1. Gaetz is throwing stones while he is in a glass house. Pence is as well entitled to freedom of opinion

  2. While Marc may not be wrong about Pence, he isn’t exactly the definition of perfection considering the allegations that are being made about him right now.

  3. Why is Matt Gaetz still walking free? His co-conspirator is sitting in a cell, but Gaetz is still free?

    1. @SPROO TOWN man,,,,, Really??¿? First,,,it’s ,,,look at old Joe Biden,,, he’s pathetic,, he’s old,, WOW. Now I’ve truly head it all,

  4. Have you heard that Matt Gaetz’s attorney claims he misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases?

    1. @John Taylor
      I hate Gaetz with a passion, but she’s been churning that same old joke for a year and a half now.

    1. @Omnicron are you talking about how trump and Epstein were best pals? Your original comment is lacking and confusing…people don’t really understand what you’re getting on about.

  5. Matt Gaetz invited to speak to a Youth Rally. It could only be a Trump event so absent any moral compass. Did he manage to sell any of his ecstasy?

  6. Matt Gaetz. Bluster and bravado before the fall. They all do it. Marc Short lit Gaetz up with that commentary.

  7. Best reporting yet.
    Bout time the two sides came together and started speaking out against evil.
    Sounds good and feels right.
    A real awakening about to happen cause it’s a COUNTDOWN TO JUSTICE.
    Thank You

    1. @Proud Nationalist Civil war over what? What do you think you’ll be fighting for and who will you be fighting against?

  8. Matt’s girlfriend was so upset about his verbal attacks against Mike Pence she dropped out of high school.

  9. Of course Matt Gaetz supported overturning Roe v Wade…”THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!”. Oh ya, he’s definitely thinking bout those kids. 🤔 🤢

    1. Yeah. I’ll be he’s doing some serious thinking about that children ,,,,, especially the boys,,,

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