and I feel hopeful these dirty dogs will be held accountable

    2. @K M sure wen people look scared like mccarthy, wen some people face looks like beth more, joyce meyer fearful face, wen white face turn red red and some look like kenneth they r still getting treated so nice because they r white but if non white looks like that they get hated dislike fire at a job hurt that probablycatch that from christian

    3. @Joni Beehive sure but turning his head when his wrestlers were being sexually assaulted shortened it’s length.

  1. We can talk and talk all of this up and pretend he didn’t do anything wrong. Why isn’t any of the GOP being held accountable?

    1. @Phil Hunt and actually the courts didn’t verify any signatures they just redid the same thing that was done on election nighr

    2. @B Allen Verify the signatures? Are you serious? Why would they? Based on lies and rumors? Courts need evidence.

    1. Is this McCarthy any relation to Joe McCarthy from back in the good ol racist days? I find it odd they share the same last name and share the exact same ways.

  2. Love that line “allowing votes to be counted after the election” which is the definition of all votes.

    1. IIRC Judge Judy suggested back in 2016 that she would vote for trump. I sometimes wonder if she changed her mind yet.

    1. @Sandra Lewis: Lawyer client privilege does not extend that far. It applies only to lawyer-client business. If a lawyer and his client are together because they are planning a crime, there is no privilege attached to those discussions.

    1. Especially since it had been shut down due to covid-19. WHO authorized the tour? There should be cameras in place to record “the tour “. Look at them and see what’s on the tape.

  3. Essentially, Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Jordan are patsies for former president Trump, who are possibly running scared at this point!

  4. “A future Republican majority” is comical. They won’t even have enough voters before COVID is under control after they ignorance.

  5. We all know this. Why aren’t any insurrection coordinators indicted? He appears to be the leader of the pack under Trump.

  6. Jim Jordan sure sees a lot of irregularities these days. Too bad he didn’t when they actually happened under his watch.

    1. Gym Jordon has been dealing with his own irregularities since he was a Gym coach of highly ill irregularities with his young men students.

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