Maxime Bernier: ‘There is no climate change urgency in this country’

Listen to Maxime Bernier's full press conference after PPC candidates for the GTA and surrounding area were announced.

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  1. I like Max! Be nice to vote ‘for’ a party rather than trying to pick the best of the worst like the last election.

    1. You couldn’t of said that better. The best of the worst in the last election. The best was pretty bad.

  2. The only argument for Scheer is that he isn’t Trudeau. I want to vote FOR someone, not against. Scheer voters better not split the vote!

    1. I make the same point to everyone as well. Trudeau will fall through the cracks ultimately since most Canadians will vote for a different party (PPC baby) and so I’d rather get someone in.

    2. I forgot to add that everyone seems to forget the STOP HARPER movement. That worked so great, did it?

  3. It is very true. There are too many subjects as of late that are no longer up for debate. We need a party that will front those very issues.

    1. @Templar Rising If you think the Greenhouse effect theory is wrong, write a paper about that, get it published in a reputable journal and then collect your Nobel prize.

    1. @Jack Richardson Labels like that are not going to help you change peoples’ minds. I think you’d be surprised at how open-minded people who disagree with you can be, if only you provide evidence to support your claims. Also, making fun of a person that people support in turn makes fun of them, and further makes them less likely to agree with your position.

    2. well Andrew Scheer and the Conservative party kind of screwed him out of that by rigging the vote. So here is the thing VOTE YOUR VALUES AND NOT YOUR FEARS COME OCT 21. MAX IS HONEST AND HE ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT CANADA

    3. @Jordan Carter I don’t care, I’ve found be “reasonable” with Climate Change deniers is useless.
      Humiliation seems to work. At least in general they STFU.

    4. @Jack Richardson Go breath down China and India’s necks about climate change. Problem is, you might just disappear.

  4. climate change alarmism is a modern, secular form of eschatology… by provoking panic, it makes it easier to separate people from their money

    1. @Rjr Bl In the 70s most Climatologists were predicting warming, Peterson The myth of 70s global cooling consensus Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.

    2. @Jack Richardson Show me a prediction that was correct. We’ve got 60 years of predictions to look at. Show me one.

    3. @Rjr Bl Temperature rise, accelerating sea level rise, acidification of the oceans, melting of the ice caps and glaciers.
      Get back to me.

    4. @Jack Richardson Keep saying that as if it matters. We’ve got decades worth of information to look at, and you’ve been wrong for 60+ years. Show me something you clowns got right.

  5. When a politician is asked for their opinion on a subject there answer should be ” it doesn’t really matter what I think, what matters is what the Canadian people think”

  6. The first politician to speak these words, “if elected I will eliminate carbon tax” has my vote. If they were to go on to say that they would eliminate GST, they would also have my respect.

    1. @Bella K For arguments sake, say you are right and accelerated climate change is due to human activity. Will either the Liberal or Conservative plan address the problem (ie end global warming)?

    2. @Keep Rocking! China is a dumping ground as well. They manufacture there for that reason not cheap Labour… how much do corporations save when able to dumb toxic waste in a river

    3. Daniel raj I have listened to Sheer and have never heard him talking about replacing the carbon tax with another tax,he also will remove the GST on home heating.A vote for Max is a vote for Trudeau as he doesn’t stand a chance in getting elected.

    4. @Templar Rising at least China actually manufacturers stuff and pollutes in it’s own backyard. Africa has NO nuclear power plants, yet 70 percent of the toxic waste of the world from Western nations is dumped there. :/ Pollution is real and humans are great contributors to it. Climate change is out of the control of humans. No amount of taxation will stop it or slow it down.

  7. Max get rid of your favorite professor Brian Bologna’s ( Mulroney) GST. Until then Canadians wil be your believer.

  8. Great Foundation for a new modern Canadian Party… Solid Principles … Personal Responsibility, Fairness, Respect & Freedom for ALL Canadians.

    1. meaningless platitudes, that do not contain policies, a set plan, you know like, because 80 Billion in UNTAXED CANADIAN DOLLARS LEAVE CANADA EACH YEAR RIGHT, and maybe a WEATH TAX, not on you and the little guy, THE MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES! Policy you know, what policies, or plans, If any, and how will it help, CANADIAN’S?
      We need a new deal for people, love and courage!

  9. I have voted CPC since inception. NO MORE. PPC is the only party worth voting for these days.

    1. @Lone Wolf no I voted for conservatives but I will vote conservatives again since they are the only realistic party to have a chance at beating trudeau

  10. how Maxime lost the bid for the Conservative leadership is just baffling.. Andrew Scheer is unfit to even stand in his shadow

    1. Don Scott: The vote was rigged at the end of the 12th round – when they counted the ballots there were somehow too many of them & they had to all be destroyed immediately to cover-up the evidence & suddenly Andy Scheer was declared the winner without the previously advertised & agreed upon independent 3rd party verification… (and conveniently dispensed with). Hmmmnn – it’s just such a gosh-darn mystery that the CPC don’t like any mention of it for some strange reason!!

  11. Max gets my vote. No question. I’m sick of the other a$$ kissing, self serving greedy parties.

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