Maxime Bernier has been arrested in Manitoba for violating COVID-19 restrictions

RCMP has confirmed that Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People's Party of Canada, has been arrested for violating public health orders.

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    1. @Tyler Evan He didn’t lose so bad. It took a lot of votes to decide between Sheer and Bernier and in the end Sheer won by the skin of his nose. Regarding his own personal seat in Quebec, which he held for a long time. Another political party found an unlikely candidate with the same name “Maxine Bernier” and spelt the same way, somehow they got this Bernier #2 on the ballot knowing full well that it would confuse the voters. Please be informed.

    2. @number 6 voting is the main cause of all these problems. Doesn’t matter who gets voted in.

    1. You do realize that this is a politician from Quebec protesting in Manitoba not against his opponents in Quebec…

    2. @John Wang That still does NOT justify the brutal, pathetic, and thoughtless actions of the Police….”am sick of hearing that it’s their “JOB”….blah blah blah…”that defense(of one’s actions/obeying orders)”….was well used during the Nurnberg Trials after the War….and YET they(mostly All) were HANGED!.

    3. @Roman Heart exactly, those officers should hand in the badge if they really wanna protect their oath. 60% of police force are quitting in ontario for these exact things. Its so sad one day we will look back on it and they will see they were on the wrong side of history, much like hitlers workers who filled the ovens and gas chambers. They were just following orders too

    4. @John Wang Federal party leaders should be free to go to, and speak at, any confederated province at their own choosing. Particularly when there is a rumored election brewing. And to discuss mandates that potentially violate the federal charter and bill of rights.

    5. @Andrew Hochban The problem with the “police” IS they Love their Large Pay-cheques….Huge over-time pay….and the ridiculous police Union that “protects-defends”….the worst anti-social brainless idiots that are hiding behind their “Badges”…..6 months at “Clown-College” does NOT give you the proper training to hold and wisely use that “much power”.

    1. @Breadbored The only way to throw your vote away is to vote for the “lesser of two evils” There isn’t much of a difference between the CPC and the Libs nowadays.

    2. So you’d rather be complicit in the destruction of the Canada and it’s economy because it’s easier to be ignorant of the facts rather than researching things for yourself. How enlightened.

    3. @Breadbored the only way you would throw your vote away is by not voting. Parties change all the time.

  1. I like the just balance between the arrests of the victims of this pandemic, and those that caused it.

  2. lol when police get involved with pandemic control, historically it always results in net suffering. esp to the oppressed and weakest members of our society(no not implying that Messr Benier is an oppressed)

    1. I don’t get why one is ok and the other not. Both are mass gatherings that break the public health rules. The hypocrisy is staggering.

  3. if the judicial system is not corrupt those who did the arresting will soon find themselves in a pickled position.

    1. yes yes it is cause he is the problem for why we have had to wear face masks for so long his stupidity has been why it’s been spreading like wild fire instead of like aids

  4. So the gathering in London was okay, but this one’s illegal because it’s against you?

  5. They called it a right wing organization helping him as if they wouldn’t help someone who voted NDP or Liberal like you guys always try to villainize being conservative it’s getting real sad.

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