1. @jeremy ridner In some places, this happens. There’s a huge sand dune in the US that went viral on TikTok. It’s easy to go down, but very tough getting back up. They warn you if you get exhausted , you would have to be rescued by boat at the bottom of the dune. And you get charged $3000 literally.

    2. @jeremyridner1948  lol. I’m well aware of what their job is. But they shouldn’t waste time on people who put themselves in these situation out of stupidity. But please continue the insults instead of writing something constructive.

  1. There should be some kind of beacon that cruise ships can pass out to passengers to wear around their necks that will activate when it comes in contact with water.

    1. @Wardaddy I am pretty sure it would be up to the passengers if they want to wear one. I think it’s a good idea especially for kids.

    2. @Wardaddy There likely will be a switch, with a Safety on it, so the passenger could turn off the locator for a while. And choose whether to wear it. The most common problem, as is with Elderly –Medically vulnerable Life Alert systems with a transceiver on a necklace would be people accidentally sending an Alert signal. BTW, skiers in back-country have locator beacons with them they activate, in case of avalanche, etc.

  2. Surprised he survived. Not sure if he jumped overboard on purpose and if he did I hope he gets assistance. I have been on five cruises and you have to actually try to jump or fall overboard unless you are thrown by someone. They have ample guard rails along every deck, however, i never had a balcony room so I am not sure how high or low the balconies are in the premium rooms, but I will curious to see cause of him going overboard.

    1. @JZ J the rails in balcony room are the same height as the others on board. They are all above the center of gravity on adults. Generally you’d have to jump or be thrown somehow. He’s a really lucky man. And these people know their stuff.

  3. I’ve seen people cut off at the bar but never on a cruise ship. They want you drunk so you spend all your money at the casino.

  4. It’s not a “miracle.” It’s science. Last known position, tidal chart, currents, wind, temperature, & time. Branding it a miracle discounts the knowledge & skill of the SAR team.

    1. I think you missing the point …the miracle is not finding him…..its finding him alive….generally after 4 hours you expect a body only

    2. @Himesh Mothi this is also not a miracle. There would be a statistical likelihood of survival. He happened to beat it. Thanks to the rescue team.

    3. @janewright315 how do you define a miracle then…its when you defy the odds? I’m not saying the rescuers are not amazing….but really now dont be a naysayer…surviving that long in open ocean un aided is miraculous….regardless of water temp….
      To be honest if you know anything about rescuing you would know that the chances of finding him was slim….and for the previous guy saying its science….its a science that’s proven to fail more times than success….many people are never found….eaten by sharks or wash up dead on some beach

    4. @janewright315
      I totally agree with you on your factual points. The other poster is also correct to my mind because strength to stay afloat is one thing but there are creatures and psychological factors to be mindful of and in that to a person, could be perceived as faith. I’m not of that persuasion but in the ocean I would be. You really must encounter yourself in a way that has nothing to do with SAR.

    1. Blesse? Don’t you mean stuppid? He was last seen at a bar and then vanished. It sounds like he got himself drunk and fell overboard.

    2. @Michael Blumenreich NOT the point.
      The POINT is Carnival stock is gonna blow its top off Monday.
      And I never sold on Friday…..lol.
      Sucks to be you without any CCL stock for Monday, lol 😆

  5. Great story, there is however a non-zero chance that his family is upset after having disposed of him once, just a thought.

  6. What I want to know is how dod he fall overboard? He was last seen at the bar and then vanished. I sounds like he got himself drunk and fell overboard. I suspect when he can talk he might be too embarrassed to admit what really happened.

    1. Several people who are familiar with the ship have stated that the railings are high enough that the only way to go over is to jump or be thrown over

    2. @Linda C Then it should be extra interesting to hear what man has to say how he ended up in the water. There has been no indication of fowl play so it would suggest that he dod something really stupid.

  7. Relevant video for the overboard alert tech featured at the end:
    _”Woman’s terrifying fall from cruise ship caught on tape”_ — ABC News (2014-JAN-17)

    The tech uses a marking laser in synch with the cam and alarm, but a GPS tag (at time of activation) would be additional help.

    1. I wonder if it was all caused by alcohol? If he was so drunk that he fell overboard, could he have survived that long in the water?

    2. @Kevin D Good question. It seems like an act that involves intention because getting over the side of a cruise ship isn’t like stumbling on a sidewalk.

  8. The TV news states this man’s wife did not report him missing until the morning after he didn’t return to their cabin. Fell overboard ? Or was he “assisted overboard” ? Whoever has any legal authority concerning this event needs to open an investigation. There is a strong smell of doubt in the sea air.

  9. If he had fallen overboard in the North Sea, I’m afraid he might not have lasted 12 minutes, let alone 12 hours. He is very lucky.

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